Following is an older snippet involving my World of Warcraft characters, Kalshen (kaldorei hunter) and Lesara (kaldorei priestess).  I abandoned this particular story thread shortly after creation.  I thought it’d be fun to post it anyway.

Ripples danced around the bobbing fishing line, but the biting fish went ignored.  “Thought I might find you here.”  Lesara’s affectionate smile almost coaxed one out of her older brother.

“Someone needs to help Dad.”  Kalshen wrinkled his nose at the heavy, pungent scent of medicinal herbs.  “Work in the temple gardens again?”  He began reeling in his line.

“Usually do,” she said.

He simply nodded, once, as he baited his line and cast it back into the lake.  “What is it?”  He went back to watching his line.

“Isn’t this a better job for Dad?”

“Leg’s bothering him too much.”

Silence.  From the corner of his eye, he saw Lesara looking skyward.

“You should be minding the sabres.  I can do this.” She looked back to him and stretched out her hand.

Grunting, he handed it over.  “I should be looking for Shenara’s father.”  He gave her an even glare and she looked away.

“She is–”

“The Goddess’ child,” he finished for her; a frown set deep in his features.  “Ta.”  His expression softened.  “Is she the goddess’ child because of ritual, or because he ran off?”

She stiffened, turning her back fully to cast the line again.  He heard her sigh just before her shoulders sagged.  “He didn’t run away.”

“Then where is he?”  He gestured to the empty air and looked around.

She eyed him over her shoulder before turning her attention back to the line and reeling in a small catch.  She unhooked it, tossed it back, baited, and cast the line again.  “I don’t know.”  The briefest of pauses before she followed up with, “But he didn’t run away.”

“You’re young, he wasn’t ready for the responsibility, it happens.”

“He never knew of Shenara.  Besides, if you knew him, you’d know.  He didn’t run.”

The tight and firm reply, coupled with her straightened posture told Kalshen to drop it. It was the same voice and manner she adopted when filling her role as family matriarch. “Then he’s in trouble, I should still go find him.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then why isn’t he here, Ta?”

She shook her head.  “Go see to the sabres, Nia needs your help.”  She waved, dismissive.

“Nia always needs help.”  He turned to go.  Grunting, he grabbed and slung his pack and then his bow over his shoulder.  He pushed aside some leafy branches and headed into the trees behind them.  “Someone needs to look out for you and Shenara too.”  If she made a reply, it never reached his ears.


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5 Responses to Lost

  1. AG says:

    I love this, Miss. Saronai! Love it so so much! Really blown away by it, going to definitely be reading and re-reading it over and over.

    • Saronai says:

      Thanks A.G. you’re making me blush again *^_^*

      This particular story thread was dropped because it was based on a scrapped bit of roleplay before a couple of character reboots in the game. I might still use it (the idea, not this scene specifically) for the novel I plan to write involving these characters (Silent Rain).

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed my lazy post this much (honestly, I’m being totally lazy when I update with older material hehe). Just not nearly as lazy as you with your sunglasses, guest blogger, and “OJ” *wink*

  2. Elisa says:

    I love this as well. The flow of your writing is wonderful!

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