No More By Alphabets


Yeah, I’m most definitely making a mess of this thing.  Oh well.  I just deleted a nearly 500-word post with just R and S to go (N-Q) for catching up on the A to Z Blogging challenge.

Good news:  My sleep schedule is so far fixed!

Bad news:  I’m tired but dare not take a nap or I’ll undo the fixing and be unable to sleep tonight.

So…this means I’ll be more timely and productive while the sleep schedule stays fixed.  I deleted nearly 500 words because they bored me.

Bad enough my writing bores me, I don’t want to bore you too.  I think I’m just not good at assigning an alphabet letter to what I write.  Participation was fun so far, but I prefer to go with whatever memory/writing bit calls to me.

However, this week I’m tired and don’t want to bore you with exhausted writing.  So…I’m leaving the internets and fiddling with Silent Rain 7, Pokemon Chaos, Emily Woodrose and the Lia Fail, and Order of Chaos all at once!

Speaking of which, I eventually plan to run 4 blog series (counting Silent Rain).  Is that too many, you think?

I’ll work on Silent Rain weekly, the others I plan on getting at least ten episodes in before I start posting.

Feature List:

Silent Rain (you already see this)

Emily Woodrose and the Lia Fail
This one is a planned sorta fanfic in the style of Harry Potter.  However, I’m thinking of starting it on the States side of the pond…maybe make her a transfer student.  Any interest in what the Harry Potter world is like States side of the pond?  It’s not that I want to Americanize HP, it’s just that it fits well for the first part and I’m afraid to make American-has-no-idea-what-it’s-like-growing-up-British/Irish gaffs.

Depending on how it goes, I might transfer her to Hogwarts and London, or at least visit there.  However, I also thought it might be fun to think up how Rowling’s magical world exists in other countries.  Originally I set this fanfic in the UK with the character being Japanese.  I did lots of research and thought, as much as I’d like to see someone create the Japanese version of the HP world, I have no idea what I’m doing, I only speak a tiny bit of Japanese, and I’ve never been there.  Any thoughts to share here?

I also thought I might just save this one and go pure original fiction with it, maybe even combine it with my “So You Want to Be A Villain” idea…but I do want to write an HP fanfic.  Moving on.

Order of Chaos
This will be my 100% original blog series.

Pokemon Chaos
My son wants me to share the Pokemon story I’m writing him with my readers.

Yeah, I mostly wanted to discuss Emily Woodrose and the Lia Fail with you *sheepish*  I like the British aspects of Harry Potter a lot, along with the atmosphere.  However, I also like the idea of coming up with cultural variants in other countries.

Gonna go work on something now.  Toodles!


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