Spiceless Date

Cinnamon frowned as she looked at herself in the large mirror before her. The ebony colored wood framed the source of her woes. “Spiceless date,” she muttered to her image. That’s what they used to call her in high school.

It wouldn’t matter that she’d traveled to places they’d never even heard of. It wouldn’t even matter that she’d discovered Atlantis! Not that she did, but if she had, they still wouldn’t care! They’d barely notice that she lost a lot of weight either. She was the only fat girl in school with little breasts, nothing at all to offer anyone. It was a boy’s chest really–raisins on top of little ant hills.

Cinnamon poked at one with disgust and sighed, picking up the letter she’d discarded, off of the surface of her vanity table.

Dear Ms. Cinnamon Hartily,

Yorksville High School cordially invites you to attend a High School reunion party for the graduates of 1978…

She stopped reading and threw the letter down again, following it with another heavy sigh. Plastic surgery was too expensive. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford it, but she knew she could never bring herself to blow several thousand dollars on a pair of boobs that could pose more problems than they were worth. She looked down again at the article from “Archaeology Today” that she’d been reading. She shook her head. There was no way it would work even if she did find it. “Legendary Growth Springs,” the title claimed. She envisioned wading into the water, nice and warm, soaking in it and then stepping out with a complete figure. She’d have plenty of spice then!

The vision of perfection exploded out of her head though when the rest of her body began to grow with her breasts until she was a giant-sized version of herself. It would never work. Cinnamon shook her head. “I could stuff my bra…” she said to her mirror image, and then shook her head again, remembering the last time she’d done that.

The class had giggled hysterically when she walked in. Finally, when she looked down, she saw tissue paper growing out of her shirt. Cinnamon blushed hard at the mere memory of it. I won’t go. She thought. I just won’t go! She didn’t have any good high school memories anyway. Why should a person who hated high school go to a reunion?

Kevin McLeland. The answer came immediately. Just to see him once more was reason enough for embarrassment and all this fuss she was making. “I’m being silly.” Cinnamon decided. “I’m successful, fit, slim, and intelligent. Who cares if my breasts are small!” She frowned slightly when she looked down at them again and decided to ignore them. If they wanted to be small, fine! She’d pretend they weren’t there at all! Besides, the reunion party was months away, maybe one of those herbal supplements could help…?

It didn’t. Even as she walked through the doorway to her old high school, Cinnamon couldn’t help but be self-conscious over her small breasts. Made fun of all during high school. She’d decided to go casual, which made her conscious even more bothersome. Everyone she passed seemed to be in fancy attire of some kind or another, passing her by in prom-like clothing where she walked around in blue jeans and a sweater. Maybe Kevin McLeland would be fat and gross, isn’t that how the heartthrob always ended up in sitcoms?

Cinnamon smiled tenuously at that thought as she looked around at all the confetti and silver and red decorations hanging in any spot they could be taped. She had to kick her way through the mess of balloons. A few people, perhaps those who’d never left Yorksville, were chatting at one of the round tables covered in red table cloth. Many of the rest just ambled about, some over to the snack table to get punch or a little plate of chips. There were a few people out on the dance floor too.

“Cinnamon Hartily!” A deep, smooth baritone nearly shouted her name, making Cinnamon jump and spin about. It seemed the whole room had turned to stare at her.

Here comes the taunting… she thought, her face already turning red. Just behind her came Kevin McLeland, even more handsome with age. He reached her in long strides and took her hand to shake it.

“Kevin McLeland.” He grinned, making Cinnamon’s heart beat faster. “I’d hoped you were gonna be here. Was worried because of…well, you know.”

Cinnamon’s face turned scarlet, but she was surprised to see that Kevin’s had too.

“I’ve been following your work in ‘Archaeology Today.'” He looked down at his shoes.

“You read ‘Archaeology Today?’!” For the first time she noticed that he was also dressed casually.

“Yeah, I know. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do. Got that football scholarship but injured my knee.” He laughed. “Changed my major four times after that! The fourth time, I was sitting in the counselor’s office waiting to discuss another change and read an article in ‘Archaeology Today.’ Your article,” he paused a moment here, looking skyward as if to find something there and then said, “‘Untold Adventure in Unknown Worlds.’ It opened my eyes, gave me something to get excited about again, besides football ya know?”

Cinnamon nodded in wonder. She had inspired Kevin McLeland? She looked up into his hazel-green eyes and noticed him still blushing a little.

“You’ve…you’ve lost so much weight since High School…” He took hold of her hand in both of his. Cinnamon felt heat rising all over her body.

“Why…thank you. All the…adventuring, you know,” she smiled up at him, feeling stupid.

“Listen, some of my colleagues and I are getting together for New Year’s…I would love it if you would join me?”


“Yeah, some of the students I graduated with that have their own doctorates in the field of Archaeology and Anthropology.”

“That sounds wonderful.” Cinnamon grinned.

“But…it’s a month away. I would really love to get together before that…?” They both shared another blush.

Cinnamon couldn’t believe it, as they talked the night away, setting up future engagements, at one point in the night they even discussed going on a dig together. All her prior troubles disappeared as her dreams seemed to pull together of their own accord. For all the adventures she ever had, there was always one things missing: Someone to share them with.


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