Fridge Poetry

So cold!  I’ve had this pack of magnets for years, almost a decade.  Words make such nice decor and it makes me ever so glad I bought them.  If you’ve seen a pack at your local bookstore, they’re fun to play with from time to time, go for it!  I wouldn’t mind a few new packs.

Even when I neglect these magnets, I love the way they look on my fridge:

I’ve created a few poems from them before, poems people liked.  In fact, people keep telling me they’re too short, but I’m not sure what to add.  Only so many words in the pack, and my styles fail to sync up between fridge and desk.  Another thing I like about these magnets, they force me to choose words more carefully.

The oldest one on my fridge.  Wake up mother nature!

It’s pretty, but I’m so tired of winter~

Started out as a poem about flying while I watched birds out the window, morphed into flying under the sea because sky was in the first poem and soaring beneath a blue sky seemed too common an image.  I love words!  So it became a mini-poem celebrating poetry.

Rainy day and an attempt to capture the sound of rain against the boulders outside.  I’m a sucker for poetry about rain.  To me, rain embodies poetry, the sound, the feel and sight, a life-giving essence.

Finally, the last, which I admit being quite fond of:

This one is fun for me to interpret because I put various ideas into it.  It means and speaks to so many images, situations, and stories.  It potentially sounds like something a cutter would say, but I’ve never done stuff like that (I’m a huge baby about pain and never once contemplated suicide).

Playing with these entertains my brain while I watch my son at the bus stop each morning.  The kitchen window provides a clear view of his stop, with the side of my fridge at my elbow.

Do you have one of these packs?  Do you want one?  I’m not sure they sell them anymore, I bought mine at Walden’s Books in Illinois.

In keeping with the poems, here is a rainy view from the fridge poetry window:

Window Photography by Saronai

Photography by Saronai

About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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5 Responses to Fridge Poetry

  1. Love this! I have fridge poetry magnets too.. but they just sit in a box on the shelf i the kitchen.. .You have inspired me to break them out and get creative.. Thanks for an amazing post.


    • Saronai says:

      Happy to inspire and glad you liked the post! If you have the room on your fridge, I recommend keeping them on the fridge rather than in their box. Having the whole left side of my fridge for them helps though, at eye level to mess with while still watching the bus stop.

      I never played with them when I kept them in the box.

  2. Eirien says:

    That’s a neat idea!

    We’ve got one of those whiteboard markers on a 1′ or so magnetic writing board. We normally use it for listing groceries we are low on but occasionally we add silly requests, “1 bag of pixie wings” or write mushy poetry on it.

    I don’t think I could get into having random words all over my own fridge though. Along with a healthy dose of chaos, I’ve a slight OCD with organizing stuff so I’d end up having all the letters and words alphabetically ordered within a day. Which would sort of defeat the purpose of a random word collage. -_-

    Thanks for sharing your story, and that picture looks like it’s from my own window! 😉

    • Saronai says:

      1 bag of pixie wings? Oh! Those poor pixies!
      Sounds fun though…just not for the imaginary pixies losing their wings to your list (at least I hope it’s just the imaginary kind).

      I use to alphabetize my word magnets but I’ve moved four times or so with them now, some words were lost, I got tired of arranging them. Regardless, it is frustrating to know I have a word and be unable to find it. Sometimes it leads me to lighting on a different word I like more though.

      Either way, I thought it about time I at least gave each beginning letter its own row. Your comment inspired me to realphabetize them. They no longer appear like a collage, but words are easier to find when I want them now and I still love the way they look. I just like having lots of words on my fridge. The rows hold their own well-ordered attraction.

      The words aren’t so random when I “write” a poem with them though. Instead, I steal them away from their friends and put them up for a bit on a separate part of the fridge.

      As to the window shot similarity, lucky you! I really like the view from that window…except for the road (you can see a strip of the road in question at the bottom of the photograph). I like the window scene behind my house more though…I’ll have to think of post that provides a handy excuse for posting those pictures soon 😀

      • Eirien says:


        The pixie wings is an old D&D joke here. One day some characters in my campaign were ‘invited’ to sit down to dinner w/ some dark elves. The menu was Illithid (or mystery) stew & steamed Rothe eyes, w/ a side of pixie wings. They found the latter most disturbing, so soon after I just had to make some real life crystallized versions to honour that moment. Teeehee!

        But of course we don’t use -real- pixie wings here – I’d rather not have my hair tied to the bed posts in retaliation. 😉

        (That said, I just love having my story campaigns enriched & so I tend to make props or ‘take homes’ for players – like poems, enchanted books, and recipes that an adventurer might find in the game world.)

        As for the window shot: I was more referring to the drizzle in the image than the lovely fall colors. Too much lawn and asphalt outside my windows. D’oh! :S

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