Versatile and Irresistibly Sweet

A few weeks ago, within days of each other, I got 2 pairs of additional blog awards.  The Versatile and Irresistibly Sweet Blog awards from AG at Regected Riter and Emmy at Overcoming Her Obsession.

These 4 awards came with their own set of rules:

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you
  2. Share seven random facts about you
  3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
  4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

So, item 1.  Thank you so much for the award love, both of you!  I have the awards permalinked to your post on them at the bottom of my sidebar.  You are also linked above and you are additionally linked in my “Virtual Library” section already.

To those in number 3, I hate to break the game, but I don’t require you do anything, including link back to me.  These awards would “die” if they weren’t passed on to others deserving, but I dislike requiring people to link back to me just because I like their site.  Also, you all deserve it.  I waited so long to write my post because I wanted to think about it longer.  I don’t want to just pass the award on.  I want the awards to mean something.

To those with blogs not in the awards, you’re very likely in my virtual library anyway.  If you’re not, ping me.  If you want to know why you weren’t chosen, again, ping me.  I’ll tell you so long as the conversation is friendly and truly interested in the feedback.

And now for number two…

Random Facts, Yay!

  1. I believe in faeries and the fantastic unseen
  2. I’m hungry, it’s 10am and no breakfast!
  3. I am heavily empathic, it’s almost like a super power (and it’s also why I try so hard to make everyone around me happy)
  4. Yes, I do remember you and I think about you more often than you may realize.  Yes, even you, random person from childhood.  I may not remember your name, but I remember the situations and faces.  Chances are, my thoughts on you aren’t negative, even if you think I have cause to be.
  5. I love kitties!  I still have the stuffed Pound Purry I got when I was 7.  Yes, I still sleep with her some nights.  Best.  Gift.  Ever.  Thanks Mom!
  6. I have an ivory tower for emergencies.  Though the ivory is more like unkempt greenery and the tower is more like a peaceful wood.  It’s all figuratively speaking, just without the, I’m better than you part and more with the SANCTUARY! part.
  7. I once enlivened an entire high school language arts class by taking the “read-aloud” in class activity out of boring monotone by voice-acting out the part in the play I’d been given to read.  Fun fact, it was the part of an extremely upset mother whose boy was being hunted for murder.  I got to yell at people, make people laugh (first acted out line’s response was Ricky going “Okay!  Okay!” which were his actual lines), take a whole class out of monotony, and please the teachers in one impulsive decision.

And so, back to the awards.  I am not going to inundate you all with 20 awards (5 for each one).  They’re getting combined, but I’m doing it a bit different than what I’ve seen.  I’m separating the individual awards.  Also, I think tag-backs are not encouraged.  So, just know that both Emmy and AG’s blogs are ones I enjoy and recommend.  Starting with…

The rules don’t require it, but I’m sticking to the title to decide who gets the five awards.  The following are my top five favourite blogs that embody the word “versatile.”  Enjoy your awards!

  1. Merry Farmer.  Yes, her again.  What can I say?  I love her blog and her topics are so varied, even while she has re-occurring theme posts.
  2. Little Bundle of Contradictions.  A more recent follow, I kept meaning to check her out more, but haven’t until very recently.  Only suggestion:  An easy-to-find way to subscribe for updates.
  3. Elvenspider’s Craft Journal.  Another her again case.  But I love the simple, breathable layout of the site and the only thing not versatile about it is the category of “crafts.”  Within that category she knocks the frickin socks off the word versatile.  If the word craft is at all involved, she dabbles in it and posts about it.
  4. The Daily Woman.  A recent follow.  At first I didn’t visit a whole lot because I found the tag cloud up top confusing.  I only just recently figured out how to navigate it, I mean last few days recent.  I also only just now realized she awarded me this same award in her last post.  So thanks, here’s your link too!  Darlene, don’t get rid of the tag cloud…it did confuse me at first, and I’d move it to the bottom of the most recent post if I could, but that’s just me.  Now that I’ve figured out how to use it (really it was so simple, I’m not sure why it took me so long), it really shows off just how versatile your blog is.  Also, I just now realized I linked directly to a single post rather than your home page, which explains why I kept seeing a lack of updates XD
  5. Overcoming Her Obsession.  Since I discovered Darlene awarded me versatile and I awarded her back, it was a slippery slope to give in to returning this one for Emmy.  Her blog is almost new, but already adapting.  It’s fun to watch her build and find her footing before my eyes.

Now on to the Irresistibly Sweet Blog awards!  I name the top five sites I find irresistible. These are the top five blogs I visit most frequently.  There are others I find irresistible and enjoy visiting whenever I sit down to catch up, but these are at the top of my list now.

  1. Merry Farmer.  Yes, yes, again.  What can I say?  I just keep getting drawn in by her topics, and the clean design that feels uncluttered.
  2. Regected Riter.  Again, since I discovered Darlene awarded me versatile and I awarded her back, it was a slippery slope to give in to returning this one for AG.  If you haven’t checked out this site, you’re missing out!  Irresistible.
  3. Kyriacities.  It’s a good thing to find your writing buddy’s site an irresistible read, right?
  4. Feywriter.  Looks alone make this site irresistible to me.  Even if the posts were uninteresting, I could just admire the eye-grabbing layout cradling the finer, more fanciful header.  I also enjoy her muse theory.
  5. Elvenspider’s Craft Journal.  Yes, yes, another repeat link.  I just find the breathable layout and nifty crafts irresistible too, what can I say?  It taught me the value of pictures in posts too.

And now, I need to end this.  I’m waffling, having doubts, wanting to give in to bombarding you with 5 links per an award but not wanting to make this post too long.  Also, please forgive the bipolar formatting of this post.  It got all wonky and refuses to fix itself more uniformly.

Time for lunch!

About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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6 Responses to Versatile and Irresistibly Sweet

  1. Eirien says:

    Holy wow, I’m nearly speechless – I almost choked on my waffles! You’ve given me 3 awards this month. I’m both amazed and a little ashamed as I feel like I don’t deserve them with the lack of content on my blog.

    I’ve not been much of a blog reader lately so I haven’t even been able to spread that Liebster award, let alone consider the others now. However, I always do my best to honour back – I inspect the blogs you (and previous award winners) list, and share their links to people I know who would be interested.

    Thank you again for speaking so well of my site. You are an amazingly encouraging person. I love your #7 random fact, btw. It’s great to break out of those molds and just sweep away a whole room with enlivening energy.

    Stay joyous!

  2. Saronai says:

    I knew there was a reason I waffled at the end of the post, precognition over your choking hazard! I’m glad you’re okay!

    Regardless of how you feel, I feel you deserve them. I love the crafty-fun world of your blog. It’s like a grab-bag of pleasant surprises, I’m not quite sure what fantastic crafty thing I’ll find a pic of next when I visit.

    No worries about passing them on. I understand it’s difficult to do when you don’t read a whole lot of blogs. I think it’s great that you pay such close attention to the suggestions and links though.

    #7 is among my favourite memories. It is great to break out of those molds! I remember reading/following along with the parts and thinking, we do this every time, every year. Why do we do this every time? Why are you doing this? Because they are. This should be fun. Yes, we have to read it, yes, you could get smacked down for being different, yes, you wouldn’t read this play on your own, but you have to. Why are we reading in monotone and making it worse? My turn, just do it. So I did. And most of the class had fun.

    Tastes like freedom.

  3. Thanks for hitting me back w/ the award.. 🙂 I am going to have to maybe switch to an easier lay out for my blog… I have gotten a few comments about some confusion..
    Also, I will try to move the cloud tag! It’s current position does annoy me… Seriously.
    I really do love your blog. I am at work so I must go…

    By the way… I had a Pound Purry too!!!! 😀 omg.. he was adorable..

    • Saronai says:

      You’re welcome and I’m glad you love my blog too .> yeah, I’m slow) and now that I know your real home link. The link I saved was to your “my blog” post. Made it confusing on my first visit when I thought it was the front page and it never changed and looked fairly empty save for the tag cloud.

      Once I found the front page and all that, was an easy decision to drop you an award 😀

  4. feywriter says:

    Fun facts! Love your #1. 😀 And thanks so much for the blog award. You’re so sweet!

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