Fiction Fridays: Some Thoughts

Yeah, another cheating entry, sorry.  I only offer up two explanations for it.  First, one or two of my molars are acting up, making my gums under them feel severely bruised.  Yay fun, teeth problems!  Second, blame Nanowrimo.  Never heard of Nanowrimo?  Well, quite simply it means National Novel Writing Month.   The goal:  Write an entire novel of at least 50k words in one month.  I’m Saronai there, if you want to friend me.

I’m working on the first blog serial to go up here, Silent Rain.  This brings me to my primary thought on Fiction Fridays.  Last week I posted Blood Filigree’s first scene.  Many read it, and I think I got a compliment in a comment on Facebook (they asked if I’d ever read anything by Mercedes Lackey), but I’m unsure.  What I’m getting at is not that I need you guys to compliment me, though I’m unbelievably grateful for the ones I get.  The point is, I wonder if my audience liked that scene as much as my other works up here.  Mostly, I just want to avoid posting stories no one likes.  Lastly, while I said Blood Filigree was on the back-burner, the series I’m working on to post in my blog, Silent Rain, is a prequel to it.

The simple solution?  If you read it and found you liked it, please click the like button at the bottom of the post, or use the stars to rate how much you liked the story, or both.  This will serve the dual purpose of letting me know someone wants more of that story (or stories like it), or in silence, letting me know I should start leaning away from posting similar stories or turning that story into a blog series.

Those who like to leave comments, I invite you to comment away to your heart’s content, guesses on what’s in store, questions, things you’d like to see, favourite characters, or anything else that comes to mind, even if it’s “I’d rather read a series about something other than this.”

All in all, Fiction Fridays will find it incredibly helpful if you just take a second or two to “like” the post when you actually like it.  Helps take some of the guess-work out of whether I should continue or not.  Thanks!

PS to those that get e-mail subscriptions, sometimes it’s better to go to the site and read directly there.  My preview post option doesn’t always work and sometimes I have formatting issues I have to update the post several times to get rid of.  You also receive the first, unedited version after I read through again and invariably find more mistakes to correct.  In particular, if the formatting in the email edition is off, try going to the actual site to read, chances are I fixed the formatting.


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6 Responses to Fiction Fridays: Some Thoughts

  1. Saronai says:

    I stand corrected, since writing this, the Facebook commenter did respond to elaborate his question, so it was a compliment.

  2. Eirien says:

    Heyas! I’m guilty for not going directly to your site and instead using the subscription window in my inbox. Sorry! I’ve had a crazy bunch of weeks here irl so checking in has been slow – I won’t excuse myself more than that.

    I recall you did some 5-star thing some months ago, which was easy for me as no log-in was needed. I don’t like having to log in; I don’t use Like buttons and such. In lieu of that, I promise to comment my thoughts when I’ve time.^^

    • Saronai says:

      No need to feel guilty, Eirien 😀 That’s not what I was going for with this post hehe. I didn’t even realize you have to log in to use the like button and stars.

      As to going directly to the website to read, that wasn’t so much a request as it was letting e-mail sub readers know, if formatting mistakes and the like are particularly bad, you might want to go to the post update directly on the site. If the original formatting mistakes and the like aren’t too annoying for you, by all means, read from e-mail.

      That goes for everyone else too. In all honestly, it’s likely the pain from my teeth that took me from thinking Halloween and RL made you all fairly busy and there’s not much to comment with after Blood Filigree to oh…I wonder if they even liked it and if I should work on the prequel as a blog series at all.

      No apologies necessary by any means, though I do appreciate knowing you can’t “like” a post from e-mail and only if you log in. That means it’s not as easy to do as I thought. As to the 5 star thing, it’s always there, but now I’m wondering if it’s always in the email editions.

      • Eirien says:

        Oh, the stars were hidden by NoScript. I see them now, thank you.^^

        I’m getting to a point with the Internet where I’m nearly done with logging in to stuff. I like the freedom of being able to visit somewhere (home or elsewhere) without needing an account to do so. I’ve already deleted many of my accounts this month, from art to games, even my blog is suddenly on indefinite hiatus.

        For me, the e-mail format is set to simple text. If I want to see the images I’ve got to click the link to your page. And since you’ve started adding images, I do often click more from there when I’ve time.


  3. kasturika says:

    I’m with you on the formatting and mistakes point… I’ve edited posts many times too.
    As for Blood Filigree, it was quite thrilling to read it. (I rated it since I really didn’t know what to say :)) So when can we get the next instalment? 🙂

    • Saronai says:

      Aw, thanks, I appreciate it ❤

      My post was a wide address to people and I didn't notice the second 5 stars until after I wrote this ^^" I admit to voting on my own posts. I have a tendency to pick too much at my own writing, so forcing myself to vote 5 stars on my post is a silly little way I make myself feel more friendly to my writing after. Oddly enough, for such a small little thing, it has helped.

      As to the rest of Blood Filigree, it's on the backburner because I'm working on the prequel to post as a blog series. It sets up the world better so I can get more personal with Caera in Blood Filigree. It's my nano-project. It's called Silent Rain.

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