I is for Identical Twins

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I is for Identical Twins

Twin studies fascinate me.  Growing up, I wished for a twin, though I came close with my cousin, David.  We grew up fairly close as children, only a year apart, same height, same hair colour, shade of skin, eye colour…

When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted twins.  What crazy sillyhead WANTS twins on purpose?  Appreciate and love them after, yes, want two babies at once (or more)…daunting.  What can I say, every twin out there, I’m a huge fan.  You’re just so cool!  Yes, I began by talking about twin studies.  No, I don’t consider you nothing more than a fascinating research subject. I’m in all ways curious what it’s like for each pair I meet or read about.

Are you a twin, comment and tell me, in your experience, what is the worst and best thing about it?  Or any other thing you want to ramble about!

I knew a set of twins when I was younger, but they were more my sister’s age and I hung out with their younger cousins.  I never got to know them much.  I was also afraid of saying something stupid or (for some reason) making them irritated by expressing my insane curiosity.  I also went to school with two sisters a year apart that looked so identical they could (and did) switch classes with no one the wiser.

I don’t see them enough in fiction!  More twins!  For the record, one of my closest writing buddies, Kyrias (I’ve mentioned her before)…speaking of Kyrias I need to log into Skype for chatting.  I’m so bad at that!  Back on topic…her rough draft manuscript of her Phoenix trilogy features identical twins.  Yay!

An older story idea of mine, currently in works for updating as an original blog series also features identical twins as well (Order of Chaos).

Love both sets of twins…only other fictional twins I can think of are the Sweet Valley High twins…the twins from a show my son used to watch (Suite Life) and my favourites…

Fred and George Weasley!  Wow…Harry Potter again.  Total Level 2 girl crush on JK Rowling, hah!  What’s not to love about the Weasley twins?!  Unlike with Hermione, I don’t even know where to begin.  They’re just super fun characters.

Go ahead, list twins I missed in the comments!  Are you writing a story about twins?  Do you have a twin?  Do you dislike twins in fiction (boo!  hiss!)?

Oh, one final note, my kitty-baby, Yin, yeah…her aunt and mother were twins, pure white and identical.  Only I could tell them apart without close examination.  Unfortunately, circumstances forced me to give both of my girls (Luna and Snuggles) up with their kittens (we were all three pregnant at the same time).  I made sure the homes were good and left them all my number and contact info in case things didn’t work out.  I miss my girls so much!  My ex adopted Yin, but she decided later that I was her human, so she left with me.

Yin, with her brother, Yang.

Yin, with her brother, Yang.

Snuggles and Luna, Yin's mother and aunt.  I miss you girls!

Snuggles and Luna, Yin’s mother and aunt. I miss you girls!








Originally my sister brought these two home for my mom and I.  Luna was my graduation present and Snuggles (named by my mom) was my mom’s mother’s day present.  However, both girls got severely sick as kittens and rather than see them possibly die I spent all my cash on healthcare for them.  After which point they both became my cats.  They had severe upper respiratory problems.  Luna chose my mom and Snuggles chose me.  Luna was the independent soft and silky one, casual and content.  Snuggles…my goodness!  She earned that name a thousand times over.  She’d bury her head in my hair and just rub and rub, knead and purr.

Yin’s in my lap now…good thing, I need a piece of my girls for direct loving.

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  1. michayla says:

    Hi my baby sitter ( I don’t know if u wanted me using your real name)

  2. michayla says:

    I like your articles

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