Lady Olivia

(Dream Entry)

Occasionally, when I have a fairly interesting/weird dream, I’ll write it in my online journal. Last night was one of those weird dreams:

Olivia walked in the foyer surrounded by a staircase that went up and around with a grand elegance. “You’ll never make it.” He said (I can’t remember the reason behind him telling her this)

Olivia gritted her teeth, balling her hands into fists. “I will make it.”

He shrugged and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by an old man in armor.

“I’m afraid he’s right, Olivia, if you continue to take everything so personal, you won’t make it. A knight cannot let emotions get in his way.”

“I will become a knight.” Olivia turned a tender look on the man she considered a father, but the look held determination too.


Olivia found herself on a battle field close to the castle where many of the knights in training were being attacked. Confused as to why this was happening, she only looked at the battle from the edge of it for a small moment before she ran into battle and downed just about every enemy her comrades couldn’t handle. Soon, the battle was over and a stiff, middle-aged man in robes walked out of the castle.

“Olivia, come with me.”

Great, now I’m in trouble. She winced inwardly. Women were not allowed to participate in battle or battle games, she had a suspicion that she’d just rushed into a battle game and won. Olivia lifted her chin defiantly. They can’t take that away from me, no matter what.

He brought her to the center of the balcony in the foyer where the two sets of stairs meet and stood quietly, just looking at her. Then, out of the doors to the sides and below, the knights of the realm and the nobility and royalty came out. The old man (father figure) stepped out from a door on the left and the young man he agreed with earlier came out behind him. They were both smiling and it was a sight Olivia welcomed. Her eyes came to rest on the young man and she forced self control as she wanted to run to him, to hold and kiss him. She blushed and looked back to the old man.

“Olivia, a woman cannot become a knight.” He said, but there was a sparkle in his eyes and Olivia remembered a vow she had made in front of him once about even giving up her gender for the knighthood.

“Then I am a woman no longer.” Olivia pulled out her sword, grabbed her long, sea green hair, and chopped it off at the shoulders. “For the knighthood!” She tossed the severed hair at the old man’s feet.

The old man smiled and Olivia walked away, people parting to let her through and down the stairs on the other side. She was starting to feel upset, wondering if they were congratulating her but still refusing her the knighthood. She took one step outside and knew that idea was false. In front of her stood a beautiful white stallion with white, silver, and sky blue armor, saddle, bridle, and sadle blanket in a pile in front of it. Next to that pile, lay another pile of similarly colored armor that looked like it would fit her perfectly.

From behind she heard the old man clear his throat. “You see, we decided that cutting your hair was not necessary. Welcome to the knighthood, Lady Olivia.”

Lady Olivia… Olivia was so happy she could have flung her arms around the whole lot of them, giddy with joy. Instead, she made sure to keep herself reserved. “I will serve my country like no other.” She turned and began to put the armor on herself and her horse.


Olivia relaxed on a wooden porch, her hands folded behind her head, her legs bending over the edge of the porch at the knee. She smiled at the two children playing in the grass before her. They laughed as an old man with a donkey came by and walked through the yard to get to the stables behind the porched house.

She bristled a little as they made fun of him and his “great steed.” Then she heard her own stallion coming in the distance and grinned. Surely they’d be impressed by him. “You shouldn’t make fun like that.” She chided.

“And why should we listen to you. You probably don’t even have a steed.” The boys laughed.

“I do, and that old man might have a better one than the donkey too. You never know.”

The boys snickered. “What’s yours, another donkey?”

Olivia grinned. “No, here he comes now.” Her stallion, right on cue, came galloping up with a brown mare tied to his lead. She whistled and he came by so she could leap onto his back and ride back toward the castle. On her way, she glowed with pride as she heard people whisper with awe.

“It’s Lady Olivia!”


Olivia was walking through a field spotted with trees, out of the corner of her eye she saw a van. The air was heavy with rain and the sky was gloomy. Just in time, she noticed a fine mist coming from the apple tree behind her. She hailed the driver who was getting out of his van. “May I sit in your van a moment?”


Olivia climbed in the driver’s seat and slid to the passenger seat. “You should get back in.”

The driver climbed back in and closed the door, waiting for an explanation.

“That tree back there is an apple mist tree. If you are in the path of the mist coming from it, you are going to end up very sticky–like bathing in apple juice.”

He looked back. “I see.”

The tree stopped misting and Olivia looked at the driver. “Thanks.” She opened up the passenger door to get out and opened the sliding side door to get her things (It’s a dream remember, she never put anything in the van, but when she got out she had things to get of hers from the back). A fog rolled in behind her and two people in the back seat arched their backs, their mouths wide open. Olivia felt like her heart stopped beating as she watched a glowing gold substance flow from their mouths and out of the van behind her. The two people collapsed, dead for all she knew. Olivia shut the door and tried to climb back into the passenger door, the driver was sitting in the seat and Olivia pushed herself right into him. His arms encircled her protectively.

I can’t do this…he’s married. Olivia pushed herself away as the gold substance was sucked out of another person in the back seat. She backed away from the van, and ran a fair distance away until she thought she was far enough to understand what was going on. She watched gold tendrils come out of the van and make a path to some point behind the it. She didn’t know how to fight such an enemy, where was it? Then, everything went dark. It seemed that she regained her consciousness almost immediately and she couldn’t move anything but her head. Her body seemed to be encased in rock, but she knew that she was on a table of some sort, everything but her head paralyzed. There were three vampires off to the left of her head. Olivia started to struggle but it was no good. Vampires and their victims were killed. How many had died, found drained in the last few days? And if they weren’t dead, they were killed before the third, changing bite was completed, for safety measures. I don’t want to die. She cried tears of frustration as the male vampire sunk his teeth into the flesh of her neck, she knew, for the second time. One more and I change for good. She could already feel the features of her face changing, her face becoming longer and more feral-like, her teeth sharper. She could see in the dark better.

She knew now that this vampire wanted her, he had been after her all along and now he had her, his ultimate weapon against the humans. I won’t do it! I don’t want to be a vampire! Her soul cried in anguish. It will be worse than dying… And yet, she could do nothing. The realm trembled with fear as Olivia’s scream spread out like a wave to its farthest reaches…

And then I woke up. There’s some other dreams mixed in there too, but I don’t remember them that much anymore–one of them involved Michael at a souvenir shop picking out some trinkets but that’s about all I remember. Weird dream huh?

Personal Note on Olivia: She was the best of the knights, that was why the people were in awe of her and why she was so proud, she loved being the best, the first and best person to defend her beloved country, to become a vampire would be to turn her into her country’s enemy, the very thing she loved above all else. In the end, she is close to being turned from her country’s greatest defense to their greatest danger. This is what I understood of her and even though this dream was told in story, I didn’t add or take away anything and I experienced it in first person–I was Olivia, most of the time–occasionally I was just an observer, like right at the scene where she cuts her hair, I am her and then my view changes to be like I am standing on the air in front of the center of the staircase, looking at her with short hair–scenes like that, there were four–that one, the scene where she is laying back on the porch, the scene where she is staring at the van from a distance, I am looking at her back, and the scene where she is on the table, feeling encased in rock, I am looking at her from above, but it is only brief seconds, like in the latter, I pan up and then I am back in her awareness the next moment for the second bite. I told it in second person though because I am not Olivia, essentially, and there were things to tell that would have seemed funny in the first person. I was Olivia in the dream, but she was still a she and not an I, like my spirit was hanging out in her body for a direct observation of her. Trust me, it was as weird as it sounds lol.

I also am recalling vaguely a dream about me, a guy, and two girls who could shape-change into cats or something. All I remember is being in a barn when the two girls’ father catches us and decides to punish his daughters by cutting off their tails. I can’t stand the torture of cats or the thought of it and I run away in tears, the guy chasing after me because he knows how much I love cats. I can still hear the pitiful yowls of pain and it makes me feel ill and I was afraid he was coming after me and the guy next–I think I turned into a cat too at the end, I’m not sure.

Ja ne!


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