The Underfoot Brothers

Today’s Memory Monday is recent!  We finally got kittens back in December (they were born October 29th).  While Yin is beautiful and awesome, I am decidedly her human.  She occasionally snuggles my husband or sleeps at the boy’s feet, but she leaves them wanting a dedicated kitten of their own.

I think it took so long to happen (we’ve been looking for a few years now) because fate tagged these kittens for us.  They fit our family so well!  The orange tabby mewed a lot when we first brought him home, so my son named him Mew.  After which he joked we should name the second Mew Two (he started mewing too).  Yes, 10-years-old and already making puns (Pokémon-related); I taught him well.

My husband chose one of the black tabbies.  He pounced on everything, he even pounces backwards sometimes!  My husband named him Pounce.  They constantly try to snuggle our feet (particularly Pounce) when we walk around the house.  Because of this, I gave them their surname (Underfoot).

Please don't squash us!

Sorry about picture quality, camera’s starting to die.

As I warned, the kittens chose their own people by flipping their preferences.  Pounce, chosen by my husband, chooses my son more than anyone else and purrs loudest for him.  Mew, chosen by my son, prefers to snuggle my husband.  I keep my lap free most times for Yin, avoiding jealousy-born misbehavior.  The situation involving Yin resolved quicker than expected!  She will occasionally cuddle with one of the brothers (but only one at a time and sometimes she growls them away) and even plays with them.

Now, with introductions completed, on to the memory!  Our boys’ curiosity led them to the door outside every. single. time. it opened.  It recently snowed out, so I took care of their curiosity the way I took care of Yin’s.  It worked (for the most part) on Yin to keep her from trying to sneak out.

I solmeney swears not to go owtsyd.

Mew went first.  I picked him up.  “You want to go outside?”  I took him out and plopped him in the snow.  His tail puffed up and when I picked him up he scrambled to get out of my arms and AWAY from the door, the evil evil door to that evil evil cold wet stuff outside.  Mission accomplished, just like Yin.  Yes, I’m an evil pet owner, but it’s just not safe for them outside where we live.

Pounce’s turn.  I take this naughty little boy outside, plop him in the snow and he starts playing in it!  He’s attacking the snow and pouncing around in it.  Clearly he’s insane.


“You weren’t supposed to like it!”  I laughed and scooped him up.  “Back inside you silly goof.”  I carry him inside, shut the door, and put him down.  He runs around my ankles to the closed door and starts stretching for the knob, mewing and excited.  I think someone’s got more than a bit of his Daddy in him (father is an alley cat with the same markings and colour).

He's also a camera hog.

What have I started?  Now, every time the door opens we must watch him more closely.  Sometimes I even need to hold him to make extra sure.  He butters me up and begs so sweetly every morning when I come back inside from sending Michael off to school.  Probably going to regret it, but some mornings I carry him out with me, if he sits pretty, purring the entire time, we enjoy a little fresh air together.  Once he begins squirming, we go back inside.

Yes, these boys can create several entries all on their own.  The mother is full-blooded Siamese and both boys, while losing their baby blues, still have a ring of blue around their pupils, perhaps more unique than blue eyes alone.  Their cutest feature?  Mitten paws!

No more pictures!

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