Forget Rounds: The List

My nanowrimo project?  Nope!  Still without a clue.  Go me!  I’ve waffled and hedged but come up with the complete list of 19 projects what want attention.


My interest in each one is equal, and as I attempt to cozy up to one, another swings in with a great big BUT(T?).  Take nearly any idea a novel could embrace and chances are there’s a story on this list that kinda goes along those lines…maybe.

The list:

Silent Rain:  Dark fantasy about a magical people that fell from power and were outcast to a land where the magic they need to survive (like we need water) is as scarce as water in a desert, causing a major  upheaval of their entire culture and way of life.  Follows one girl specifically whose mother is obsessed enough with lost immortality that she explores the forbidden arts of necromancy in the search to recover it.

Hyper Gear:  Rena is a young woman raised an orphan without many friends.  She loves history and adventure and travels the world to discover both.  However, as her forgotten history sneaks into the present, it threatens to consume her very identity.  This is a Jason Bourne/Salt story with a light steampunk fantasy setting.

Paper Sun:  Dark fantasy following a traumatized woman who seeks to protect the innocent from suffering her fate while running from her past.  When she finds a particular weapon, things get out of hand quickly and leave her struggling with more than figurative demons as she fights to keep some semblance of broken sanity and save her best friend.

Stalemate:  Raised in disguise as a human, one of the mysterious spinners that hold deep spiritual significance, Isana is one of only a few remaining kyri, humanoids lost so deep in legends that many doubt they existed at all.  Humanoids that all the texts agree are monstrous, their souls whittled away in the magics they freely used.  Demons.  Isana fears they are right and when another kyri crashes into her life, she’s exposed and sent on the run with him.  The deeper she goes into this lost world, the more it seems the legends are right and with each spell, the less human she feels.  Her biggest problem:  The magic comes so naturally.

Blood Filigree:  Sequel to Silent Rain, Blood Filigree follows a deviant noble family of the ethkyri settled in their new homeland as they slowly lose numbers to the dekyri, an older race of kyri banished to the far reaches long before them.  A race that can raise the dead as corrupted versions of the living and enslave the minds of their foes.  A race Caera uses the rare ability of light and healing to oppose…until she finds herself one of their number.  It’s another dark fantasy.

Rivers of Eth:  Prequel to Silent Rain with almost nothing set up for it except that I thought it might make an interesting book to write about why the ethkyri ended up in war with the other kyri races in the homeland, ending with losing the war and being outcast from the eth-rich lands that gifted both power and immortality.

Wastewander:  I don’t really have any story, persay, for this one.  Just a character.  A woman from one of the many nomadic desert tribes of her world who got sick of the way things were run and struck out on her own with only a few women by her side.  Eventually she ends up alone (for the most part) devoting a large part of her time to studying a race of insects that threatened her people many times.  A race of insects with its own culture and a daunting, hive-mind intelligence.

Water:  I just have an intro for this one, a girl named Kaia comes home tired out of her mind, hears water dripping, can’t find the source, hears whispers, finds a pool of vertical water in her bedroom and steps through it in a petrified, but trance-like state.

Formless:  A story about a deity from the same world/universe that Stalemate, Silent Rain, Rivers of Eth, Blood Filigree, etc. take place in.  In this world, will is power.  The force of magic itself is actually willpower.  Deities are actually a thought-form species brought to life by collective will/belief in them.  This is the story that highlights that, while these deities are stronger than the coroporeal beings of that world, thus making them deities, they are subtly shaped by the collective willpower/belief in them.  It follows one deity in particular whose sense of self is being ripped apart and transformed by a sudden shift in the corporeal world’s beliefs.

Muse Sings:  Every time imagination ignites, a muse is born, and they must train.  This follows the training exploits of one muse and her resistance to the human-muse relationship.  They’re her ideas! Lucky her, there is a group of muses that believe exactly that, but they feed off their human hosts.  Is there no middle ground?  Maybe she could find it if she weren’t so busy evading the leanansidhe parasites now.

Open Sky:  quite simply…a werewolf story, but one about living up to your full potential and embracing the power within and accepting the truths and responsibilities that follow.

Emily Woodrose and the Lia Fàil:  A Harry Potter fanfic using my own cast in the Harry Potter universe, quite likely post-Harry to avoid conflict with the big epic You-Know-Who and Boy-Who-Lived threads…though I’m not above maybe using their children/descendants 😉  Emily Woodrose is a half-witch raised muggle by her muggle father and squib mother, but her magical family proves nearly impossible to trace.  What’s more, her best friend keeps a similar secret, but ends up in the still-shadowed house of Slytherin.  Placed in Ravenclaw, it wouldn’t be so hard to stay friends, if it weren’t for the generally stuck-up Slytherin crowd who somehow know Emily’s mother is a squib.  What’s more, it seems someone wants Emily to stop uncovering her family history, someone with dangerous intent.

Pokémon Chaos:  A pokémon fanfic for and starring my son.  It follows the adventures of Michael, a boy from Earth who finds himself in the pokémon world, but all is not the peaceful, friendly environment from the story.  The pokémon world is genuinely at war, pokémon, their trainers, doctors, and more divided by type an absent of any friendly competition.  Arceus, the creator pokémon’s heart gem shattered, but the pieces need found before they can be healed, and Arceus lacks the energy to care.  It’s up to Michael, his friends, and his evee, QT, to save the day.

Mystic Rune:  Magic leaves the world fast and darkness looms, but new and ancient runes rise to the surface with mystery and hope for the future.  Elaureth discovers some of these runes and the visions start.  Unsettling visions that lack clear direction.  She wields the power to fight back, but how much will it matter when dark forces are already so deeply entrenched?

Reyn til Runa:  A fantasy story about a young girl who takes up an interest in ancient nordic myth, and runes in particular.  She discovers how to unlock their power and begins using them for good.  She lives the super-magical-hero fantasy until a secret society led by a wolf in sheep’s clothing takes notice.

Convention World:  Welcome to Eternoth, virtual world of the next hot mmorpg, but wait…it’s real?  The game is just a cover for a real world beyond a veil in our world.  Those who traverse that rift are often dismissed as convention-goers for the game.  When an innocent girl on the run stumbles into one of these conventions she discovers…along with everyone else, that she looks JUST LIKE the iconic character, the lost hope that threw Eternoth into chaos.  Still thinking it’s just a game, she goes along for the ride until she discovers, too late, just how real it is, and now she’s garnered the attention of the lost, a bleak and haggard group that wants The Hope to stay gone, even if they must kill her.  What’s more, her brother is one of them.

Identity Theft:  A fantasy story about a doppleganger’s quest for her real self through an army of stolen lives over millenia.

Murder Vision:  When Sally Skeptic (unnamed as of yet) begins having visions of murders she dismisses them as a horrible run of nightmares, until she discovers they happened.  The next visions send her running to the police and thrust her under the tutelage of a local, burned out psychic detective.  As she struggles with the skepticism and disdain these visions bring her way, the visions strengthen and become more personal.  She senses a connection with the serial killer and an eerie feeling that she’s on his list.  What’s more, she slowly moves up the list of primary suspects and farther into the perspective of the murderer.  The lines blur and she fights the idea that, far from coming for her, the killer is merging with her.  The killer is her.

Prophetic Paradoxy:  Ever notice how prophecies always bring about the things prophecied only because someone heard them, and fought it?  This story about a group of heroes, a war, and a prophecy explore that.  Must a prophecy always come to pass?  And does it make a difference if no one involved hears of it?

Got a couple of favourites?  I would absolutely love to hear about them in comments!


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