Broken Pieces of Me

All morning I searched for some fiction bite to give, but this lasting cold and the tooth problem (though a bit better and getting taken care of soon) on top of working a little on the serial I plan to bring you soon…I’m tapped.

Sorry, here’s a poem to make up for it:

Broken Pieces of Me

Looking in a shattered mirror
Hate the image I see
Healthy, full face
To hide the lies inside
I am not whole
I’m broken
Throw a chair across the room
Hear it crash on wall
Nothing is whole
It’s all been broken
I’m human!
Look at me!
Smash the mirror again
Blood trickles
Over scratched fists
Toxic blood
I don’t deserve this
Don’t pretend I’m not human
So you can’t feel the pain.

Wow, I’ve gotten rather depressive with my posts.  I promise a happy memory this Monday!  In the meantime, I hope the poem speaks to you.  I’m particularly fond of the last two lines.  I see people doing this to others way too often.  Dehumanization commonly precedes wrong-doing against another, serving to justify the mistreatment in our minds.

Mostly I wanted to capture the pain of a traumatized and oppressed outcast.  I think I wrote this poem from Gida’s perspective (from Paper Sun).

Photography by Saronai

Behind the Light

Finally, if you see even a little of yourself in this poem, try a little Pink in ASL.


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