Her life is so happy now, full. I know she misses me. Tonight, as I sat by the edge of the Tanaris sea, on a crop of boulders she once stood on, I could almost hear the ocean breeze carrying her song to me. I looked up at the stars and thought, it’s the same sky. The same one she sees. We aren’t so far apart after all. Once, I allowed my life to darken hers and it eventually led to, well, I almost lost her. Now, more than anything I want her to have what she does now. It’s the least she deserves. And though I know she misses me, it’s best this way. Maybe some day…for now, I cannot risk her. I know she is strong, I just do not think it is…I am not strong enough to lose her again. To watch my life bring hers down. I can hear her taunting, as when we were kids. “You can’t catch me!” and now I’ve watched her run until I can no longer see her, unaware that I’m not hiding in the next set of bushes to catch her. I’ve snuck off in the opposite direction. I’m sorry, love. At least we can still share the stars.


About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities.
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