Warning: Contains a paragraph of mature content

Well, from everything I’ve been told, it’s incredibly difficult to publish vampire fiction. Besides, this one does need work anyway and it’s very short, probably qualifies as flash fiction. I’m fond of it though. It was inspired by and I wrote it while listening to Adesso e Fortuna (which was composed by Kanno Yoko). Since it would be a difficult piece to publish, and I’m not completely interested in saving it back for that anyway, I’m posting it here for you to enjoy! So, hope you enjoy it!

PS as an aside, I completely forgot about this story when I created my WOW toon, Rena (Renawyn), the two characters have nothing to do with each other.



“You don’t understand!” A sharp chord resonated in the air as the violin Airacc held, hit the ground and bounced with two thuds on the carpet.

Marena furrowed her brow as she stared at the dark, reddish wood of her violin, making sure it hadn’t been broken. She stooped to pick it up, continuing to stare at it as she thumbed at the strings, trying to avoid the confrontation before her.

Airacc snatched it from her hands and shook it. “I’ve ruined you Rena!”

She tried to shake her head in protest, but he cut her off with a violent shake of his head.

His voice strained thinly with the pain it held. “You aren’t…you aren’t in love with me…”

Rena clasped her hands together to keep them from shaking with the anguish she felt in her heart and slumped down onto the chair behind her. The ivory cushion on the cherry wood felt hard and uncomfortable, she fidgeted. “Airacc–”

“You never play anymore!” He shook the violin in her face as if it were proof of his statement.

“But Airacc, I–”

“It’s true. I never should have done it,” he said, “It’s my fault.”

Rena remained silent as he stared at his feet, his whole body shaking with sorrow that clenched at his heart, a feeling that echoed in her own heart. She wanted to reach out to him and hold him, comfort him, but he would only push her away…how could she make him understand?

“I’ve made you my prisoner…chains you can’t see, but ones that are tearing me apart.”

She almost hadn’t heard him as he mumbled it under his breath. Out of sheer habit, her fingers quested for the tiny puncture wounds on the right side of her neck. “I asked you to,” she reminded him.

Airacc shook his head again. “But I knew…” He tossed the violin at the bed behind him, and without looking back, left the room.

Rena stared after him awhile and then got out of her chair and crossed the room to the recently abused instrument. Her mind on other things, she picked it up and slumped onto the edge of the bed.
How could she make him understand…?

She had asked him to take her, she wanted him to.

Love was something Marena had never had before. Well, she was in love, but until two weeks ago, she fought with her feelings, denied them. If you loved, you would be hurt, that’s what her father taught her. That night though…that night she swallowed her misgivings and decided to give herself over completely.

His dark eyes still penetrated, burned into her vision with their intensity. She felt as though he had read her entire being in that one gaze, knew things about her that not even she knew. He had told her it would happen, he had misgivings from the beginning. The victim of a vampire, always became his slave once turned.

Marena closed her eyes and took a deep breath, shaking her head a little, trying to diminish the burning desire of his eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she could still see his. She had loved him before, but now…it was different…

She tentatively fingered the two tiny puncture wounds again and closed her eyes, for a moment relishing the cries of her heart. He had finished the job; made her his. They had shared love for over half a year before that, all the while he resisted his hunger, no matter how it pained him. Last night, she asked to be his, completely his.

It had been the most wonderful experience in her life, and her heart was left aching at his absence, reaching invisible fingers out to grasp at him and pull him close forever. He had started out slow, as they caressed and fondled each other, she almost did not feel his bite in the midst of the explosion of passion that followed. She felt a thrill of excitement course through her, making her quiver. Afterwards, they had layed together on her bed, his arms wrapped around her from behind as they dozed together. It had been the most breathtaking, and tender moment of her life.

As she felt the change begin to take place, that night, a single tear slid down her cheek. A tear of release, of relief. She never really felt the vampirism take place, but she was aware of the growing intensity of her love and devotion for Airacc. Something she had been hesitant to give before. Now her heart flew everytime a thought of him entered her mind, lacking the reservations she had before. She was free, and she felt like jumping up and dancing with the wings he’d given to her heart.

She laughed, but it was darkened with a bit of bitterness. Airacc was right. She was his prisoner. She would do anything for him, she would die for him, she could no longer live if he was gone, but those were all things she would have done anyway if she could have been rid of her doubts and fears of love. That’s what he needed to realize.

Rena glanced down at the violin and smiled. She’d been so busy with her new feelings that she hadn’t touched it since then. That was odd since before then she played it on a daily basis. It had been her passion, and she couldn’t blame Airacc for reading it as a loss of personal interest.

Her eyes searched the room for the bow, finding it on the floor by her nightstand. She grasped the bow and set the violin beneathe her chin, holding it in place. She set bow to string, and, closing her eyes, allowed her feelings to play the instrument, her body swaying in time with it. Something had been set free inside her, and it could be heard in the sweet melody she composed with remarkable ease.

Rena couldn’t help but smile as she embraced her love for Airacc. She played through the night, composing as she revelled in how boundless being a prisoner made her feel.

Airacc stood in the doorway with tears on his face, listening to the crystal song of Rena’s voice harmonize with the soft alto of the violin, as she threw her soul into her work. Her emotions, thoughts, and soul reached out to him and they danced together, as one, in the bonds of their love.


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