Blessed Bonds

Yin is a pretty black cat.
I very much think she’s a brat.
Knocks over the vase,
And lies on my face,
Whenever I’m taking a nap!

An old limerick I wrote about my cat, Yin, who I’m dedicating this post to.  She’s still alive. First, I want to start by saying that Yin is the smartest cat I’ve ever known.  I’ve known many cats.

She was born either on Easter Sunday, or the Thursday after, on the same year as my son (2001).  Her mother and her aunt, identical, pure white sisters, got pregnant at the same time (for a few months we were all walking around the house ready to pop).  Snuggles (my mom named her quite aptly) and Luna insisted on sharing their litters, so I’ve no real idea which of the kittens belonged to which mother.

Circumstances forced me to say goodbye to my twins, who both went to very nice homes not long after the kittens were all adopted out.  Yin is the only one that stayed in my life and ended up back with me, mostly because she decided I was her human, period.

When she misbehaves, she gets lectured.  She actually listens to the lectures, sulking. What’s more, whatever I lecture her about, she stops doing!  She meows frequently and in so many different ways and even sings for me when I’m gone too long.

She leads us around when she needs food, water, snuggling in the bed, or whatever she wants like Lassie to Timmy at the well.  She often likes to sit in my lap and watch me write and read.  We play hide and seek-scare too.  No one will ever bully or convince me to give her up.  I dread enough that she’s middle-aged and try my hardest not to think about how many years are left for us.

When she lays just so in the light, her extremely soft fur lights up reddish-brown, especially in the summer.  The most gorgeous shade of black with red-brown highlights. Perhaps that sounds ordinary enough, but the effect is truly eye-catching to me.

Most of the time she acts rather indifferent.  Despite stereotypes, this isn’t typical cat behavior.  I’ve met several cats in the past that pine for constant attention and love as much as any “typical” dog.  Yin does her own thing when she wants to, likes her space, and likes to act the brat (ambushing my feet or elbows).

She always knows when I need her though.  Always.  Most recent example:  A few nights ago I got to reading about all sorts of pain around the world.  My empathy and frustrated sorrow kicked into overdrive and I cried my eyes out for these people.  Yin ran up meowing, jumped on the recliner’s footrest and reached a paw out in a patting gesture.

I looked down at her and she mewed at me, purring loudly.  She rubbed at my hands and knee and climbed into my lap.  Once there, she stood up, paws on my chest.  I find it interesting to realize the silence around her purr.  It seems she looked at me and we talked, without either of us actually saying a single word.  She finished with a rubbing nudge to my chin and a very human-like concern for comforting me.  I scooped her up and let her “baby” me.  Only in moments when I hurt that badly does she let me hold her so close and tight (but not too tight) and purr.  I cried into her fur while she occasionally petted or patted me with one paw and her head.  Usually she’s there before I start crying.

I love this cat.  I really love this cat.  She’s awesome, gorgeous, the Einstein of the feline world and I’m her person.  I feel so very blessed by that.

From the other side of my living room she meowed just now, then flopped over on her back to strike her “cute pose.”  I swear she went to a secret school of cute.

Her sixth sense for when I need comfort (no one else in the house will know I’m crying, but she’ll run in from the other room anyway) also kicks in at amusing times.  For example, when I sing anything by Evanescence, or anything similarly “sad.” I pour my voice into it, if I’m sitting down, she’s soon in my lap worry-meowing and trying to comfort me.  Like now, singing “Good Enough” and here she comes, meowing.

Yin, sleeping in her blankey-burrow while I photograph her.


Do you have an amazing animal companion too?  Yin and I look forward to reading about them in the comments.  Yes, she’s in my lap now, watching the screen.

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8 Responses to Blessed Bonds

  1. This is so sweet–I have had cats all my life, several of them from itty bitty kittens that were strays in the woods by my house! I don’t have them now unfortunately–when I moved, I couldn’t take them (the two I had left, mom/daughter cats) where I lived so my parents kept them, and then they moved out of state. The mom had to be put down several months (she was probably 13 or so) but the other one is still living. Of course I didn’t get to say goodbye, made me very sad. Right now I have a dog, who most of the time is good but annoys me with her crazy amounts of energy and neediness–I would love a cat again!

    p.s. I *love* Good Enough.

  2. Saronai says:

    We frequently had cats (and had to give them up) while growing up. I also had to spend a few years of my life without feline companions. Home never was home without a cat for me. Best of luck if you do look to adopt a new kitty.

  3. AG says:

    Never been much of a cat person, but I totally understand the connection between human and pet, whatever that pet may be! And your cat sounds amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about her. I just gotta say, you write beautifully- you have a really strong and fluid narrative voice. Very gorgeous.

    I have a little dog, actually, a little Italian Greyhound who’s a nut. She’s a sweetheart. She falls asleep in the oddest places. Gotta love a companion that understands you on a different level!

    • Saronai says:

      Thank you so much for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed reading about her despite not being a cat person. Much of the time I find myself thinking that Yin is more like a four-year-old human than a cat.

      Your greyhound sounds adorable. I love quirky pets so much. My sister use to have this great big mutt she named Chewy because he’d “talk” often “ourrouroorrooroo” kind of mumble thing. They joked he sounded like Chewbacca (sorry if I mispelled that Star Wars fans). He was such a fun dog! He was bigger than me when I sat on the floor but that never stopped him from trying to burrow into my lap whimpering and carrying on in a storm, doing his doggy-mumble. Such an adorable dog.

  4. Judy Probus says:

    Adorable pet story, thanks for sharing. Here’s a simple tribute to my dog.

    Mr. Buster

    Ten pounds of white fluffy unconditional love
    All Buster really wants is a chew bone and a hug

    He’s a morning dog, breakfast is his favorite meal
    Tail up and wagging, walking around the block is a big deal

    Sunning on the deck or in a patch of light on the couch is his idea of fun
    Excited circles down the hall anytime I return make me feel like #1

    Playing tug of war with his rope toy, he growls like a dog twice his size
    I melt when he looks at me with those big, round black eyes

    He turns his nose up at dog treats and holds out for the occasional chicken nugget
    If he could speak, he’d order chicken at the drive-thru by the bucket!

    On the road again is fine with him
    He’s up for adventure, it makes him grin

    Buster curls up beside me when I write or wherever I am
    Ready to console anyone who’s wounded or sick, he’s the man

    Cautious of strangers, you have to earn his trust
    First to the door, respecting his turf is a must

    This small wonder likes me to whisper “sweet dreams” in his ear every night
    He whimpers to be lifted onto my bed when lightning gives him a fright

    It’s the least I can do in return for his loyal company
    24/7, this happy-go-along watches over me

    • Saronai says:

      Aw Mr. Buster sounds adorable. I love hearing the animal companion stories (or poems in this case) of others 😀 I like the image of him running excited circles in the hall when you come home.

      Thanks for sharing!

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