A is for Adventure

DragonflymuseJust found out about a fun blog theme bandwagon.  Not one much for band wagons normally, but this one sounds fun (even if, by virtue of being late, I am participating unofficially).  What am I talking about?

The A to Z Writing Challenge!  Read up there if you like.

Sundays are break day, but since I’m late, I’m condensing the first six days I missed starting with…

A is for Adventure

Link goes to my adventure-themed playlist on Youtube.  Got a song you think belongs on there that I must hear?  Link it in comments please!

Back to adventure.  I think this word sums up a major reason for my writing endeavours.  I love reading grand and fantastic adventures, especially of the fantasy variety.  It’s a major reason for writing as well as reading.  In reading, someone else leads me on adventures with characters.  I love that.  On writing, I write my own adventures, with characters and to places that exist only in my imagination.  Then I return home safely for dinner and enjoying my family.  A Tardis of my own, if you will (except I can’t go back to the exact time I started the adventure).

B is for Brominated Vegetable Oil

Links to an old post talking about an invisible illness that stands undiagnosed still and I’m out of money to continue trying doctors.  As far as they got was vitamin B12 deficiency and low levels of vitamin D, but they were unsure why.  I recently found out, however, how extremely bad brominated vegetable oil is for you, especially if you drink a lot of soda or fruit flavoured drinks every day containing it.

My symptoms all pop up and say hello on that list.  What’s more, I was drinking Mountain Dew (which contains BVO) daily, sometimes two cans a day, on bad days as many as four (but those were really rare).  I knew the Dew wasn’t helping my condition much and tried quitting it but I felt so much worse and grumpy because water, as much as I love it too, gets dull after a while.  I gave up quitting and never (until recently) realized, far from it not helping, it quite likely could be the cause of my invisible illness.

Doctors won’t find bromide poisoning unless they specifically look for it, and they rarely go looking for it.  While known cases consisted of men drinking far more soda than I did per day, I have an overly sensitive system all around and I’m female, which isn’t to say I’m weaker, but supposedly it’s scientific fact that alcohol affects us faster and sooner than men.  Maybe bromism is the same?  Either way, I felt literally nauseated, and still do, at the site of Poison Dew now.  Dew habit successfully quit, I doubt I can ever enjoy it even casually down the road, even after they remove the BVO.

C is for Cats

Yup, you see three separate links up there.  A post about my cat, one about my son and husband’s cats when they were such little boys (now little teenagers), and the last leads to a short story I wrote from a cat’s point of view.

Another band wagon I love; cat memes, lolcats, cute kitty videos, all so very adorable.  I love cats and often connect with nearly every cat I meet (some I never get time for connecting with), sometimes to the surprise of their humans (Well I’ll be…she never likes anyone!) .

D is for Dark Fantasy

My works sometimes turn dark.  In fact, parts of Silent Rain are darker than typical fare of my past.  My first completed first draft of an entire novel was also dark fantasy.  It sucked.  No really, it most definitely sucked.  I only let one person read it in its entirety.  First drafts are supposed to suck, right?  Well, I realized it was a sequel to another story of mine. (The original fiction version of Silent Rain, actually…which is fairly different taken out of Azeroth/World of Warcraft).

I like exploring the dark side of fantasy on occasion, but somehow I always end on a light note.  I hate depressing endings.  See A is for Adventure.  Forgotten Shadows was the name of my first draft ever completed and it ended like an elven version of The Addams Family.

E is for Eggs

I had them for dinner!  Yum!  I also ate steamed and buttered red potatoes and a freshly peeled, raw carrot.  I want another carrot now.  I like roasted carrots, but only when they’re fully soft after roasting.  Otherwise, raw please.

Wait, not carrots, eggs!  I like them scrambled.  I love scrambling them with a bit of fresh cheese and spinach (must fluff with milk).  I hate scrambled eggs from restaurants though, too bland and unfluffy.  I also like them with whites thoroughly cooked and yolks yolky for toast…and on egg and cheese sandwiches.  I’m getting hungry again.  BRB, grabbing a carrot.

F is for Finished!

I’m all caught up on the A to Z challenge now and ready for G.  I want to take this time and apologize for starting, but never finishing the big action scene in Silent Rain this Friday.  You all must be dying to know whether or not Lesara is…well…dying.  Yeah, sarcasm doesn’t translate well in text.  She’s the main character!  I’m not going to kill her…yet.  Well…sorta.  It’s a secret!  Quit prying me for information and spoilers!

Seriously, I’ve been unable to brain all week thanks to the dumb.  Finally decided on forcing my brain on.  However, I did manage half the new post in a notebook.  Look for it this Friday!  I plan on finishing it up tomorrow.  I meant to get a few episodes ahead but…yeah, that happened.  Had a weird dream this morning though and posted about it on my facebook page (because listening to people talk about their dreams?  Fascinating! (Yes more sarcasm…except I do find dreams fascinating, but apparently most people don’t)).

I promise the single posts will contain more thought and effort, resulting in better entertainment (entertainment not guaranteed, being as I’m not The Doctor, I cannot refund your time in the event you grow bored).

B shoulda been for Blackmore’s Night.

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