Is it FAIR for Authors to Review Other Authors? Do We Ruin the Magic?

An interesting article with interesting discussions in comments. I am interested in what my non-writer readers think too. Specifically, as a reader who wasn’t taught how to pull off the magic tricks, what do you think when you read reviews/critiques left by other writers on a book you’ve enjoyed or are considering reading?

Do you feel like they ruin the show?

I have to admit, when I think of the literary elite reviews of some of my favourite fantasy books, I tend to disagree with them completely. Rules schmules. Fine, she broke some, but did you really read it? It was an awesome story! How can you say it’s unworthy on account of some stuffy old rules? I felt that way when reading elite literary opinions of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, actually. Yeah, I knew she broke some rules, but I enjoyed the story so much I still don’t notice while I’m reading them.

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Wednesday I wrote about the Three Nevers of Social Media, one of which was “don’t flame other writers in reviews.” This then led to yesterday’s post, Should Authors Write Bad Book Reviews? And, I have to say, you were all BRILLIANT. I was traveling all day, nearly going blind reading your debate over this issue on my iPhone. Yet, this got me to thinking….

Uh, oh. Right? *smells something burning*

For the moment, hold your digital tomatoes. Bear with me and just noodle this.

Is is fair for authors to write book reviews?

I am not taking a side because I am still pondering the idea, myself.

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