Nightmares of the Past

A freewrite based on one of my ideas for a novel. It’s about a from a celtic clan whose clan gets annihilated by a more christian-based group of people in a not-so-christian way. Very young when it happened and as a result it has given her dissociative identity disorder and caused her people to become slaves who are forced to hide things they believe in and such through seemingly ordinary ways (like the child’s song at the end of this piece); they are also forced to conform to the religion.

Well, don’t know if I’m allowed an introduction (and there won’t always be one) but I thought I should leave something to better understand the poem at the end ^-^

It was the dream again. Her breath choked in her throat and every part of her screamed with a knot of emotions so entangled they became a new, monstrous one that shred her apart and clamped its teeth upon her soul. Ther ewas fighting everywhere, it roared in her ears like a crushing waterfall. A foul stench hung in the air and wherever she turned there were more dead bodies. And men…

Kennocha fled, desperatley clawing her way to the real world from the bottom of a dark well shaft with no opening. The dirt walls tightened around her, threatening to bury her here forever, in a wild frenzy she began lashing out anyway she could. She screamed, thrashed her feet wildly and tried to claw her way to the surface.

“Kennocha, hush child,” a voice said from above. A gentle touch smoothed her hair, bringing peace and love with it.

“Mother…?” Kennocha began to sob, more with relief than anything else. Warm, slender arms enwrapped her and a heart, separate from her own, pounded in her right ear. Though loud and frantic, it had a calming effect on her.

“Everything’s fine now my butterfly,” the voice soothed, its musical accent calming her further.

Kennocha cried harder as she retreated further into those comforting arms.

“Hush child, ’tis alright now.” The woman began rocking her back and forth. Other voices surrounded them but Kennocha didn’t try to make out what they were saying. Her focus was on the woman who held her, erasing all of her fears, and any other traces of the nightmare. She realized with further comfort that it was Brigid, the kin-mother.

The room darkened, and the other voices began to subside as Brigid began to sing an old child’s lullaby. Her voice caressed any who could hear it; the sister to a gentle breeze playing with the silken hair of tThe Mother.

Once there was a butterfly(1),

Sky touched wings of blue(2)

She rode the winds, way up high

A friend to all she knew.

(3)The earth loved her,

The sky loved her,

The plants and animals too.(3)

She fluttered to a (4)summer blossom,

Shared in its sweet breath

When she was done, winter had come

She was lost on a (5)winding path

The earth missed her

The sky missed her

The plants and animals too

(6)Cruel winds had ripped her wings

With sorrow she hit the snow

Nothing around her sings

(7)So far from what she knows

The earth misses her

The sky misses her

The plants and animals too.

(8)Without a wing,

And black in color

A voice begins to sing

Beckoning for her

The earth wants you

The sky wants you

The plants and animals too

With renewed valor

(9)She grows new wings

And knows her way for sure

She follows the voice that sings

The earth loves you

The sky loves you

The plants and animals too.(9)

As it stands right now (this is for my notes as well as for the info of any interested reader) this is the code in the song. I need to work on it of course it’s a little too breakable for the enemy forces (shelve that).

1. butterflies represent freedom to her people–for now lol have to research and see what it is they stand for if anything

2. Representitive of her clans main color–their banner so to speak

3. Representitive of her clan’s religious, spiritual beliefs

4. Her people were attacked not long after they reached their summer lands

5. A winding path hints at a serpent which is her people’s symbol for strife and hard times

6. The banners falling (so to speak not sure celts have banners–research)

7. Those who survived are now slaves (one of which made up this song) and are in an entirely different world so it seems.

8. Once again a reference to the banner

9. Inspiration and slight prophecy of hope for the spiritually defeated.

I hope my notes didn’t get in the way of anyone trying to simply read this ^_^”


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