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22571458The newest edition to Becca J. Campbell’s Flawed series is out.  Yay!  I won a copy for review and here it is!  There are some potential spoilers, I suppose, but I tried keeping it vague.  If you’ve not yet read the series, only book one and this short story are out now.  You can check out book one by clicking on its title:  Empath.

Without further ado…

Pulled * * * * (4/5 stars)

Juniper is an eight-year-old foster kid with a very inconvenient ability.  You see, she randomly teleports to others like her, the flawed and uniquely gifted.  It rarely ends well and eventually leads to yet another foster family tired of dealing with a runaway.

I think I liked this short story much more than the first novel in the series, Empath (which I also liked). Considering it’s a short story, there’s not much to say, other than I wish it were novel-length. I definitely would have enjoyed a Juniper-centric novel in the series. I imagine, however, that the bulk of her story fits in with others later in the series.

This probably isn’t great as a stand alone. While you can read and understand it without the novels, there are a few loose ends hanging around after the final scene. Will the series ever tell us if Juniper was right about the creepy driver? What about the hitch-hiker? What does Ronen do at the end? What is Asher’s flaw? I’m sure these were left unanswered on purpose and will be answered in further novels in the series. However, they’re largely the reason I subtracted a star.

In other words, my only complaint was that I wanted more story by the end!

Also, when it comes to ebooks, I usually notice at least one typo. If there were any grammar or spelling errors in this short story, they failed to throw me out of the story enough to notice.

If you’re curious about Pulled, click on the book cover above and place your order!

Finally, I did receive a free copy for my honest review on amazon and good reads.  I would have purchased the short story anyway and am pleased I could award it 4 stars (I don’t leave dishonest reviews, nor reviews < 3 stars).


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