Moggy Time!

My sleep schedule got all quirked up again, so I forgot about the update earlier today, but it’s here, it’s here!  Today’s update is about the transmogifirication-thingy that WOW (World of Warcraft) will be adding in a future patch…sorta.  Wait!  Before you stop reading, it’s more about Lesara’s story development in roleplay.  With pictures!  However, I’m also very excited I’ll be able to play her in battle and on the road the way I dress her for roleplaying (when I can afford the game again, that is).

To catch up those still reading who don’t play, this new feature will allow players to pay in-game money to make any one apparel item look like any other apparel item (you have to own both on the character during the transaction) of your choice, so long as it’s the same type.  One staff can look like a different staff, a cloth chest piece can look like a different cloth chest piece, etc.

I might do a post later for Rena’s, since she is my main, but instead of writing last night, I worked my tail off gathering Lesara’s gear.  There’s a major appearance change in the works for her.  Mostly, it’s because the Cataclysm caused major changes in Lesara’s story and quite possibly, a large shift in her personality.  Or more precisely, it unlocked her personality, something long-buried under layers of training and discipline as a priestess.

When Lesara started, she was a serene, disciplined priestess, matriarch of her family, but with a gentle sense of leadership.  Appearance-wise, she still used an herbal dye-wash recipe her mother crafted that made her hair white.

Drawing of Lesara, by me.

Once it occurred to her to eliminate the herbal dye part of the recipe, her hair colour reverted to azure-blue.  A visible symptom of shaking her mother’s spectre (yes, mom was obsessed with white hair).

Then the cataclysm struck.  One of the many lands effected, Lesara’s home in Ashenvale survived, but was ransacked by orcs (the horde) taking advantage of the turmoil.  Lesara’s been fighting to save her home guerilla-style.  Granted, a priestess is ill-suited to physical combat, but even a healer in such settings does little good in bramble-catching robes, sticking out like a blue-haired, black-winged, big-eared thumb.

Clearly she can't hide in the desert either

Her time out there is changing her too.  Is she alone?  Is she helping someone?  Is she part of a secret orc and twilight cult-resistance group?  Whatever she’s up to, I doubt anyone looking would recognize her.

I present Lesara gone wild:

The owl face paint is the nod to Elune (Kaldorei moon goddess that empowers the cleric/healer class).  No, she hasn’t gone druid.  And that staff…I love it, took me about 12 deaths soloing level 70, 25-man raid trash (Lesara is 85).  58 gold worth of repairs.  The cloak, only 3 runs into Maraudon (a level 30-something instance).  The rest I’ve just been buying off the auction house.  Also, she cut her hair off and dyed it green.

I can’t wait until she can always run around battling like this.  I like getting my kaldorei in touch with their more “wild” culture.  As to the tabard, Lesara use to work for the Cenarion Expedition, gathering, cataloging, and testing the herbs of Draenor (another world).  I figure she still had the tabard lying around, maybe it was one of the few things left lying in the debris of her home.

Do you play wow?  Are you putting together your moggy?  Don’t play wow?  That’s okay, I hope you enjoyed the eye candy anyway!

PS the middle screenshot isn’t RP gear, Lesara was out of character and in shadow specialty (she doesn’t use shadow magic in character).  The wings are from a current end-game priest ability from the discipline specialty called Archangel (in this case, dark archangel).  All out of character tidbits.

Lesara posts:
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4 Responses to Moggy Time!

  1. Grace says:

    Moggy gear takes up so much bank room… then again, I’m thinking I’m going to wait until the patch comes out then put my pally in tier 5 pvp gear, because it looks pretty cool. That, or put her back in tier 10, because I worked hard for that gear, lol… Nice blog, btw!

    • Saronai says:

      Thanks, Grace! And yeah, gear for appearance and keepsake does take a lot of space. I keep such random things too! My main’s bank is chalked full of junk. Rena keeps every mechanical-type piece in the game, whether it’s actually usable or not. Grey vendor trash just because it’s a broken handful of bolts.

      Makes the character more real to me, I suppose. I imagine Ren can’t bring herself to throw out such things. She might use them some day!

      Which reminds me, I can’t wait for the trophy storage 😀 That’s going to be Ren’s toolbox.

  2. Eirien says:

    Never heard of it being called “mogging” before today. Interesting. I came back recently to check out Sept-Oct’s events (Harvest, Pirates, Brewfest, Hallows) as it’s my favorite time of the year.

    I’m sure I will be ‘mogging’ a few of my characters but more for nostalgia than social RP. A lot of my RP in games nowadays is just ‘being there’ as another nameless face or support rather than being near or at the front. You know what I mean?

    My rogue’s set will probably be a mis-match of my favorite assassin gear, much from BC. Last night I was in Shattered Halls playing Groundhogs Day with Talon King Ikiss. He has the bladed shoulders I vendored some years ago and won’t give them back. All I get are cleavers. Boo. I still have some of my old shadowcraft set so I may build on that for now… 😀

    My paladin has some tier 4&5 banked but I’d love to go back and pick up some tier 2. Or maybe the purple version. Though I’m sure other pallies will go that route. So not settled on that one yet.

    My ‘oh so sexy’ blood elf priest would go out wearing depreciated tauren leggings but alas, it was fully removed from the game years ago. I’ll have to settle for a ceremonial loincloth or warbear woolies with a battle harness. *sizzle* 😉

    Btw, love your sketch and screenshots. What server did you play on? I think you told me once but silly me if I forgot.^^

    • Saronai says:

      Sorry for not answering before, got super busy (even missed another Friday update ><). I play horde on Steamwheedle Cartel (US) but not often. I made more friends ally-side early on so that's where most of my character attachments ended up. Currently, I have one rogue on Moon Guard that I almost never play (human) and the rest are on Wyrmrest Accord (since it's first day :D). The movements are a long convoluted story. Suffice it to say, I'm not moving anymore. Wyrmrest Accord (all alliance) is my main server and that's where I intend to stay. Done moving 😛

      I know what you mean as "being there" as supporting cast, so to speak, or even an extra. Truth is, even when I do revert to that state in roleplay, my mind is constantly working on stories and character details anyway. For example, though friends have asked after her, Lesara hasn't seen any action since months before the cataclysm…was that already almost a year ago?

      My husband jokes that this is why I was meant to be a writer. I take the simplest things and create stories to entertain my brain further. He said it after I got into this long convoluted thing about why I was constantly resetting the pokémon DS game I was playing. I wanted a female starter pokémon with a brave personality; I also spent hours farming Zigzagoons for a quirky male one. Both of these fit the story I was making up for my little chibi-toon, separate from the story the game was telling me.

      I say it's also probably why I can stand a great deal more farming, be it items, xp, or specific rares and what not in a game than your average person. I'm off in la-la land thinking about the character and their story, watching my own private movie about moments in their lives.

      So, even though Lesara hasn't seen RP for (a year? Really?) a long time, she's still got a story, one that gives her a reason to be absent from the lives of others she use to know. The only WrA character I have that eludes me is my draenei, Natajya. I try to do the same thing with her but none of the movies stick. Maybe one day I'll figure it out…unless they open up the shaman class to humans, then I'm totally race changing her into one of the Arashanti sisters (Nisnivani or Sharasvati).

      Fun stuff!

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