Stop SOPA (and PIPA)

In protest of two bills coming up for voting that will censor the internet, Muse Sings is going “black” with many other websites.  The wording of both bills is so loose it leaves plenty room for abuse.  I’m all for stopping piracy, but both of these acts cover way more than anti-piracy in their loose and vague wording.  Both are bad news.

From the wording, if someone in authority has a bad day and can track you down, you might get up to 5 years in prison for posting a video of you singing a Lady Gaga song on Youtube.  If the government itself, or someone in big business doesn’t like what you have to say *poof* it’s gone.

This is my only update this week and I’m considering doing the blackout until the vote on the 24th of this month.   Piracy is bad, but censorship at government discretion (and don’t kid yourselves, big business as an extension) is not the answer.

Agree?  Go here and sign the petition:  Stop piracy, not freedom


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