A Year of Reading 2004

My list started in 2003 along with a paragraph of how I feel about reading. Here, my list continues into 2004.

Currently Reading:

Assassin’s Choice (Rough Draft) by Denyse “Domynoe” Loeb: Not a published novel yet, but it is still a story, and it is still novel length, and I am reading it so I think it counts *grin* I’ve already read a chapter of this a looooooooooong time ago in a crit shop and I really liked it, I’m glad to finally get some time to dig in ^_^

Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul by various authors: I always wondered what all the hubbub was about the chicken soup books, and one of my more recent trips to the bookstore had me finding one of more than casual interest to me. We’ll see if the hype is all it’s cracked up to be ^_^

Creating Fiction edited by Julie Checkoway: This one is read in fits and starts. I’ve read most of it before, but now I’m doing it one essay at a time and not starting the next until after I complete each of the 3 writing exercises at the end of each one. Needless to say, because I’m actually working on writing I intend to do something with later, this one is going very slow.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling: Another one I’ve already read, but now I am reading it to my son as a bedtime story. Good book, Azkaban was my favourite, movie screwed it up >,<

International Politics on the World Stage by John T. Rourke: A text book for this semester that I will be reading the whole thing of. It’s actually pretty good for material that should be cut and dry sleepy stuff.

Maia by Richard Adams: I’ve read this once before, way back when I was a sophomore in high school and I just recently got ahold of a copy. I remember loving the book back then and I love it now too, it’s very in depth despite what you might think from reading what it’s about. The world is real, the history is real, the characters are real and yet they are all made up in Richard Adam’s head, nicely done ^_^

Simulacra et Simulation: by Jean Baudrillard: I want to try to read this one in french someday (I understand all the french titles and such referenced in here without the translations in paranthesis anyway and I think I can muscle my way through it, though it may take me a year) because that’s what it was written in, I just need to wait until I can get my hands on a copy. It would be so neat to read it the way it was written and not the way it was translated ^_^ Anyway, this is a book we had to read for Philosophy class. Okay, we didn’t have to read the whole thing, just the first section, but I’m reading the whole thing and nearly done with it. Decent but there may be several sections to reread due to the way he tends to lump intellectual jargon all in one sentence making new words a subject of in-depth study as it’s not a matter of automatic understanding via the context it’s used in the sentence. I know what you’re thinking: “And she wants to attempt to read it in French? o.O” Yep, crazy huh? ^,^”

Books Read in January:

Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice For Daily Life by Tom Cowan: Very good book, going back to take notes actually. A suggested read for anyone interested in Shamanism in anyway.

Books Read in February:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling: As good the second time as the first, this time read to my son every night before bed. He’s only 2 years old, and let me tell you, he reminded me to read it every night if I showed any signs of forgetting.

Books Read in March:

I was bad this month, I read, but I didn’t finish anything.

Books Read in April:

Existential Psychology 2nd Edition edited by Rollo May: A book I had to read for source material for my 10 pager in Personality Psychology. It was decent, there were a few papers in there that were interesting.

Books read in May:

Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research 2nd Edition by Howard S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustack: My Personality Text, finished it May 2nd it was pretty interesting, I just wish I could have focused more on the info helpful to character building instead of the theories and theorists facts needed for tests. I’ll have to go through and write out a notebook of the things I highlighted that might be relevant to making believable characters.

Books read in June:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling:(02/04-06/04) I’ve read it before and this time I read it to my son (also slowly building a hardcover collection of the past ones–I have #1 and #3 so far since I’ll be buying every new edition in hardback anyway).

Ombria in the Shadow by Patricia McKillip:(finished 06-11-04) Once I got to a certain point, this one was a nonstop page turner and it flowed so nicely almost like it was an exquisite painting instead of a piece of fiction.

Books Read in July:

Please Save My Earth Vol 1 by Saki Hiwatari (finished: 07-03-04): I love this story, it’s my favourite. It starts out slow but it sucks you right in. It is true that it is a manga/graphic novel, I would hardly term it a comic book, but it’s a story and I read it. I think it counts here because it’s thick enough and it does help me with some writing points to read these ^_^

Please Save My Earth Vol 2 by Saki Hiwatari (finished: 07-07-04): I told you, this story is good, as soon as I knew it was finally out in English, I found a way to get ahold of it ^_^

Please Save My Earth Vol 3 by Saki Hiwatari (finished 07-21-04): I love Hiwatari-san, I wish I had access to her other manga *.*

Books Read in August:

Please Save My Earth Vol 4 by Saki Hiwatari (finished 08-09-04): Hey, didn’t I tell you I love this story already?

Bardic Voices 1: Lark and the Wren by Mercedes Lackey (finished 08-11-04): I picked this up because I felt like reading another thing after Ombria and decided on this one and I couldn’t put it down! Either I’ve been hard up for reading something I enjoy (versus nonfiction textbooks) or this is one of the best ones I’ve ever read. It wasn’t like it was overly suspensful, just that I had to know what happens next. The end half was not as page turning as the beginning half, but the book was still good, including the ending. Then again, I think I’m a sucker for fiction in touch with music lol. The musicians always seem to be my favourite characters.

Eerie Queerie Vol 1 by Shuri Shiozu and Heidi Yamaguchi (finished 08-17-04): This was pretty funny actually and I only bought it at first because the art looked so similar to a series titled Hen in Japan that my friend from Thailand gave me (in Thai so I couldn’t read it). It wasn’t that story or even the same author, but hey, it was good anyway. I wouldn’t recommend it for the homo-squeamish though.

Angel Sanctuary Vol 1 by Kaori Yuki (finished 08-25-04): Another one that you might want to avoid if you dislike stories that cross cultural taboos. Then again, if you’ve read a lot of VC Andrews and you like anime and magical realism, you might just feel right at home ^_~ It is a good story though so far.

Books Read in September:

Please Save My Earth Vol 5 by Saki Hiwatari (finished 09-15-04): I looooooove this story! I don’t wanna wait another month for the next one T^T

Magic Knight Rayearth 2 Complete (Vol 1-3) by CLAMP (finished 09-17-04): I love CLAMP, for my writing, they have lead me a good example on how you should make your characters imperfect though. Has anyone ever noticed that their main characters are almost always perfect? The top of this and that, always the best and/or the most beautiful. Oh well, their stories are good, their art is beautiful and their men? *sighs dreamily*

Plato: 5 Dialogues by Plato (finished 09-21-04): Plato’s writing on Socrates told in play-fashion. This stuff was pretty good and I actually enjoyed reading it ^_^

Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy by René Descartes (finished 09-30-04): I didn’t enjoy this as much as Plato/Socrates, but he had some good things to say and I read the whole thing even though our class only had to read the second part of the book.

Books Read in October:

Eerie Queerie Vol 2 by Shuri Shiozu and Heidi Yamaguchi (finished 10-27-04): It was good enough to buy the second volume and I’m glad I did because this volume was even funnier than the last!

Books Read in November:

Please Save My Earth Vol 6 by Saki Hiwatari (finished 11-05-04): So good! I can’t can’t can’t can’t wait until #7, did I mention I love this story? I so badly want Hiwatari’s other works to sample T~T

Maison Ikkoku Vol 2 by Rumiko Takahashi (finished 11-11-04): I ALMOST bought #1 instead but I wanted to find out more of the story after I watched up to halfway through Vol 2. Soooo, I read all of Vol 2 since I had it and it is slightly different than the series (of course). Pretty good romantic comedy. A little chaos, but not nearly as much as her title Ranma 1/2 (which happens to be a favourite of mine).

Maison Ikkoku Vol 3 by Rumiko Takahashi (finished 11-11-04): I bought this at the same time as Vol 2 because I had enough money for it and I wanted more than just half a graphic novel more worth of story. Nice story, touching, funny, and a page turner.

Books read in December:

Reading, none finished yet.

Currently Writing: Stalemate, Kitsune Woodrose and the Path of Honor, various shorts and poems


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