Something is Rotten in the University of Ashford

If you are considering Ashford University in any way for a degree, I advise you now, run for the hills. If you’re still considering it and don’t feel like my bad experience is enough to convince you, please remember a few things:

1. Part of the bad reports on Ashford include confessions from people who claim to be former employees who were exclusively assigned to trolling the internet to file numerous, false, positive reports of the school in order to combat the bad ones.

2. That doesn’t mean all the positive reports are fabricated, you’re right. A good many might actually be genuine and I am so happy for them that Ashford didn’t screw them over like me.

3. If you decide to give them a try after all, please please pleasepleasepleasePLEASE stay on them about every little thing regarding your paperwork and financial aid. You will have to do their interdepartmental connecting for them. When person in X office tells you they will forward a request you made to Y office, nod your head, smile, and immediately call Y office to be sure, and maybe A, B, C, and Z office too just so it’s at as many places at once. Think your most recent document was professionally filed? I would double, even triple check directly. In fact, I would stay on the phone with the person whose job is to file it and insist they file it while on the phone with you. Which brings me to the most important point of all…don’t trust that phone. So many people have told me shady things over it, and at the end of the day Ashford stuck out its tongue and basically said Nya nya you have no official records to prove it, your grievance is denied, person x/y/z never said that. And in regards to this, prepare for a struggle to get everything in writing. Don’t trust anything they say over the phone, even when they’re recording for “quality assurance” because even those calls couldn’t be used in my case because nothing seemed amiss so they didn’t keep them on record (which I take to mean, too bad for you, they’re OUR records and we don’t like what they say, so they don’t exist). If you can record every phone call with them, DO IT (but I think you have to inform them you are recording for quality control assurances). I wish you better luck with these people than I had and I sincerely hope I never have to say I told you so.

Those for whom it is too late:

Petition to gather people for a class action lawsuit against Ashford University (of Clinton, IA fame)

Some day I may get into this whole story, but I’ve told it so many times that it depresses me and many times leads to a frustrated sleepless night thinking about it even more.

I think I’ll start collecting other articles and complaints here, starting with this one:

* Saying too much at a meeting for why veterans should consider Ashford U

* Oh, hey look, they’ve even got a list of people they pester with dozens of phone calls a day, some who never requested info in the first place, many who asked to be removed from the call list in vain.

* Oh, joy. Here’s someone with a similar outstanding balance story to mine, right down to the amount “owed” and the changing due dates, lack of communication within Ashford offices, etc.

* Suddenly it makes sense why my initial search in going back to school turned up all for-profit colleges. I also looked into Obama-mom, but didn’t pursue too far because I’m not a single mom and thought they could use the money more.

* Bridgepoint barely makes the “safety zone” for rewarding student recruiters based on numbers alone, then absolutely fails to provide records, because they didn’t require enrollment managers to keep them, instead trusting they would abide by compensation plan.

* Actual Audit report pdf

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5 Responses to Something is Rotten in the University of Ashford

  1. Eir says:

    It’s a shame you’re getting such trouble with a university. Such a place should be about sharing, not taking.

    As yes I do believe you need to inform others that you’re recording them at the start of the conversation. You’ve a right to record, just as they have a right to refuse and hang-up. But that would look bad on them as you’re only recording to make sure things are done properly.

    Take care.

  2. mattie says:

    Has anyone worked as an Admission Counselor for Ashford University in San Diego, CA? What did you think of the job?

  3. Allison says:

    I attended Ashford and two months after completing all required courses they decided I owed them money. Go to for the full story. And for those thinking about attending them DON’T! If anyone else has had any problems with them please contact me.

    • Saronai says:

      Hopefully you get word that I responded, not sure with you being on blogger. I am most definitely interested in joining with your hook up to the attorney general or anything you have going on over Ashford.

      I hate that they were able to do this to someone else shortly after shafting me. To make matters worse I’ve been unable to get a job thanks to this screw up (who wants to hire a sorta BA graduate still tied up in a “clerical error” when there are tons of other real BA graduates willing to flip the burgers?).

      I read your entire post and I’m so sorry you went through it too 😦 However, you didn’t supply your email, nor a way to contact you via email on your blog…maybe I have to be part of blogger?

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