Stormwind City

Stormwind again.  I confess my dislike for this city, but find myself assigned here once more.  With Kalshen’s return, he has agreed to care for father and the temple has seized the opportunity to send yet another healer to take care of the wounded, returning soldiers and mercenaries from the North.  Most ships sail to Stormwind first.

I learned my lesson last I stayed in Stormwind to help heal wounded.  It is not as bad now as it was then, but I declined a bed at the Light’s Cathedral.  While the patients outnumber the healers, it is still unwise to exhaust the healers, but that is precisely how they treat those healers staying in the church.  Of course, there were other problems as well.  Humans often err as a result of short-sightedness; a race with trouble understanding the ways of different peoples, even their allies.

Last I stayed at the cathedral in Stormwind, they insisted I worship and meditate as the humans, enclosed in man-made walls of stone.  They made many excuses for why I should not leave to conduct my meditations and worship in the moonlight.  The most prominent was that they could not be bothered to send someone out to fetch me from worshipping the light in such an antiquated way when I could be more readily available in their prayer room.  It is the price you pay for staying free and handy while you answer the healer’s call.

At least the humans solved one of the original problems for kaldorei healing in the human city last they needed more healers than Stormwind alone provided.   When they finally realized a priestess of Elune is at her best during the night hours of moonglow, they optimized the time by calling on kaldorei healers at night, while other healers took rest unless needed.  There is a reason they call us night elves, after all.

During the scourge invasions, I did not have time to secure a room at the inn and it kept healers in Stormwind busier than the return of troops now.  Overall, I stand less chance of being over-tapped by the Cathedral and during the hours when I am not required to come in, I can find one of the sparse areas of vegetation in this city to relax, or sleep much more comfortably at the inn, at least.  Before I come in each night, I can also stop to admire the moon and soak up the Goddess’ gentle touch for extra strength to keep me through the evening of healer’s work.

I encountered Echesii tonight.  After so long of not seeing or hearing from the draenei tracker, I have suddenly encountered her twice in the last month.  Once was in Darnassus, shortly after my brother’s return.  I suppose we are both returning out of hiding worlds apart?  She did mention she has been on Draenor a lot until recently.  The brief conversation reminded me just how little…friendly? conversation I have had these last few years.  Not to say no one I know is friendly, but all of my contact has either been in the interest of maintaining hearth and home, or business related.  My father is nice and easy enough to talk to.  He has opened up considerably since mother’s death.  But that is not the same.

I have not even seen another member of Delari Sylvae in some time.  It makes me hope that perhaps…

If not, there is always the Goddess.  She has always been enough for me.


-Ta’elesara Ethala’Aman

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I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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