A Year of Reading 2006

Well, I totally lost my record of 2005, so even though I read that year, I’m not listing it. A new year, it’s still January and it’s time to start fresh!

Currently Reading

The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block, and the Creative Brain by Alice Weaver Flaherty
So far this one is pretty good, a little too gung-ho with medicine in my opinion, but she does bring up a lot of good points and I find the psychology of it fascinating.

Maia by Richard Adams
I’ve read this one before, back in my early high school days (which was only about 7 or 8 years ago) but I liked it a lot back then and decided to re-explore it after I purchased it for my personal collection (I loned out my old copy and never got it back).

The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts compiled/written by Judika Illes
This one is very fascinating. I don’t cast “spells” myself, at least in the sense that is usually considered in that phrase (some people consider any prayer for anything, including protection to be a spell), but I got it because it looked like an excellent source of inspiration for possible story ideas and just because it has ancient spells translated into it which I find absolutely fascinating, not to mention the history and culture varieties of magic.

Assassin’s Choice by Denyse “Domynoe” Loeb
Not published YET but will be, this one’s taking me a long time to get through because I’m doing thorough critiques of it chapter by chapter. Excellent story with very memorable characters

War of the Races Book One: Gnome by Delos E. Rifenburgh IV
Finished first draft by my fiancé and very good I might add, books read on the computer screen always take me the longest to get through though, I don’t like reading at the computer screen and don’t really have the money to print stuff like this out.

Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul by many contributors
Good bathroom material, I can usually comfortably read one article per bathroom use, and there are a lot of good ones too!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling
Another one I’ve already read, but I’m working through it with my son this time.
Excellent story, all I can say is don’t cheat yourself by refusing to read it because you think it’s all just hype and trends. I’m not saying she’s the best, but the story is a good read.

Books Finished in January

Please Save My Earth Volume 13 by Saki Hiwatari (finished 01-12-06)
I LOVE this series. Just got the manga novel today and devoured it in less than an hour. I think once I purchase the last one in the series (I’m told there are two more left to be translated and officially brought to the states) that I’ll begin reading it again from beginning to end without the month or more long pauses in between ^___^

Current Work In Progress
Kitsune Woodrose and the Path of Honor (a Harry Potter fanfic after HP’s time)
various poems and shorts

About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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