Symbolic Dreams

This is it.  I held my breath, smiling as Michael chased a cabbage moth butterfly in our new yard.  I paused to relish the inner peace as a few more butterflies flitted by.  Curious, I walked to the other side of our new home and drew in my breath with childlike surprise.  A field grew wild and natural and the butterflies danced everywhere.  The little white cabbage moths fluttered in abundance, in the distance I saw only a few yellow dogwoods, with three painted ladies spotting the field in stunning orange and brown.  My inner child used my eyes to run all over that field.

The more reserved adult only extended her hand toward them, a gesture of fondness, and a caress of appreciation.  In return, and with heart-skipping delight, one graced my fingertip.  The only blue butterfly in the bunch.  The same size as the cabbage moths, but her wings were the colour of the sky on a cloudless, sunny day.

She rested, peaceful and refused to budge.  Laughing, I held my hand aloft to show Kyrias in the distance.  She shared my delight and waved happily.  The guests were arriving.  I walked with the butterfly back to the front door of my new home.  Here, she grew more stubborn.  Despite telling her a house is no place for a butterfly, she clung.  I chuckled lightly and thrust my hand into the air hard enough to dislodge her without hurting her.  She almost forgot to fly, but flapped her wings just above the ground and flew up over our new home and back to hers next door.

I grinned as my new friend disappeared over the roof.  What lovely neighbors.


That’s a story version of last night’s/this morning’s most strongly remembered dream.  While I believe in symbolic dreams, I think most of them are indicators of our subconscious rather than the future.  Even so, sometimes a dream is just that as well.  Then, I dream like I did last night.

Dreams usually occur in black and white, but I almost always remember some colour.  Disregarding that last part, sometimes my dreams beg for deciphering.  The others interest me too, but these dreams hold a key difference.  Upon waking images in the dream pop, etched into my head while sleeping.  I wake knowing they mean something more.

The difference in these dreams is like a dream suddenly in colour.  In the dream above, the field full of butterflies, the blue one on my finger, and Kyrias waving and laughing happily at the butterfly from over by her car were those iconic parts.  To come close to a description, the difference between these dreams and regular dreams with subconscious symbols is a pause button.  Regular dreams keep going, these dreams pause and zoom focus on images.  They grab me and say “This is important!  It MEANS something!”

The dream continued after where I stopped, but other than bringing in two very nice looking, twin bicycles, the pause and zoom buttons disappeared.

One other thing about these dreams…they almost always occur before a big, positive change.  Of course, my mind might open to more opportunities around me, bringing that about.  However, many times these changes occur in the easy choice, not one I need primed for by dreams.  Then again, it’s also easy to find a big, positive event when primed to look for one.  Either way, I love having these dreams.

My favourite dream dictionary seems to coincide a bit with how I see the world, so I find the symbols in it make more sense.  Both negative and positive meanings share space within it.

The butterflies.  Freedom, the happiness of my childhood, no worries, no stress.  There were hundreds of them in that field next door, an overabundance.  The field was also part of our side yard, if it matters, I meant literally beside, not part of the next door neighbor’s.  The symbol dictionary:  Social success, romantic success and/or domestic happiness is forecast by a dream of these brightly colored creatures.

Blue in particular.  Both my husband and my son’s favourite colour.  This particular shade, for me, is peaceful, free, and open, just like a sunny, cloudless sky.  It also suggests refreshing rain to me at the same time, which I love rain like that, maybe more than a sunny cloudless sky in some respects.  The symbol dictionary:  If one color stood out in your dream, the significance is as follows: Blue indicates liberation from worry and/or help from outside sources.

Friends.  Depends on the friend.  As Kyrias pointed out, we mainly communicate together about writing.  I agree.  In fact, if someone asked which friend I saw when I simultaneously think of writing, Kyrias immediately comes to mind.

These days, when Kyrias comes to mind, so does writing.  Heck, when writing comes to mind, so does Kyrias!  Writing is the basis of our friendship with our many word wars and mutual encouragement/procrastination enabling sessions.

That’s not to say other friends don’t inspire me or help me write.  I love you all.  Kyrias was happy and excited in the dream.  That blue butterfly was nifty!  She waved happily from her car.  According to the symbol dictionary: Dreaming of distant friends is generally a forerunner of unexpected news. Whether the news is good or sad will depend on whether or not they were in trouble in your dream.

In conclusion, either my dream is telling me to get off my duff and write already, showing me what it takes is at my main-hand finger tip (no, finger/hand in this case lacked an applicable meaning…in the symbol dictionary.  To me, it’s my main hand and I use my finger tips to type so maybe…yeah, this is last second because it occurred to me only after I just now thought “The blue butterfly at my fingertips”)…

Or it’s predicting many many acceptances in the near future!  Which of course means, both!

Time to go prove the cycle of self-fulfilling dream prophecies accurate ~

Note:  Butterfly stock for the image at top comes from Falln Stock.  Click the butterfly to see the original.  Thanks Falln!


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2 Responses to Symbolic Dreams

  1. Eve's Accomplice says:

    You are an amazing writer, I am enjoying your posts so much. I was reading Joseph Campbell the other day and he compared dreams to mythology in that both use symbols to explain some sort of journey. The difference is that dreams utilize our individual symbols and mythology uses cultural symbols.

    • saronai says:

      That sounds like an interesting read, and thanks again for the compliments. I’ll have to see if I can dig up access to work by Campbell. I rather agree that symbolism in dreams draws most heavily from how we were feeling and our personal reaction more than a standard Freudian meaning (or the like). Thanks again for visiting and leaving such kind words. So very well timed too!

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