Halloween Memory Collage

Happy Halloween everyone! All month my brain worked on which Halloween memory to go with for Memory Monday here. I never decided. Instead, I bring you all a picture collage of Halloween. Yes, I literally put in every picture (well every year of pictures) I possess. I like Halloween, though in my past, family came to believe some crazy things about it, so for a few years we stopped trick-or-treating and went on hay rides or to the movies instead. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the collage!

Starting with 1985!

Pictured left to right, my cousin, Diana Hall (Wilson); my sister, Julie Dittmar (Kent), and yours truly during her kindergarten years. I don’t remember anything about this Halloween, but old pictures are fun in small doses.

Now we move on to (what I think is) 1987…

Pictured left to right: My little brother, Adam Kent; my big sis, Julie Dittmar (Kent), and yours truly again. All I remember about this Halloween is being a big girl with make-up applied by my mom. I’m a princess bride, and I do remember whining for that wand when I saw it.  Thanks mom!

Next we move on to (again, what I think is) 1989, yeehaw!

Left to right: Yours truly (with painted-on freckles!), my little brother, Adam; my big sis, Julie. I remember this year we went with my cousin, Nicki, though she’s not pictured, she was a teddy bear

Ah the 90s and despite warnings of the cold from my mother, I went out like this:

After that, notice a distinct hole in Halloween costumes. I remember dressing up as a cat for the 7th grade Halloween dance, earning the nickname Kitty from my pseudo-boyfriend who got “selective amnesia” and forgot about me. Yeah, next day I replied by bonking him over the head with my binder and all my books and asking him if THAT cured his amnesia. Yes, I learn from cartoons too (head injuries always cure the amnesia they cause, don’tcha know?)

Next costume came by way of a High School spirit day and I ninjaed an older costume of my sister’s that I loved…okay, she actually let me borrow it. I remember turning quite a few heads, getting some cat calls, and hearing that a certain friend of mine snidely remarked to others that I looked like a slut.

I bring you high school Freshman costumed me out of 1995:

Take a good look ’cause that’s one of the VERY FEW times a hazy-not-so-good camera and red-eye work together to make a photo even better. Also, about the friend’s remark, in all fairness, the costume did have a slit up it all the way to a few inches above my knee.

Skip more years and I has a baby AND became a muse!

Costumes proved hard to find that year, so I dressed my little guy up in his army fatigues and bought him some army-themed kitty ears. I also cut up, rolled, and pinned an army fatigue tail to him.

Here’s a better look at that:

So cute! *eats up*

Next year sees the birth of my elf costume. Me, as a snooty elf. I was trying to look in the distance at the sky kind of mystical-like…yeah, someone shoulda told me what people with their noses in the air look like.

Need more cute?


Nephew, Zachary Dittmar

Niece, Megan Dittmar

And a Pandaren! Oh...that's my youngest niece (so far), Sarah Dittmar

And one photo from recent times, say hello to Bakugan’s Michael-Dan back in 2009:

Finally, since I’ve overloaded most computers past the point of viewing easily anyway, I close with a not-Halloween photo of my son. It’s still in theme though, because that apple looks familiar…possibly the work from an evil witch-queen?

This time, it's the prince that needs a happily ever after...

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3 Responses to Halloween Memory Collage

  1. AG says:

    HOW FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh man, this was amazing! I love all these pictures, especially the ones of your little boy – and that one of him asleep with that bitten apple is price-freakin-less.
    Happy Halloween!!

  2. love the mini montage! i was just stumbling through some posts and love to see posts about families and their memories together. i don’t think it much matters what holiday you are celebrating, as long as you are having fun with those you love, its worth celebrating!

  3. Eirien says:

    These are so cute! That last photo is hilariously adorable.

    Due to a ton of moves and family strains, I have very few pictures of my own childhood left. Sadly none of them have me dressing up. Although I think one of them has me carving a pumpkin for Halloween. But, I’m too shy to post that. 😛

    Thank you for sharing such cool memories with us!

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