River Stones

DragonflymuseRededicating myself to writing this year.  They say it takes 7 years to “master” something.  I’m not sure how many years my writing thus far equals, but since I believe you never truly master writing (you always improve the more you write), I suppose I’ll count this as dedicated year one.

I never take New Year’s resolutions seriously, only something I would like to work on.  However, this year, I plan on taking it very seriously.  My resolution?  Work on my writing, in some way, every day; writing exercises, prompts, research, editing, reading on writing, notes on stories, etc.  My aim?  A complete, polished novel by year’s end.

Starting off small, I grabbed this idea off the internet:  Small stones writing challenge.  I’m sharing most of them on my Facebook fan page (which I still feel self-conscious about, but writing guru says set it up before demand).  I’m extra sleepy today, so I’m cheating by posting the first 4 accumulated thus far, here.

January 1st – In which I focus on my favourite vice, Mountain Dew

Many beads of water enlarge the white lettering and metallic green background of the freshly popped can. A splash of red lettering streaks the side, the first half of the word hidden from view. A purple straw, its end snipped and set to one side, pokes from the top, delivering its fizzy-sweet, refreshing contents past eager lips. Cheesy foods present a perfect match.

January 2nd – In which I focus on the view through my desperately-needs-a-cleaning glasses

My glasses accumulate a lot during a day. Though I cleaned them less than five hours ago, I find my vision a bit cloudy. Sometimes I fail to immediately realize speckles of random dust, grease, water spots, and more smudge my vision. Often, just as now, I catch myself squinting before I notice how badly they need cleaning.

January 3rd – In which I focus on our Christmas tree before I dismantle it.

The nearby Christmas tree remains, clearly announcing, “here be cats” with its rumpled skirt, pulled on lower branches, and skewed garlands. The tiny multi-coloured lights catch on prismatic ornaments and metallic garlands, one of blue and silver, the other, red, silver and green. One light is out. The spaces forced between branches show and older tree and a clear indication that the cats mess it up so frequently, people grew tired of rearranging it to hide the gaps. The blue-silver and red-gold crocheted garlands hang most skewed. Kitties like yarn.

January 4th – In which I focus on the bag of river stones I bought for a candle display I recently tossed out (candle dish broke).

The natural colors of their smooth surface calm my spirits.  The earthy browns, white-grey, and black sooth, calling forth days of my youth spent ankle and knee-deep in creek beds, chasing adventure.  The river’s ghost still slides over their polished, glossy surfaces and only a touch dispels the spectre.  They feel dry and cool; a little orb of muted white light reflects from the lamp off each stone.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, you too can play!  By all means, if you’ve a mind to, share your small stones in comments.  I’d love to read them!

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I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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