You’re In America; Speak English?


Quick spot of news first…welcome to the very first *Meme Monday!

Why?  Because occasionally I see a meme I want to post about and this time I saw one I simply can’t ignore…especially since it goes straight to one of my pet peeves.

So…the meme in question:

Meme Refuted
Look!  I found a red-inked teacher pen in Jasc PSP.  As in…no, this is not the original meme, as is, but my corrected version.

The pet peeve it speaks to is actually in the title of this blog post.  I HATE it (as a white, native English-speaking American female).  I find it hard to hate people, but some of the things we do and say?  Easy.  Why do we make it so easy?

Getting straight to my reaction to this meme in a counted list (of no particular order, importance-wise):

1. Just because they speak another language or don’t speak English so well doesn’t mean they’re illegal.  You could learn for the tourists or the legal ones too.  Or just because you think their language is nifty…want to visit their country someday…leading directly to:

2. Don’t go visiting anywhere non-English-speaking overseas without first learning their language fluently, elsewise you will be a hypocrite.  But since you’ve already broken one of my pet peeves, I guess you won’t care that you hit a second pet peeve of mine (hypocrites).

3. We don’t learn foreign languages in high school to accommodate (it has two M’s jacket embroiderer) anyone but ourselves as multiple studies show, the process of learning a foreign language is beneficial to our brains, building new pathways, practicing flexibility, and an ability to look at simple and complex things and ideas from different angles, among so many multiple brain benefits from a personal angle all without actually ever using the knowledge to converse with someone else effectively.  Here’s a PDF of just one paper directly from ERIC (Education Resources Information Center).

4. Learning to speak it effectively and the process of realizing that not everyone speaks your native language breaks down barriers that make you see other humans as less than human.

5. You’re in friggin America people, learn to speak Tsalagi!

Or…you know…Apache…or Sioux…Navaho…or Native American Sign language (which I **read somewhere they used as one language between multiple nations with different oral languages sometimes).

Also…double-check your spelling before you have it embroidered on a high and mighty response to being forced to learn something, it just makes you look more ignorant.

Additional points:

1.  That’s saying nothing of our history of forcing the original natives on pain of die and gimme your land and children to learn our languages and NOT EVEN SPEAK their own…native children in “homes” made for them were severely punished for speaking their native languages…the native languages of this country.

Someone should splash just as much red paint all over this stupid leather jacket as they do real fur coats.

2.  The only people I should see wearing this jacket are native americans doing it to make an ironic point.

Sum up:

1.  Even if you don’t use it, learning a language other than the one you were born into learning is beneficial to your brain.

2.  History obviously remembers things you don’t.  You should learn more, not less.

Feel free to comment (I love comments!) or share (including the corrected meme, if you like).

We’re in America, we should speak the language(s) of this country only from now on!  If you’re argument is that we won this country fair and square (really?), well…many many of our original United States population spoke a variety of different languages too…heck wasn’t the “discoverer” of the Americas Spanish?  Perhaps we should speak Spanish instead…German…Irish…Dutch…or better yet, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocian!  That should be our offical language!

We’re all immigrants at best, invading and genocidal (and culturalcidal…yeah I think I just created that word) jerks at worse…unless we’re one of the many Native American nations still around that these jacket wearing jerks conveniently forget about…or a composite of both/all the above.  Things get complicated when people love one another across these clearly divided invisible boundaries that naked emperor drew one day!

Finally, if you really believe all the original meme has to tell you, then you’re not allowed to use this revolutionary, life changing advice (warning for minor profanity and, briefly, a naked butt).  And that’s just sad (for you).

*Memory Monday isn’t gone, it’s just gonna share a spot with Meme Monday now, more variety, yay!

**Not where I read it, but I found a site verifying it exists.

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2 Responses to You’re In America; Speak English?

  1. Anthony says:

    So your saying people from other countries should not learn our language and we should learn theirs. Then you say if Americans go overseas we still need to learn their langauge. Are you stupid?

    • Saronai says:

      No, actually it is not my saying, nor am I saying that (difference between your and you’re). Reading comprehension is a handy thing to practice before you incorrectly summarize other people and then deign to call them stupid when you don’t even know the difference between your and you’re. Especially since you are getting in a tizzy over the English language.

      What I was saying is that if YOU and people like you expect foreigners to come to the USA for any reason (we get tourists too, yo) and only ever speak English, then people like you should practice what you preach and bother to learn their languages too before you visit their countries, definitely before you move there.

      Essentially, my message is to have a little empathy (or at least practice what you’re preaching) and say yes to enriching, educational experiences rather than closing yourself off and throwing stones at the diversity that makes up the USA and our visitors.

      That aside, I’m willing to revisit this blog entry and consider some editing so my point is more clear, despite your hostile attitude. Mostly because I realize, even if someone was unnecessarily insulting about it, it may be highlighting something with awkward wording that I should look into.

      However, by the same token, if you continue with ad hominem attacks of false logic, I will place your trolling comments where they belong, instead (and because I am not arrogant, probably still look at whether or not I could stand to clarify a few sentences).

      Though I should probably also note, this comment really isn’t for you. I’m pretty sure, as you seemed to ignore most of my post in favour of attacking a miscommunication or reading comp fail, you really aren’t likely to try any harder at reading and understanding my comment reply.

      As such, I am addressing your comment for anyone else who might be (more politely) confused by the same points you got stuck on.

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