Lost: Really Cool Marbles (Reward)

Okay, maybe these marbles lack in the coolness factor, but they’re my marbles, and I miss them.  Yes, I lost my marbles, and many of you now joke you’ve known that for forevers.  Saronai never had her marbles.  I’ll wait while you finish.

Okay, your time’s up.

I’m sure many of you already guessed what this entry might be about.  For those still in the dark, it’s about these guys:

Saronai's marbles wish they were this awesome

Photography by John Morgan. Click the photo to see more!


Now you know the reason for my absence, I slipped on a pile of them and broke every bone in my body, even my precious typing fingers.  Wait…that’s wrong, lemme refer to my notes.

Silly me, wrong kind of marbles.

Right kind of marbles. Yes, that’s my naked brain (photo courtesy of an MRI). Cover your eyes!

One of the many tests on my quest for knowledge.  In the end, it appears the answer lies in a nasty, long-standing deficiency in Vitamin B12, and low levels of Vitamin D.  This test proved fun to me.  Lemme tell you, headphones make all the difference between fun and OMG lemme outta here!!  Concerned by many of the symptoms I described, doctors ordered an MRI (among other things) to rule out cancers and such.

At the end of the day, it turns out vitamin b12 deficiency eats your brains like some sort of zombie sickness.  No, really!  Joking aside, untreated deficiency in b12 leads to such things as hallucinations, insomnia, senility, stroke, cancers, dementia, and more.  It’s entirely possible it caused my weight loss problems (and my inability to gain weight either) as it messes up metabolism big time.  In fact, every last symptom I deal with daily is on a b12 deficiency checklist.  B12 deficiency is serious business!

As for Vitamin D, apparently this little bugger is just as or even more important in nearly every area of health possible.  The research finding just how important is new, according to my neurologist.  They knew it was important before, now they’re finding out just how important and deeply pervasive.  This site might give you a small taste.  Apparently, only a small one, recent research shows anything wrong or off, both mentally and physically, grows worse without sufficient vitamin D.  Together these two may create a doubley-enforced whammy of the symptoms I experience, including my asthma!

Doctors and nurses poked and prodded me numerous times, several days in a row, bruised up from those pokes as well.  They sent me to nearly every specialist possible too.  Yeah, our finances are extremely bruised by this with the MRI barely covered by insurance.  We threw a dentist in the mix too.  I am now completely free of wisdom teeth, yay!  Apparently, because they only removed the bottom ones back in Illinois (my gums were trying to swallow them), my top ones, a decade later, were dropping low without the resistance.

The doctor and dentist visits decreased to normal-people regularity now (aside from monthly b12 shots).  I need to take a monthly shot of b12 (use to be bad enough for daily shots, then weekly), a horse pill of assorted vitamins called Focus Factor, and vitamin D supplements.  Also, I already lost a little weight without even trying!  Well, not completely true, healthier eating counts as trying yeah?  Another injury included a mean little infection in a very inconvenient place and exercising only made it worse.  However, the infection is gone and the wound on the mend.  I plan to pick exercising back up again tomorrow.

Yes, I am feeling a little more energetic and focused most days.  I no longer have scary memory moments such as entering the kitchen for a glass of water only to “wake up” mentally about five minutes later wandering the house without knowing why I’m wandering, why I started, what I was going to do, nor what I was doing or thinking aside from wandering during that time.  The first time that happened, I cried.  Scary stuff.

One of the most helpful sites I found during that time comes thanks to my friend, Kyrias.  If you are, or know, anyone low on energy, or hear anyone talking about needing more spoons in food’s absence, definitely give The Spoon Theory over at But You Don’t Look Sick.com.

Also, in honor of Autism awareness month (which I missed and meant to post this during), I want to share a site I found awhile back that feels like a breakthrough in understanding the condition.  Say hello to Carly, until unlocking her voice through writing, doctors considered her mentally retarded, as well as autistic.  I find her story amazing, inspiring, and intriguing.  If you are or know someone on the autism spectrum, consider purchasing her book.

Autism awareness ribbon created by Beverely & Pack. Click it to see their gallery.

As for the reward I offered for my marbles…I’m a working class gal under college and medical debt now.  Yeah…the reward is better, more predictable posts for my readers.

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2 Responses to Lost: Really Cool Marbles (Reward)

  1. kasturika says:

    I was wanting to post about the importance of vitamin D myself… Last year I was cooked up in a project lab for three full months and quite literally didn’t see the light of day for a long, long time… When I had severe back aches and got myself checked up, I had alarmingly low levels of Vitamin D… I was prescribed heavy dosages of Vitamin D3 and injections too! Phew! Now that I have commented, I shall re-read the article… I was so excited I skimmed through the article to post comment first 😀

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