~Dreaming Mermaids~

Yep, last night I dreamt of mermaids. Well…one mermaid precisely, and I was the mermaid. So let me start over, last night, I dreamt I was a mermaid. I’m trying to clear some jumbled thoughts of other dreams out of my head but…I’ll tell it to you like a story ^_^


Saronai looked sidelong at her human friend, David. He seemed to be growing increasingly nervous as the greedy man who captured them, marched them to the edge of the sea. Although she had legs now, the man knew she was a mermaid. Of course, the long blue hair might have been a tip off.

He wanted something from her though, and was going to hold David hostage until she came back from the sea with it. That much she knew. They reached the sea’s edge, lapping gently against the white sand before them. The greedy man shoved her forward.

Saronai calmly walked into the water, afraid at first, unable to see the bottom, walking as if she were a human afraid of the mysterious deep…was she so sure she was a mermaid? Aren’t there things down there that are dangerous for even mermaids too? She steeled her doubts and dove under the surface, swimming. She had expected the clumsy, back and forth movements of the slow human legs, but instead, she shot forward through the ocean. It was liberating. She couldn’t see below the surface still, but she swam all over in front of the small army of men that the greedy one had brought with him.

She musn’t let them have what they want…the ocean turned her heart cold, and resolved, she surfaced in front of them and stood in the shallow waters, her back to them, chanting.

The greedy man babbled excitedly, thinking that she was doing his bidding. David grew more apprehensive, sensing the coming storm perhaps. A rumble of thunder sounded in the distance, causing many to nervously look over their shoulders. As if it were coming from land. Saronai wanted to laugh. They are getting what they deserve. Another, louder rumble and a flash of lightning in the sky above her home. The waves began to get choppy, steadily bigger and more violent.

Still, the greedy man grew more excited, thinking that all this was her summoning forth the item he wanted instead of a storm to destroy him. More lightning flashed, turning her an eerie shade of blue for a moment. Her hands thrust toward the sky, freeing her anger, the storm worsened, several bolts of lightning just missed the men on shore. Then she realized the futility of such a show. She could not possibly hope to reach them all on land with a storm at sea. And then it came to her, as simple as allowing a loose cliff in the deep to slide to the ground like a rock falling into the middle.

A rumbling sound could be heard from the ocean, but it wasn’t lightning this time. It was a wave triple the size of a human man, caused by a cliff of rock that fell from an unnatural, underwater earthquake. Too small…Saronai made a sweeping motion with her hands, violently thrusting them toward the wave and up, as though sculpting it. The wave grew bigger and bigger with each sweep of her hands until it began to tower 50 ft. Still she made it grow, a show of her anger and increasingly cold heart toward the creatures on this hell called land if not for…

“Saronai! Stop it! You’ll kill us all!” The wave shrank from its 100 ft growth, but not soon enough to stop it. As it loomed black over the party assembled before the ocean, many tried to run from it, most just stared in fearful awe. Saronai turned her back on it and dove into the small stretch of ocean before her. As the ocean extended its limit, David was standing knee deep in it, and then hip deep. Just before he went under, Saronai grabbed him protectively as the Tsunami came down upon them like a crashing bomb. She found the nitch in the water, but even so, the tsunami slammed hard into her back, jolting her painfully. She struggled to the surface, knowing she must get air for David, who had been protected from the jolt–mostly.


I don’t know the name of the mermaid or the man “David” from my dreams–I just know that the mermaid was me (and looked a LOT like the mermaid on my karaoke/solos pages) and so my nickname, Saronai, sounded more appropriate than my real name, “Laura” for a mermaid. I think the man who was my friend was my cousin David, but I’m not entirely sure of this, so I just used David’s name. Nobody else in the dream had a name *shrugs*

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  1. saronai says:

    yeah…this was a post from my old website. It was decorated and themed around the image at the beginning of the post here.

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