In the Rain

In several posts, you may find mention of my love for rain.  Many of my favourite memories involve playing in a stormless rain, or getting caught out in it.  I find it beautiful and calming.  A light sprinkle blessed my wedding.  I saw it as a wonderful sign.  No drought of love here.

A connection I share with plants, particularly trees (tree-hugger I am) associates most closely with this.  Yes, it is true that too much rain can drown a plant, but the need for it still exists.  It’s refreshing, I’ve seen plants reach foliage to embrace a coming shower.  Life, nourishment, renewal, refreshing.  It represents all these things to me.

So I leave you with a haiku I penned a decade ago.  Here’s to the rain!

About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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1 Response to In the Rain

  1. Eirien says:

    That’s such a lovely haiku, in a really pretty raindrop shape. 😀

    I too like the rain (and trees!), yet find it challenging to enjoy those droplets – the acid rain and smog out here makes me nervous. But if I forget (or nobody’s about to remind…or scold me) then I will run about in it for as long as I can get away with. >.>

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