REAL Books

Still working on the series.  The good news is, I want to make sure I don’t leave long stretches of time between each part of whatever blog series I decide to run.  I also want a finished outline for the rest as insurance that I avoid writing myself to a corner and leaving all interested hanging.  This is why I keep delaying the first post. I am working on it though, I promise!

In the interim, it’s still fiction Friday!  Today the topic of ebooks and ereaders keeps floating through my head.  What does the e world of reading mean for hard copies?  Will we see an end to paperbacks at some point?  An end to everything in hard cover, save what makes best seller lists?

I love my ereader, but I find the thoughts above rather sad.  After all, real books stand longer tests of time…don’t they?  They at least last longer than several generations of ever-improving (and quickly outdated) technology.  Even if Armageddon never destroys the virtual world and all books in it (for future generations)…will we still lose many books to defunct technology left too far behind for easy recovery?  I know people still update and use A-track players (CDs->Cassette tapes->A-track->records; at least I think that’s from newest to oldest tech) and records, so maybe that concern wastes brain power.

Regardless, as much as I enjoy my Kindle fire, I would miss real books and bookstores if they disappeared.  I tend not to pick things off the bestsellers, I enjoy picking up books that may, one day, never make it to print unless the publisher does an “on demand” feature.

Another thought occurs to me in favour of ereaders.  Trees.  I love trees and always feel sad when I see entire groups of them chopped to bits and hauled off, or when I see some beautiful giant felled for whatever reason we deem necessary, or maybe just because the “owner” found it ugly or in the way.  As much as I love the feel and smell of a real book, I love trees more.

I’m experiencing some very real cognitive dissonance here!  Okay, not that bad and I’m not that worried, maybe a tiny bit concerned and mostly curious.  What do you think?  Will we continue to make hard copies far into the future (if for no other reason than ensuring the good stuff survives Armageddon’s massive loss of technology)?  Or will we conserve trees and eventually slide completely into the virtual age?

For that matter…will we eventually wear virtually created clothing?  Maybe just a solid green-screen bodysuit to better capture whatever virtual clothing image we download that day?  Bad joke incoming about humans virtually wearing nothing today.  Better end the post.

Sniff a book, they like that. 

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I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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1 Response to REAL Books

  1. kasturika says:

    I visited my old college library some time back… I had spent hours there studying for my exams. So when it was renovated, I felt a little sad (actually, jealous) because it was in a rotten condition while I was still there). But when I went to the second floor, the first thing, that my friend and I did, was smell the dust! It felt like home…

    Jokes apart, I think print will still be around… but more as a collector’s item. I read technical books and when I read the physical book, stuff gets into my head much faster. There is absolutely nothing that can substitute the pleasure of taking down tiny notes on margins!

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