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Another World of Warcraft RP character I play.

Tulosa tags on Every Flavour Bean (my World of Warcraft RP character tumblr)

Tulosa Profile

Name:  Captain Tulosa Dru’Isyl (Too-loh-sah Droo-ih-sill)

Nicknames:  Tully (Tuh-lee)

Server:  Sisters of Elune, but primarily in Google docs

Race:  Kaldorei

Birthday:  Unknown and doesn’t celebrate it

Birth Place:  Unknown (presumably Kalimdor)

Age:  Unknown; at least 5k maybe as old as 8k

Current Home:  Captain’s quarters of the Tal Shanre (a kaldorei-styled ship)

Height:  7’0

Build:  Athletic, works out, but also lean; more of an agile physique than one of raw strength.

MBTI:  Tulosa:  “What’s that?“

Oh, it’s a scale that tells you about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses–

Tulosa:  “Sorry, I don’t believe in astrology.”

Because I took the test for him and only a few details in his result fit, the rest were way off and I couldn’t find any of the other results that fit either.  He’s a mixture of several.

Character Inspirations:  Despite all the Eric Balfour/Duke Crocker inspirations/references, this character is not based on Eric’s Haven character (Tulosa is older than Haven).  Originally, this character was played by a friend who gave me permission to play a version of the character he’s no longer interested in.  He kinda took on a life of his own, quite by accident, in googledoc RP and is now one of my mains.  He’s a mix of that old version of my friend, Dareld R.’s character, my own additions, and is (recently) heavily influenced by the character, Duke Crocker, played by Eric Balfour on Haven.

Alignment:  Chaotic-Neutral Good

Theme Song:  Ocean

Voice:  Weighted and laid back quality.  Though he speaks loud enough, the quality is soft, casual, and in the tenor range edging into baritone.  His tone is warm with good humor by default.  
Basically, Eric Balfour’s voice (first voice in this video)

Scent:  Salt-soaked wood and the sea.

Appearance:  Dusky purple skin, eyes are a pale-gold glow, edging into silver, and Colour Change Tulosamidnight-blue hair to his hips (much longer than the pic to the right.  He usually wears it back in a tail and keeps his facial hair trimmed in a thin mustache, light beard, and goatee.

For a male kaldorei, his eyebrows are rather tame, rather than bushy and he has a very expressive face, usually set in some variant of a smile.  So much so he even smiles a certain way when someone tries his patience or irritates him.  When he really smiles, it almost takes over his whole face.

Casting Call:  Eric Balfour

Mannerisms:  Laid back, casual, possibly even lazy sorts of gestures.  Though he moves with a fluid ease and light step when in action.  He has a tendency to talk with his hands a lot.
Lots of examples in this Duke Crocker (Haven) compilation

Personality:  Easy-going guy who also has his cocky and sarcastic moments.  He cares more than he lets on, which is most obvious when he comes across someone in trouble and, despite having a casual reaction to their plight, ends up helping them like its no big thing, usually in ways that have some obvious personal benefit to avoid looking like a bleeding heart or making the recipient feel like a complete charity case.

Despite all this, he also tends to hold most people at arm’s length, keeping a mostly friend/professional relationship.  He’s a private person who’s more comfortable keeping an eye on things than being in the middle of them.  Despite his casual, laid back attitude, he tends to take matters more serious than not and usually has far more on his mind than he shares.

As a leader, he treats his crew as equals, garnering loyal respect with them rather than boss and underling.  Given his propensity for making crew from people who need a hand up in life, he rarely needs to reinforce order or respect for his authority.

Strengths:  Personable, committed, loyal to those who’ve earned it, observant

Weaknesses:  Mistrustful, cynical, flippant, impulsive

Skills:  All skills necessary for sailing, captaining, and maintaining a sizable ship, organization, plays guitar, good with people, observant, disarming personality, assassin reflexes, rope and knot work, throwing dagger use, agile, information gathering, networking/establishing connections, fluent in several languages (Darnassian, Common, Thalassian, Orcish, Pandaren, Goblin), and conversational gnomish, dwarvish, troll, and combat that plays on his strengths (agility, fast and practiced movements that rely on precision, timing, and holds that disable his opponents and/or use their own strengths against them, as well as slipping out of holds), lock picking, various rogue/assassin skills.

Living Family:  Unknown; Father – Justicar Antagonis Na’Mhorym

2015-10-05 (1)Relationship Status:  In a polyamorous relationship with both Ehrendil and Renawyn as a trio.  Bisexual.  Pictured left.

Affiliations:  The Tal Shanre (ship)

Religion:  None

History:  His memory is full of holes and not everything he does remember is real.  Former assassin/spy for a secret order of kaldorei shadow priestesses who were fond of wiping and manipulating memories.  Tulosa’s has been wiped and manipulated so often over the last millenia as one of their shadowsworn that they let him stay retired after they found out he was still alive (he was declared dead after his original crew mutinied almost two decades ago).  

His head is sometimes a mess of fragmented memories that give him frequent nightmares.  His personality also seems patchwork to the point I can’t even get the MBTI to give him an accurate read.

He was not a willing shadowsworn and tried escaping the order many times previous.  Thanks to his basic personality as a generally caring sort of guy (which they used to get him close to targets), they also needed a mental trigger to shut off his emotions during assassination orders.  This trigger has since been removed by a kaldorei justicar named Antagonis Na’Mhorym.

Tattoo Claims

Broken Memory Tattoo1.  Left shoulder/upper bicep:  3X3 inch Artistic rendering of the kaldorei symbol for memory ripped in jagged pieces.

2.  Left inner arm:  Decorative kaldorei script that reads “Don’t go where the path may lead you, but instead go where there is no path and leave a trail behind you.”  verbatim Eric Balfour’s as pictured on the right (yeah, I know, hard to see).  Eric’s tattoo seems to have little wheels or flowers of some sort (I’ve not found a clear enough picture yet).  Tulosa’s, however, is just decorative script.

3.  Right shoulder and outer bicep:

Pretty much exactly like the one pictured on the left, but on his other arm, starting all the way up on the shoulder and ending before the elbow.  Obviously the picture of a globe at the bottom of this tattoo contains outlines of Azerothian features, rather than Earth continents.  If you can’t tell in the details, the vaguely circular shapes under the three main features (compass rose, kelp frond, globe, and spyglass:  On the left under the compass is a keyhole in a circle, under the compass on the right is a coin decorated with a sun, the larger circle somewhat under and just above the globe to the right is a flat representation of a Kaldorei astronomy globe, the smaller circle between the two is a ship’s wheel.

4.  Centered over right hip bone:
 about 4 ½ inches tall and 3 ½ inches wide – an anchor with frayed, severed rope and a scrolled strip of paper up top that reads (in kaldorei script) “Neh tu kare” and another scrolled strip of paper at the bottom that reads (in kaldorei script) “Talond tu saril” which I have designated as meaning “Cut the rope” and “Leave the anchor”  A little like the tattoo below, but thicker anchor, better, tattered rope, something more old and textured looking rather than so smooth.


Bonus:  This amusing video has both mannerisms, face claim, voice, and tattoo location references (with the exception of the hip tattoo).  He’d be the guy who ends up in his underwear.

Available Connections

Lots, both remembered and forgotten.  We can talk about it!  There really are so very many options with this guy.

Disclaimers and credits:  
*Some of the original Tulosa and his background, including his name, was created by my friend Dareld Reynolds; used with permission.
*None of the tattoos have a proper source, sorry.  They are not mine, I did not do them.
*The first picture is a paint-over I did to turn a Haven still of Eric Balfour into a kaldorei.  Rights to the original source image belong the the creators of Haven.
*Same as the gif from casting call
*I’m not sure which Eric Balfour movie the script tattoo is from.
*Anchor-background headshot commission piece was made by Sir Meo.
*Rendilosa trio hug picture by art-by-g.
*I do not own World of Warcraft, Blizzard does.


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