Kyla’s Demons

CAUTION to any christian type people with religious sensitivities. You may not enjoy reading this.

Lynar jumped back when the slave girl screamed at his touch and cowered under her stone cot in her dungeon cell. She babbled incoherently about knives and blood, scared out of her wits. The priest shook his head, no, this wasn’t the girl…He was willing to bet that this was one of her demons, cowering from him and the wrath of God. He had asked to speak with them after all. Unfortunately the girl was sentenced to death for the horrible end of that poor guard, with her being a mere slave and all, but they couldn’t, in good conscience send her to death possessed by demons. They must attempt to save her soul…then perhaps he could see if the king would give her mercy.

Lynar straightened his back visibly and manifested all of the faith in his Lord’s power that he could manage, trying to look ominous and intimidating to the panicked demon. “Why do you possess this child?” He demanded. The girl didn’t even look at him. She flinched from his words but looked wildly about for an escape of some sort, all the while babbling about nonsense. He stood there for quite a while trying to figure out how to handle such a demon. This couldn’t be the only one inside her, how could such a cowardly agent of Lucifer do the incredibly evil, powerful feat of burning a man to a crisp in less than 5 minutes?

“By the Lord God, I demand you leave this child, in Jesus’ name!” He grabbed the girl’s arm to pull her from beneathe the cot, only to pull his hand away just as quickly, blistered from the heat of her skin. This was the demon… “You vile filth of Satan!” He spat. “You will leave this girl!”

“No!” She screamed in panic. It didn’t seem directed at his statement though. “They’re dead! Blood…so much blood…” She began to weep hysterically.

“Blood? Who else have you killed?”

“Not me! Not me…” she continued to whimper those words in an endless string.

“One of the other demons?”

Her only answer was the continued litany of denial.

Lynar signaled and the guards moved aside to allow the lesser priests in to hedge the walls of the cell.

“Answer me or you’ll suffer the wrath of God!” He grabbed at her arm again, this time putting his hand on her upper arm, over the sleeves of her smock. He pulled her into the center, and the other priests closed her in. He stood up and at his nod they all began to pray loudly over her. Lynar closed his eyes, calling on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to save this girl as she thrashed wildly in the middle of the circle. In a breath of inspiration he layed his hands on her and the other priests followed suit. With satisfaction he took note that the demon was in greater anxiety and probably close to being exorcised by the way she convulsed violently, kicking out, ineffectively. Then an invisible blast sent them all backwards with its passing and she stopped, laying perfectly still; the circle was silent as they all watched her. Lynar started to grin with success when she lifted her head and glared at him with all the fires of Hel in her eyes. It sent a shiver dancing down his spine.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked evenly into his with more wisdom than a girl her age should have. “You leave us alone.” She growled.

“Who?” He said stupidly, forgetting his position for the moment.

“Us.” She stood up from the floor and towered proudly over him, her back straight, her expression condescending.

The lead demon…Lynar stood to his feet, got out his bottle of Holy Water again and went to pour some into his hand, starting when it was swatted away with a contemptuous laugh.

“I am not her enemy.” The statement was flat. “I am her protection. You can do nothing to remove me. You put me here!” Her finger pointed like a poison-tipped dagger as she took a step toward him, sneering.

Lynar spluttered and then snatched his staff from the guard behind him.

Her laugh echoed down the dungeon, making it sound as though it were filled with a thousand demons. “I could kill you all, what do you think that staff can do?”

“In the name of Jesus–” The lead demon kicked the staff from his hands and into the cell bars in a flash of movement that left Lyanr with his jaw hanging.

“Where is this Jesus now? Where is your faith Priest?” She circled him like a hawk circles prey, not waiting for his answer. “You asked the Little One who killed ‘them’? It wasn’t one of us, though it was a…demon.” Her eyes squinted cruelly as she pursed her lips and stared him down. They were nearly nose to nose, he could feel the heat of her breath burning his face. “It was your people…they did this to her. We are here to help her, to keep her sheltered from that which she cannot handle.”

“She can handle anything with God’s help, she doesn’t need to bargain her body for yours,” he whispered.

“So instead she bargains her soul, her freedom for this all powerful god? Don’t make me laugh.”

“You harm her.”

“Wrong!” She almost shouted in his face, he felt droplets of her spit hit his cheek, wincing as it burned like acid. “You want to know who harmed her priest?!” Before he could react she grabbed his head, hands over ears. Her nails sunk into his scalp, her firey skin searing his.

An explosion of visions invaded his mind and he heard himself scream as they tore a path of destruction in his mind. His friends and family being brutally chased down and killed in shocking ways. He cried out and a hand covered his mouth. Then he was in a tent, hiding beneathe a pile of skins, watching in horror as his nurse mother slashed her own throat and then he was lying next to her dead body being beat and…

Lynar howled in horror as his mind shut out the visions and his sanity fled in fright. His eyes stared wide and unseeing. His mind nothing but pig fodder, useless scraps.

Kelly smiled cruelly, satisfied at last to finally give back some of what was given to her, given to them all, so long ago. Her satisfaction only deepened as she looked around her and realized, by their vacant-eyed expressions, that she had unintentionally cast the vision at all the other priests in the circle.

Her fate was sealed, but she didn’t care. The odds were more favourable now.


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