Silent Rain

…a quiet brush of life

It rained again today, which I have found is perfect for fishing.  Ashenvale has always been somewhat rainy.  The house is incredibly quiet, so much so that the whisper of the rain against it sounds more like chatter.  Father is staying in Darnassus for a few days, and I find the break somewhat relaxing.  I don’t have to worry about him at the house alone when I go out, his injury has been acting up where before he couldn’t even feel it.  He has also been more agitated in general, and it is only increasing.  He simply said that it was time to have a short break of routine and stay in the city for a few days.  It makes me wonder…often in my line of work, you have some patients, or at least hear of patients whose injuries act up before an impending change in the natural world around them.  I sat in the rain for some time this morning thinking about this, communing with the wet earth under me.  Is something coming?  My father hasn’t left Ashenvale in years for the city, he is much more attuned to the land we call home.  I cannot help but think his agitation and phantom-limb pain is more than just an oncoming cold spell or flood levels of rain.  I thought I felt that same bracing in the land beneathe my fingers this morning, but I cannot be sure if it was simply my own apprehension, or my imagination.

Perhaps I will feel better if I make some general preparations?  Stock up on food, work on irrigating water build up away from the house and gardens, or something.  The longer I think about it, the more certain I am that the rain is increasing and a flood or severe patch of storms is on the way.

I think I prefer the whispered hush of the rain, nearly silent and calming.  A quiet, supporting reminder of life and hope that is unassuming and undemanding on its own.  Often, the rain is taken for granted, cursed for ruining days outside by some.  But the lush plants around me and thriving life of this forest speak well for the rain that continues to nurture life.  It has no need of recognition.  I feel so much in common with that rain.  Healing through Elune’s grace, nurturing life, but preferring to do so in the background.  I have little need for recognition and prefer to go unnoticed.  Perhaps that is why Delari Sylvae suffers?  It needs someone to stand at the forefront and lead.  The wall flower does not thrive well as the center piece.  But, does Delari Sylvae need that truly?  Or, perhaps they would be better served as a silent rain, quietly nurturing life around them.  That is perhaps a topic for another day.

Ta’elesara Ethala’Aman

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