This Lazy, No-good Writer Still Lives


Yep, still alive.  Still working on the next episodes of Silent Rain.  I confess I painted myself into a bit of a corner and rather than throw some fancily sloppy footwork together escaping it, I’m trying to beat it into something workable.  However, I’m starting to break through what to do next that doesn’t bore me as I write it.  I promise I’ll have something by next Friday, even if it sucks but gets the story moving on.  I’m hoping to eek something out that doesn’t suck though.

I think I have the way now, but I won’t finish it by tonight.  In the meantime, enjoy this doll I made up of my muse (pictured on the right) on Doll Divine:

Fairy Muse 2
And this Disney heroine doll version I spent about 4 hours compiling and then recolouring pixel by pixel (the leaves were all too dark and brownish, she had 3 different hairstyles I needed to blend together into one, I wanted to switch around the border colours, etc.), then adding the dragonfly from the original art Hollybell did for me (which you can see in my usual image on the right-hand side bar):

Disney Muse
In case you haven’t caught on yet, my mundane birth-name is Laura Kent, not Saronai.  After watching this video on inspiration and the creative process (which I found thanks to Katsurika’s post “Why Blog?”), I decided to believe in my muse again.  I use to privately believe I had some awesome fairy in my corner, keeping me inspired.  Around the time I started losing the joy and handle on my work, getting stressful, is around the time that I let people make me feel weird for not only talking about her like she was real, but actually believing it as well.

That must make me sound silly, but I honestly think it’s no different from believing in guardian angels.  A muse is like that, but she deals in art and inspiration, rather than protection.  Frequently, what I heard in response to this belief was the danger it poses when a writer lacks inspiration.  If the muse is taking the day off, you’ll be more inclined to as well if you actually believe that.  I really don’t see it that way…at least not any more than a person with a guardian angel would go all Mr. Magoo when their guardian angel takes the day off.

In deciding this, I realized I’m not Saronai, all on my own.  Ever since I created this nickname (paragraphs 1-2), I’ve used it in creative pursuits.  Saronai is the collaborative name of my muse and I…or maybe it’s just her name?  I prefer to think of us as collaborating though.  I don’t care if I’m crazy for it, it’s fun to believe in, a bit of magic in a seemingly mundane world.  I also think Elizabeth was on to something in the above linked Ted Talk video.

I’m also thinking of slightly redesigning my website.  It’ll look very similar, but I’m thinking of making the background greenery more obviously willow-branch like with the first doll image I linked (the one with the dragonfly wings), or maybe a redrawing similar to that if my muse cooperates enough for those rare moments of decent drawings.

Oh, reminding me of which, a mermaid dollmaker version of my muse:


A Steampunk version (wish I coulda added a mechanical version of my dragonfly):

Steampunk Muse
And an MLP version (again with the hollybell version of my dragonfly):

My Little Muse

I think I just gave away my new favourite source of procrastination, huh?  What can I say, while I tinker around with my stories, I’ve felt a stronger, visual art mood pressing in lately.

I spent all of mother’s day making this video for my mom because she missed my singing and I couldn’t spend it with her, living over a ten-hour drive away (my brother and sister live even farther away and I made sure some good pictures of all my mother’s children and grandchildren were in the video).

Also, I recently read and recommend this awesome book, Gateway to Reality by Becca J Campbell.  I’m eager for the next installment in the series and it took me a few days to move on because what I really wanted to do when I finished was have more of the story to read.

Anyway, still alive, working behind the scenes a lot, feeling a bit visually artistic, might slightly change my blog design, keeping the same theme and basic look, but different, wishing I could hire artists to do several versions of my muse, but loving dollmaker creators for giving me the next best thing.

Also, read Gateway to Reality.  It was quite a trip.  I had a story in mind with a world that works similarly (as in, our well-known “laws” of physics and what not don’t apply there), so it’s nice to see a successfully put together example of something more extreme in an entirely different story.

I almost gave up on my story idea because I was having trouble building the imagination-based world in it.  No, not gonna copy Gateway at all (though the world’s creations have some similarities already, before I read this–such as how easily people create things and well-accepted laws are non-existant), was just nice to read this and see that something so fanciful and different can work well and be easily explained in a satisfying manner.  What was my story about?  The world of muses and the special connection they share with mortals on a linear plane of existence ^^”

Anyway, Gateway to Reality, very good, check it out!

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5 Responses to This Lazy, No-good Writer Still Lives

  1. kasturika says:

    I don’t agree with the title of the post at all… Love all your versions of your muse though 🙂 Yay for the next instalment of silent rain 🙂

    • Saronai says:

      Thanks! I was more being facetious with the title, but I really haven’t written as much as I want to be writing. If I finish the next episode early, I may post it on Wednesday if I can get a follow-up episode for Friday. Hopefully I don’t encounter another corner for several more episodes. The excitement of watching a story unfold live, huh?

      My muse appreciates the compliments to her cosplay dolls ❤

  2. kasturika says:

    Oh and your voice is amazing! I love that song 🙂

    • Saronai says:

      And thanks again! Singer was actually one of those things I wanted to be right alongside writer growing up…along with paleontologist.

      In short, compliments to my singing voice mean a lot to me. I’ve never had lessons and can sometimes still hear the critical voice of an ex in my ear. He’d sometimes wince while I was doing the dishes and singing, then say things like “Eesh, that one was a little flat” while his then-mistress would laugh and reminisce with him about how she use to be such a great singer until she got sick and her step-dad refused to take her to the doctor until it was too late…more than once. I also had a step-dad for a very short time who would belittle me over my voice and tell me not to quit my day job.

      So yeah…more ammunition in my head against those farts helps quite a lot ❤

      Thanks again! 😀

      (I think I get the singing from my daddy, he sounds amazing too, I wanna do a duet with him some day; I get the writing directly from my mother).

  3. Awww…it’s an MLP muse! I hereby blame my husband for my knowing as much about MLP as I do (and hooking me on it). I like all of your muses, though, especially the colors.

    I get weird looks when I talk about my main character as if she’s real. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a corporeal muse, but if so, she’s definitely mine. It’s okay. I don’t mind having her send me video clips and randomly telling me things. As far as I’m concerned, she’s real. It doesn’t matter that everyone keeps trying to tell me that she’s just my subconscious. I don’t buy that. I can’t, and I don’t know why. Sure, it sounds logical, but they can’t see her and hear her talk, and I can. I guess that makes me sound a little schizophrenic, but hey, even if that was it, I can’t see any negative effects so far.

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