Muggle Malaise

I know I promised a fiction bite every Friday and my New Year’s resolution was to keep on top of my blog posts.  All I can really say is my son stayed home sick today and my days of the week got all muddled.  I thought today was Thursday.

I’m actually still working on the blog fiction serial I plan on running, which leaves me not entirely sure what to post for this fiction Friday.   Instead, I’ll talk about a work of fiction by another author.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  It’s on my mind because my family recently bought the box set of all 8 movies and we made a 2-day marathon out of watching them back to back.  I actually resisted this series at first.  I have a general distrust in trends, particularly when the people snatching up the trends display a lack of interest in it before everyone must own it.  In this case, I love reading.  I tend to devour books, even back then.  I figured a bunch of people who rarely read, loudly proclaiming the worth of any series lacked convincing grounds, plus it was YA.  I also reasoned in their excitement for finally discovering a non-school-assigned book that clicked comlete with the joys therein.

I ended up watching the first movie while it was on for the kids and, underestimating it, found myself hoodwinked by the villain switcheroo.  Colour me slightly impressed.  I went in assuming that the challenge for the characters was proving what the adults refused to believe.  It’s not easy to trick me about guilty parties in a story, likely if I hadn’t gone in expecting a simple formula, I might have guessed much earlier on who the true villain was.

Then, about a year later, I took my son with a few other kids and their parent to see the second movie.  The second movie remains my favourite to this day.  It was after that movie I decided I really wanted to know what happens next and began reading the books at last.

I confess myself an avid fan of the story and her writing.  I’m also itching for Pottermore’s release.  She breaks a lot of old, established writing rules, but obviously she broke the right ones for readers (if not the wrong ones for literature rewards).  Honestly, I’d rather have more faithful readers than literary rewards as well.  The series truly amazes me and when I take a step back to analyze why I love it so much I only end up more in awe.

I’m 30-years-old and I’m still a bit sad inside that I never got my letter.  I hope the Pottermore site puts me in Ravenclaw.  Also, Luna is one of my favourite characters.

Thank you so much for telling your story Jo, I only hope I do as much justice to my own.

Maybe one day I’ll share my own Harry Potter fanfic with you all if you’re interested.  It follows a Ravenclaw girl who can talk to cats (Hey, if the rare gift of snake-language exists, one for cats should too!).  I also broach the idea that not everyone in Slytherin is a despicable brat.  So far I place her in Hogwarts with the generation after Harry’s story.  I also plan to heavily research Japanese culture to create what the wizarding world might be like there (the main character is Japanese being raised in England).

I may change those last details since I’m not Japanese.  I don’t want to accidentally offend. However, I’m not really interested in making up lore for the United States (where I live).

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Cool! Will check back for you ff!

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