Dedicating Silent Rain 5 to This Post

Loved or hated it, the level of danger I shoved into episode 5 is dedicated to Brian Rush and this post. If I hadn’t read it last week, I never would have set my brain to the task of endangering a character retreating obediently to the safety of an inner sanctum. I’m afraid the result might have been more mundane and “reasonable” action.

Instead, my thoughts dwelled on this and how I could try it without breaking characters or story to accomplish it.

Thanks Brian, though the result may not live up to Dr. Who standards, I never would have tried for danger this early in the blog series and I’m afraid this week’s episode may have been far less exciting and eventful otherwise.

Brian Rush

I recently reactivated my Netflix account (getting another month free service) for the purpose of watching the BBC series Doctor Who. On one practical level this was a mistake. I started, and could not stop watching. I’ve fallen behind in a number of commitments, and haven’t done much work the past week on my new novel, Refuge. But now that I’ve come up for air (sometime in the middle of Season 5), I realize there are some wonderful lessons in how to tell a story available from the tales of the Doctor and his companions.

For those not familiar with it, Doctor Who is the wonderfully quirky BBC science fiction series about a time-traveling immortal alien. It originally aired from 1963 to 1989, and was revived in 2005. I’ve been watching only the new series; I may or may not try to find the original one. It features…

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