Thematically Challenged

First, I want to thank my visitors for the likes, comments, and feedback you give me.  I really do appreciate it!  One thing I’ve been told my readers like are my poems, particularly when paired with pictures and a story.  I figure most of these are actually based on memories.  Therefore, most of them fit well into the newly created theme “Memory Mondays” where I share my memories with you.  I actually hope to have guest bloggers share their memories from time to time too.

I’m curious what you think of this theme?

Re-occurring themes seem to garner more return readers and fans.  I know that I want to keep Muse Sings eclectic, but I also wouldn’t mind themes.  Another reader told me she likes my fiction, character journal, and story bite posts most.  These are in line with my typical writing (as opposed to poems).  For Fridays, I’m entertaining the idea of “Fiction Fridays” where I post my stories, scenes, character journals, etc.

More specifically, I’m pondering some serials.  Today’s post is several hours late because I started five different stories more than once a piece.  My idea was to nab a story, maybe more than one, and write a series of entries with a more “episodic” feel.  Are any of you interested in this?  Are there any stories already up you’d like to see expanded on as a blog series?

I promise to get more on top of the blog updates in the future.  I’m going to write them the day prior now and schedule post them for the a.m.  With this, if I make Fiction Fridays the day for posting a new “episode” in one of my blog fiction stories, I’m considering posting thrice a week.  Is three times a week too much Muse for my readers?  I was specifically considering the following:

Memory Mondays
Whatever Wednesdays (for the eclectic posts that fit neither fiction, nor memories)
Fiction Fridays

I think I just want a hint more structure to my blog posting schedule, and my break from “actual” writing ends soon (I took it to distance myself from the work in order to get back to the fun).  Lots of writing planned for the coming weeks.  I’m curious to know what my readers think.

I think I enjoy the idea of Fiction Fridays and a few episodic-blog fiction series.  Right now, I’m waffling between creating an original series, just for my blog, or making them gamefic or fanfic related.  I’m leaning more toward both, actually, with an emphasis on an original series for my blog.  I’m not overly concerned by the fact that, completed, I could package and sell an original fiction serial.  I want my blog to have treats too!  Also, if it really is good enough, I have a new “tip jar” donate button in the side bar.  Maybe I could post it at the end of each original “episode” but I’m not sure I like that idea.  I’m still awkward with the idea of self-promotion.

Thoughts?  I’m most specifically interested in feedback from those of you familiar with all the stories and random scenes already up here.  Any in particular you’d love to see made into a blog series?  Anything you’d like to see me fanfic?  I’m even considering writing a few fanfic episodes of TV series I like.  Any of my regular readers completely dislike these ideas?

Lastly, I’ll eventually create banners to post at the top of each FF serial and provide links to previous entries at the bottom.  I’ll likely also number the episodes.

Any other ideas you’d like to see (more of) here when you visit?  Something I didn’t mention?  Other sorts of posts you want to see more of?  Any other related thoughts at all?

Also, anyone want to guest blog in the future (for any of those themes or just in general)?  I’m willing to trade on this guest-blogging thing too if you’re looking for a guest blogger on your themes as well.  At least, I think guest blogging works that way?

If you’re not comfortable replying in comments, feel free to e-mail me at saronai at gmail dot com.

About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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8 Responses to Thematically Challenged

  1. I like the fridge poetry post. I love seeing what interesting ideas people come up with when they only have a set of certainty to work with. 🙂 Call me loopy.

    I am not sure how guest blogging works.. I have seen it done on other blogs, but never had the pleasure. But am definitely interested in doing one. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


    • Saronai says:

      From what I understand, a guest blogger writes a post for your website, something from them that fits your theme(s). In this case, I would guest blog about a female experience of sorts for your “Daily Woman” and the idea that being a woman is about so many different things (to the point that you would have titled the site something else in hindsight). If you guest-blogged for me, you would share one of your memories (with or without poetry/photos/drawings), or you could write something muse-related, about dragonflies or willows (in my design), or some fantasy fiction (or fanfic/cross-over fic if you like my characters enough!) for Fridays.

      I’m very willing to further discuss guest blogging ideas. Lastly, I don’t think guest blogging comes with an understood exchange. I know AG went on a stick-figure vacation when Zombie mom guest blogged for him. Are you interested in writing one for me, me writing one for you, both? If both, we should probably take it one at a time.

      I also figure people may want more examples of my running themes before they really start thinking of things they might guest blog about.

  2. Eirien says:


    You’re switching up your themes as well? Must be something in the air. 😀

    You already know what I love and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed creating them. I like your tip jar idea + looks nice with the custom icon. Definitely schedule your posts if you can, they make blogging go so much smoother.

    I’d be up for guest posting, though not sure what I could talk about. Maybe something on dreams or crafting? You got my e-mail so let me know. 🙂

    Good luck with your theme-changing!

    • Saronai says:

      My tip jar idea was the brain child of wordpress and Zombie mom ( ). I noticed the paypal/credit card donate button at the bottom of her site a few weeks ago and looked into it. I made sure I was allowed to do it on a free version of wordpress, first. While looking it up on wordpress to find out, I came across the fact that you can’t post the default button in your widgets, but you can save the picture, or create your own button for it with linking directions for it.

      So I made a button, but I took issue with the word “donate” and tossed around a bit for a more appropriate term (you know, since I’m not a poor orphan or tree in danger of extinction). I got to thinking about how it’s sorta like those jars for tips at coffee shops and the like. Yeah, not a whole lot of people actually use them, but they’re there for those that can and want to. I also like that it blends in, makes me feel less like I’m shoving it up under the nose of my visitors. It’s just there.

      One guest post idea for you would include Memory Mondays, but with an Eirien flare. Write a Memory Monday post (provide your drawings or pictures you want included) about the craft your most fond of and the memory of making it, or the memory of how you first got started/interested in creating 3D artworks and the like. Or the memory of a dream that’s stuck with you. I think, until I get it underway, it’ll be difficult to guest post for my fiction fridays. Mostly because I think guest blog posts are supposed to marry themes of the guest and the blog being posted in. So probably a Fiction Friday guest post would be a scene written by someone else, but set in one of my worlds, or them writing a cross-over with one of my stories/characters, or even fanfic of my characters/stories, or a parody, or something.

      I was actually ahead of the current wave on thematic rennovations, but I did both too much (I split into way too many blogs, one for each character I was working on in story and RP) and not enough (I decided to vaguely aim for posting about anything that feeds or embodies my muse in some way). This is more like Step two or three for me. The current wave of theme-switch ups in blogs just nudged me to take a few more steps toward making my “brand” a bit more solid and defined.

      I’m thinking I’d like to do one guest blog per month, every other month, depending on how many are interested and whether or not they want to post again in a few months since my audience (and potential pool of guest bloggers) is still so small.

      • Eirien says:


        I like your Guest Post ideas! Memory Monday seems the most fitting theme for me personally. I’ll take some thought on it and see what I can add to your blog.

        I think a once a month guest post is a good average if you can get away with it. If I could suggest, maybe put a little notice somewhere (in your About?) saying you’re open to guest bloggers. 😀


      • Saronai says:

        Great idea, actually! Thanks for the suggestion 😀

  3. rickythewiz says:

    I think that good blogs are like unexpected visits from well liked friends. I read lots of different blogs, each of which appeals to a certain aspect of my intellect, emotions or psychology. I like your blog because it reminds me of walking somewhere with my head full of life stuff when I suddenly notice the trees, a squirrel or something beautiful and I am drawn from my self centred introverted thinking to look at something poignant, inspiring or beautiful. That’s your blog for me; being suddenly aware of fundamentally important aspect of life that the world makes me forget to see. So I’d say that whatever you write I’ll be reading because it’s the way you write it and the way you look at it that makes whatever you write about interesting for me.

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