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I love gaming!  Today’s memory update is a tribute to the game that really started it all for me.  Final Fantasy III (US) for the Super Nintendo (actually Final Fantasy VI, but the US skipped some releases).

I remember my cousin David and I playing this game through together, naming characters after ourselves and our other cousins.  It got a little weird with the romantic angles sometimes.  Other times it was downright hilarious.  It features an awesome story and was the first RPG I ever played.

I remember David and I even drawing and creating our own random encounter monsters for a game we wanted to make.  Nothing specific.  I’ve no idea what happened to our drawings and cannot remember them clearly.

David and I stayed up late on more than one occasion playing this game (which featured a 2 player setting that allowed a second person to control certain characters in the battles).

This game deserves a big tribute.  I hear so much about the later Final Fantasy games, but this one was truly a gem.  In fact, I think they should completely remake it in today’s graphics.  I know they rereleased it for Playstation several years ago, even added some computer animated scenes.  Most of the game was still in chibi though (short little “sprite” characters and old style graphics).  The computer animated scenes were only cut scenes for character introductions and some of the more dramatic moments.

While I still enjoy the old graphics, I really want to play this game in new, refreshed graphics.  I want to see Terra ignite in pink and orange flame and shoot screaming into the night sky (among other things).

I once tried to write a story version of Final Fantasy VI as well.   I felt the story was good enough for a fantasy novel in its own right.  I also found myself completely disappointed in the ending.  I wanted to continue the stories and give them a proper ending, maybe no ending at all but several spin-off stories about each characters’ lives after their great victory.

I never got passed trying to write the first scene.  In fact, now that I think on it, that was the first time I tried to write a lengthy work of fiction for my enjoyment.  I no longer remember what I wrote for it, but perhaps I’ll dig up some fanfiction to work on for it soon.

I’m leaning toward Celes as my favourite after all these years.  Yeah, you met her in chains and she was a general for the enemy, but SHE was a GENERAL.  She kicked butt.

My interest in games only grew from there, but I’ll always prefer anything that ends with RPG.


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