10 Surprising Confessions

DragonflymuseThis “Memory Monday” I’ve decided to come clean and “remember” to tell you a few things about my blog you might not know.

So here they are…

Top 10 Surprising Confessions About My Blog

10.  My blog is transgenre.  It looks like pure fantasy on the outside, but lift up its skirt and you might find more than you bargained for.

9.  I never publish a post before I’ve edited it at least a dozen times, no matter what the About page says.

8.  I write every post in reverse order

7.  Sometimes I let my cats pick the topic.

6.  I write World of Warcraft fanfiction but have never played any of the games.

5.  I don’t really write any of these posts.

4.  My real writing sucks, so I pay someone else to make me look good.

3.  I hired Marion Zimmer Bradley to ghost write everything for me.

2.  I pay her in spirit cookies

1.  None of these are true.  Don’t act surprised!

Reverse Order Truths!

1.  Even number one wasn’t completely true.  April Fools!

2.  I pay her in respect and admiration.  Awesome writer.

3.  I wish my stuff was good enough now to fool anyone on this point.

4.  This one is heavily opinion based, but I don’t pay anyone else to write it.

5.  So far I’ve written all these posts with only a few exceptions.  Plus, all of these points are the same point.

6.  I’m addicted to WOWcrack.  Just ask the little vanity guild I’m in that thinks I’m quitting today.  I was actually thinking about a Phase 2 where I pretended to sell my characters before handing leadership back to Cheese…I can see ways that could go wrong though.

7.  My cats are lousy at choosing anything other than what type of treat they want.

8.  I’ve written a post in reverse order before and maybe I’ll try it again…without correcting the order after.

9.  If I don’t post it after the first two cursory edits I’ll hate it so much I’ll chicken out and never post it at all.

10.  This one is mostly true, except my blog hates skirts.  Just like me!

Bonus Confession:  Yes, this post was mostly written as a lazy excuse to capitalize on the fact that April Fool’s Day fell on Memory Monday this year.  I had to do something!

*Edited in*  Bonus Confession 2A:  I wanted a lazy post but my internet hiccuped and made me retype the last third of my post.  *Shakes fist*

Did no one laugh?  Seriously?


Happy prank day everyone!  Make sure you don’t hurt anyone (including yourself) today!

Did I at least coin the term “transgenre?”


About Saronai

I'm an eclectic amalgam of confusingly combined oddities. PS If I liked your post it means I really liked your post. You don't have to visit back, but it would be nice. Either way, I read it because I wanted to and liked it because I did. I don't do the fake like for returns thing :)
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