H is for Hermione Granger

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H is for Hermione Granger

Not long ago, when asked what fictional character I’m most like, I knew immediately, despite hundreds of books, all as enjoyable as the other, Hermione from the Harry Potter series was my answer.

I once took a “Which Harry Potter character are you?” online quiz for fun, several years ago and got Hermione as a result without “trying” (and there were a lot of possible results, including teachers and bad guys).  I mentioned it in passing to some chat room friends at the time and one busted out laughing.  You probably know that laugh.  You feel flattered and awesome by something, share, and they laugh when 1) It wasn’t a joke in the first place and 2) They laugh HARD.  In chatroom text it looked something like…

ROFLMAO! You?  Hermione?!  Lol.

Yeah, hurt my feelings.  Thing is, in chatrooms I’m silly, spontaneous, ADD, and light-hearted.  I like cheering people up with my antics in appropriate situations.  In all fairness, the person laughing has never seen me in a real school context.  I make an extremely studious and dedicated student, frequently reading and writing beyond the required scope.  I never enjoyed exams, but I never minded them either.

Give me an acceptance letter to a real magic school?  You bet your ash wand I’ll want all my books asap, access to the secret libraries and devour every. single. book. I can get my hands on.  And yeah, would LOVE the exams too.  I also would want a time turner for making all the classes on the list, rather than choosing only a few interests…except for maybe muggle studies…which I might even take as well just to see what they’re saying about the culture and peoples I grew up with.

Even without all the fascinating material, I’ve always been able to make good grades with very little effort.  I read, do my homework, understand it, rarely need studying.  My self-confidence falters on a lot of points, but school?  Not one of them.  Totally Hermione, no matter who laughs about it.  I ended up in Ravenclaw on Pottermore.com though.  Interesting note…my paladinesque (did I just create that word?) husband landed in Slytherin, shocking us all.

Back to Hermione herself.  She’s one of my favourite characters in fiction (and no, not because I identify with her most).  I find myself impressed on the character’s utility blended so well with a character that feels real.  She fulfills the info-dump purpose without dumping.  I love how JK Rowling worked her character.  She’s a walking encyclopedia for the reader, but a delightfully realistic character.  Yes, walking encyclopedias with personalities exist!  I can recall two specific instances where I was literally called a walking encyclopedia (both in conversations about topics that bring out my inner geek – culture and wow).  Real persons have personalities.  I am a real person (no really, I am!), therefore…you get the idea.

I suppose Hermione, as written by Rowling impresses me because I’ve never encountered the walking encyclopedia done right AND made a protagonist (or part of the protagonist’s “team”).  Walking encyclopedia characters are either a stereotypically annoying character no one at all likes, nor do they ever end up liking them and/or they are flat characters who are nothing more than the role they serve (informing the reader, usually in a way that bores them).  Kudos JK Rowling, thank you for creating Hermione, she’s somewhere on my top 10 favourite fictional characters list.

Also, I have a level one or two girl crush on Emma Watson(warning, link goes to a Jenna Marbles video.  For those who don’t know what that means:  Some (im?)mature conversational content and cursing)…not because she played a favourite character…she may be nothing like her!  She’s just so pretty ~  Also, I like the various quotes I’ve read from her.  For those not following the link, a level three girl crush is I wanna date you/be with you…no…not that way for Emma by nature of seeing her grow up after I came of drinking age…plus I’m happily married anyway.
I’m rambling now.  I love Hermione and Emma!

Who is one of your favourite fictional characters and why?  Which fictional character do you feel most represented by?  Tell me in comments, I’d love to read you ramble about it too!

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2 Responses to H is for Hermione Granger

  1. megan says:

    Oh I love Hermonie and her bravery! Lovely read here 🙂

    • Saronai says:

      Thank you. I think I could discuss Hermione for far longer, but I geek out like that sometimes.

      I meant to reply in thanks to your comment a long while back. Comments always perk me up…unless they’re spam or trolling, which yours is neither, so, thanks!

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