Silent Rain: Notes

LesarathumbnailAI missed Monday’s post *flail* and what?  Now no new installment of Silent Rain either?  “Notes,” phwaa, what am I playing at anyway?  Well the short excuse:  My whole household apparently loves visiting colds so much, this particular one circulated into a super cold (maybe even bronchitis), sticking around for an entire week, so far (I came down with the first symptoms last Thursday).

My house looks like a super-wreck and my brain refuses any road trips, even in the land of my imaginations.  So far an entire week of stress dreams, deep coughing, and more you simply don’t want details on.  I did feel well enough for a Lost Girl marathon yesterday though (husband bought the first two seasons as a belated b-day gift a few weeks ago).

Anyway, sidetracked.  Yes, that is my week-arsed excuse for not-a-real-update.  Now, on to the supposed “Notes” on Silent Rain.

I just read something today on Writing the end to a first draft on a blog I follow.  It reminded me that my only ever completed first draft, Forgotten Shadows (renamed Blood Filigree), remains unpolished because I realized it was a sequel.  A sequel to what, you might ask?  That sound was my head hitting my desk repeatedly.  Silent Rain.  When I decided on Silent Rain for my blog serial, I completely forgot my intent with it as a novel idea.

Great.  What does that mean?  Well, it means I have far more story material for this serial than I thought.  It also means I started it completely wrong.  In case you didn’t know yet, Silent Rain as it appears now, is a World of Warcarft fanfic.  I tried making it enjoyable and an easy follow for those who never played.  While many of the characters started out as wow characters, their story exists mostly away from canon.

What’s more, in order for Silent Rain to function as a prequel to Blood Filigree (as intended), it must be taken out of Azeroth and put in my own world, Taerion.  Some things will remain the same, others (especially world details) change dramatically.  As it stands in Azeroth (the primary planet World of Warcraft takes place on) Silent Rain and Blood Filigree share very little in connection.

One deals with kaldorei (night elves) before and after loss of immortality (Silent Rain) while the other deals solely with sindorei (blood elves) on the other continent long after they were exiled by the kaldorei for tampering with arcane magics.  While that’s not important to the storyline persay, the truth is, as fanfics, they simply are not prequel and sequel.

I suppose if 50 Shades of Grey can pull off publishing only slightly disguised (if you can call that a disguise) fanfic (from what I hear), this should be okay.  After all, only a few elements are recognizable (and mostly just my OCs) from fanfic Silent Rain to Taerion Silent Rain.  The rest are elements you find across the fantasy genre, not just in World of Warcraft.

Now I turn to you, my current audience.  Shall I continue Silent Rain as a fanfic set on Azeroth (and maybe come out with an originalized novel version prequel, bringing in Blood Filigree as a sequel)?  Shall I quickly restart the series while we’re only on episode three and set it immediately in my own world?

Will you forgive me if I restart the series and set it on Taerion?

*Not fanfic, less worry of losing people who simply aren’t interested in World of Warcraft.
*Not fanfic, less worry of losing World of Warcraft lovers bored from my efforts helping readers who don’t play, keep up.
*Not fanfic, won’t aggravate people convinced I should write canon rather than original characters.
*Not fanfic, I don’t have to worry about stepping on canon toes and can create my own epic events for my original characters without explaining why such things failed to show up in Azeroth’s overall histories.
*Can add Blood Filigree as a separate, but connected blog series sequel once Silent Rain’s story finishes.

*I’d need to start over (but not from scratch) and ask that you trust I will finish this run.

The only other option I see is continuing it as a blog series fanfic, then go all 50 Shades of Grey by novelizing it in Taerion with Blood Filigree as a sequel you can purchase (or wait for free deal specials) in ebook formats.  The only benefit for that is monetary. I give readers of the blog series a reason to purchase the ebook (it’ll be a similar story in a very different setting and with some very different surrounding events).

If no one responds in comments I think I’ll reboot in Taerion anyway, trusting in your faith that I will continue the series without stopping afterward.

So, how ’bout it readers?  Continue in Azeroth, ebook in Taerion; or reboot now, in Taerion?

FYI I’m thinking I might collect the seasons, edit them, polish and refine, hire a cover artist and copy-editor, and then ebook them for a nominal (hoping to pay off artist and copy editor) price.  If it remains fanfic, I can’t do that.

Whatever happens, look for the reboot or third episode next Friday, it may suck as a result, but I will write it no matter how sick I am (hopefully I’m not still sick though).

Thanks for following along so far!

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7 Responses to Silent Rain: Notes

  1. Fairybolt says:

    Fanfic is annoyingly annoying to write, as I just figured out. Even with a world like WoW — in all its pop culturey, cliched goodness — is a massive encyclopedia full of thousands upon thousands of lore tidbits. If you’re looking for an out-and-out exercise then fanfiction is actually pretty good. It sort of makes you think about how to present the world in a lean, specific manner and avoid the dreaded info dump. I’m doing a Mass Effect serial right now, and I already rebooted because it was turning into a “here’s this character, info dump” followed by “here’s this event, info dump” when I wanted to write a character piece. It made me really consider my position and approach as well as make better use of the space I’m afforded, and that’s never a bad thing.

    So, take that for what you will. it mostly depends on what you want to do. Is it an exercise or something you want to publish?

    • Saronai says:

      It’s both an exercise and I’m already publishing it. Since I am claiming my own first rights, I am, essentially, already publishing it. As an ebook, I’d have to unfanfic it though too.

      So really it’s less about all that for me and more about how many readers will hate me for restarting hehe. There goes Saronai, once again not finishing anything she gets us hooked on reading, how long will it be before she needs to reboot the reboot?

      I promise only one reboot!

      • Fairybolt says:

        Rebooting once is pretty forgivable. Rebooting the reboot might not be. Hehe.

      • Saronai says:

        Also, there’s quite a bit different in planning for the Taerion version, not just characters, but events as well, not even a moon goddess or Order of Mysteries…no Emerald Dream, no war with evil (instead they end up losing a war and their immortality), but a war with other kyri they’ve been ticking off over the years with their high and mighty superior attitudes.

  2. Saronai says:

    Yeah, I’ve just got a history of never (except for once and only one person’s seen that in its embarassing entirety) finishing things I start writing. So, while I think one reboot of this is forgivable…those who know my history might not believe me when I promise only once.

    I also just realized how much needs changing for the Taerion version…basically, the version of Silent Rain now continues and ends differently enough that you could technically say, leaving it now, you wouldn’t really know what happens to this version of Lesara and Ysareline (Kalshen and Adriala), ethkyri civilization is also quite a bit different than kaldorei. So maybe I should finish the fanfic version, then restart the series in Taerion…*head-desk* I shouldn’t try to make big decisions when I’m sick, huh?

  3. Alex Jones says:

    Both fanfiction and original fantasy worlds are awesome and fun to play in, but they have very different flavors. I’ve only had a couple experiments with crossing fanfiction into an original world, and both ended poorly just because the characters of the fanfic were so rooted in their world, putting them in the original world changed them, and it created a ripple effect, and it got so complicated I gave up and started from scratch instead. Always better to build from the ground up then to try and go back and fix things later – especially in a fantasy world!

    Best of luck! I mean, no reboot means eventually you’ll have two fantastic stories instead of one, right?

    • Saronai says:

      That’s a good point. I didn’t update today ’cause I’m still sickly and I needed to think more on this. I was thinking the same thing you just said, more or less, instead of sleeping last night.

      The two stories are actually pretty different, and I’d need to make the main for that story different or she’ll end up being too similar to the main in the sequel (Caerwynn from Blood Filigree). Both characters need a little work, really, bit too passive when they start out, I think.

      Anywho, yeah, I was thinking of finishing as a fanfic because I started seriously thinking of everything I need to change and it’s pretty much two different stories with a few common themes: Apprenticed and unwilling daughter with a crazy fanatic mother…with a few other similarities I don’t want to spoil for readers…but even the fanaticism is different. Ysareline fanfic follows The Lady of Mysteries while Ysareline original doesn’t actually worship any being, just the pursuit of knowledge and the special bond all her people have with a magic liquid essence known as “eth”

      Thanks for your input, it was helpful reading someone who made some good points backing up my new thoughts. I’ll finish this one as a fanfic 🙂 Otherwise you really won’t know what’s going on or find out what happens to this version of the characters. Heck, two of the characters don’t even exist in the original story (Kalshen and Adriala).

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