(( This entry is written in Arashanti, not Common.  Some Arashanti terms have been left in the original language as a translation is not as accurate or flavourful. ))

Have you ever stared at your reflection in water for so long that the parts of your face seem alien…odd?  Then you stare harder and you can no longer see your reflection at all, just a blur of colours on the water’s surface…part of it.  It is in that moment you can feel the water, when you see you are part of it.  You can feel the wavering of your body in a gentle and steady rhythm and it feels like there’s nothing but this.  The sound fills your ears and you barely think about the trivial life and human memories that filled you before.

There is only this, what’s inside, and the beaches you caress or dive into by turns.  You don’t think about which direction or how to control your waves, you simply let them fall, natural, rising and falling with the moon as you breathe.  Then, when you begin to translate that reflection, to puzzle the tiny spot of colour on the water’s surface back into a person, you realize that person is your container.  You are back, looking at your reflection, no longer with the water, you breathe, and you look.

The reflection is more alien now and it can make you feel…imprisoned.  Why does the priva mansa contain itself in these temporary bowls?  Life is a gift…does ocean contained in a bowl feel gifted?  Would it not rather rise and fall, flow with the whole?  What does this mean of life?  Is water in a bowl much like other sources?  It does not miss what it does not remember; too busy seeing itself separate from the ocean.  Are we too busy seeing ourselves separate from the ocean?  Is part of the ocean in a bowl still the ocean?  Or is it merely a bowl of seawater?

Unattended, it sits tepid and still, is it no longer alive?  It is difficult to fathom the purpose of this separation.  Each vessel has different experiences.  A bowl of the ocean can go into the middle of land where it does not belong.  Perhaps the priva mansa seeks to learn more?  Each vessel is a scout into a new perspective, increasing the knowledge of the whole when it returns.  Is that the purpose of spreading itself into temporary vessels, of what most people call life?

What does the priva mansa need of such knowledge?  People use it to improve lives, construct things.  Animals use it to survive.  Is it learning for the sake of learning, or is the world beyond these vessels bigger than the priva mansa? Humans just cannot see it because we are too small, the priva mansa is the largest thing we are capable of perceiving.  Like an ant that cannot make out what people call mountains because the trees and small hills are always in its way.  Is the priva mansa a spiritual ocean caressing and diving into land, only part of a world we cannot see?

(( Priva Mansa:  Translates roughly to “Primal One” which is something of a divine force and is all the elements made one, the base from which all life and elements spring.  It is also the heart (center) of the six-pointed star that is a sacred symbol of the Arashanti. ))

Note:  this entry is from the perspective of Nisnivani, an Arashanti water vishna and former human mage from the game world of warcraft.

Also, this is an older entry from a different website I’m merging here.  I thought I’d post it anew here.

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