Count Me Out

(( Gida’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day…  If Gida were forced to put on a sexy red dress and sing a lounge piano song…this would be it 😛  The song is by Sheena Easton and the title is a link to the youtube video. ))

Count Me Out

If you’ve got romance on your mind
If you’d like to stroll hand in hand
If you wanna cuddle in the moonlight
And whisper “Ain’t love grand.”
If you want someone to buy that sweet talk
That you guys all love to spout
Baby…count me out

If you want to dance cheek to cheek
Then go home and talk all night long
If you want to send somebody flowers
And share a stupid song
If you want a woman who believes that you’re what her life’s all about
Baby…count me out

I’ve been there, I’ve done that
It’s nowhere, it’s old hat
Forget those thoughts you’re thinking mister
And just regard me as your sister

If you want to send valentines
If you want to write poetry
Here’s a little change, go call somebody who doesn’t look like me
And if you’ve got plans to fall in love, without a shadow of a doubt
Baby…count me out
That’s what I said
I said baby, count me out
Hound Dog


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