Yay Pumpkins!

A special pumpkin for a holiday entry…

Okay, it’s not that special, just something I threw together in a paint program. Anyway, it’s Halloween today and we’re actually late carving those pumpkins…we’ll be getting to them in about an hour though. However, as horrible a cook as I am, I’m loathe to waste the pumpkins. So, this year I thought I’d do pumpkin cooking experiments.

In just about an hour, part of our Halloween fun will involve turning the kitchen into a giant mess as we carve two small pumpkins and one very large pumpkin, all were listed as being pie pumpkins on their respective shelves/bins. Not sure I can make a pie with them, my husband tends to prefer already pureed pumpkin anyway. However, I would like to try to use everything. That’s going to be a lot of seeds, so I am also looking into planting them properly this year, rather than simply throwing them outside to be picked up by birds and little animals before they have a chance to grow.

I wonder if the landlord would let me have the patch of ground between the rocky, wood-hedged dip behind the house and the woods…if the pumpkins grow successfully, I imagine he’d have a nice little patch there to make the property more attractive after we leave, plus, no more need for a lawn mower back there…not that they really needed one anyway, the grass is rather sparse back there. Of course, after we leave, the patch would need to be kept in check or he might end up with a pumpkin epidemic by the way I hear they grow. Which isn’t so bad, he could always start a pumpkin farm.

Anyway, I found a couple of interesting websites in my search for recipes that make use of the whole pumpkin. One special mention at Raw Gastronomy which gives me a basic recipe for the seeds. It gets special mention though because the writer delivers the post in a way that tickled me. While throwing my pumpkin innards out in October has never resulted in a patch, my sister threw a pumpkin out once that managed to grow into a patch in her backyard. It was very nifty until…her tiny backyard was almost nothing BUT pumpkin vines. It was like a B-horror movie on the back porch steps. As soon as you cut back a vine, another would wind up with prickly skin to devour the steps again. It didn’t help that the most accessible point of the house was the back porch, since it is what faced the parking spaces.

Anyway, back to cooking! I will be cooking the other seeds. I’ve heard you can boil the innards for a broth or juice (which after reading several HP pumpkin juice recipes, I’m going to have to say boiling the innards will be more like a tea, less like a juice), so I’m going to try that. In several batches. Maybe one of them will come out yummy ay? I also plan to thoroughly clean and cut up the jack-o-lanterns a few days from now, while they’re still good, and bake them, puree them, and do…something…with them. I haven’t decided what yet >.> I’m still looking.

One thing is for sure, whether I make anything delicious or not, there will be plenty of it, and the kitchen is going to look like a pumpkin explosion. Time to go get messy!


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5 Responses to Yay Pumpkins!

  1. Eirien says:

    Happy Halloween!

    We got two pumpkins this year and they were FULL of seeds and stuffs. Filled a whole baking dish with the guts for puddings/muffins and two soup bowls of seeds.

    Tip when you bake your seeds: Boil them first for about 10 min with a heap of salt (or sugar if you like) then grease a sheet and lay them out, sprinkling whatever seasoning you prefer. They bake much faster and come out less dry than without boiling.

    • saronai says:

      Oh you can use the guts for puddings and muffins? I have a whole large ziplock bag (we didn’t have big enough containers) filled with the guts, and another half full of seeds. Thanks for the boiling tip. How do you turn the guts into muffins? I was thinking a bread but then I kept reading that the guts were to be boiled only to get a broth/soup type mixture.

      • Eirien says:

        I pretend the guts are the actual pumpkin flesh. It bakes the same, tastes the same. Simmer it first (low water) to cook, then purée it in a blender.

        There are a ton of pumpkin-related recipes out there, find one you like then add the guts 1:1 where it calls for ‘pumpkin purée’ or ‘canned pumpkin’.^^

        Pumpkins are a very flexible food: Pumpkin cake, muffins, pudding, smoothies, pie, pancakes, curries, gingerbread, pumpkin butter, cookies…

    • saronai says:

      So, one more question for you (my pumpkin guts are still stored in a baggy in the fridge), some of the guts have little unformed seeds still in them, a particular handful has several, but they’re very flat and attached to the guts. Would they hurt to puree with the rest and put in bread or would that make it taste funny/feel funny?

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