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Rena Current 2

Renawyn ProfileServer:  Wyrmrest Accord and Cenarion Circle
Nickname:  Rena, Ren
Race:  Human
Birthday:  Unknown; Chose December 2nd
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
Birthplace:  Unknown (Arathi Highlands)
Age:  23 (Probably?)
Current Home:  The Tal Shanre (ship)
Height:  5’4
Build:  Wirey and athletic.  Not very curvy.  She could pass as a boy in the right clothes.  However, any visible muscles are well-toned (but not bulky), especially her legs.
Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Corresponding Story Title:  None yet, but I will mention Dear Glitchy, OT3 and Rendilosa

Theme Song:  Hadashi no Kiseki (Barefoot Trail)

Voice:  Small, but energetic voice in the soprano range (though she’s just okay at singing).  While her common is primarily accented in the style of the Southern Eastern Kingdoms, it also holds the hints of various accents one might expect from someone who’s spent the last half of her life among kaldorei, dwarves, and gnomes on a daily basis.  Imagine the speaking voice of the singer in the theme song and that’s about what she sounds like.

Scent:  Ocean/beach (most likely) but possibly oil and/or parchment.  Depending on how recently she’s treated her hair after swimming/diving her hair may smell of an herbal mixture that includes honey, buttermilk, and eggs (basically, honeycakes).

Appearance:  Rena is a somewhat short, wirey young woman who is almost always smiling and rarely sits still for long.  She is not nearly as well-endowed as the game makes her out to be.  In fact, with the right clothes, she can still pass as a boy.  Colour Change Rena YellowWhere visible, it’s obvious her body is well-toned, especially her legs.

She keeps her orangey-red hair swept up in a messy bun for the most part, though it may also be loose or in a pony tail.  The length stretches to her hips and is mostly straight.  She has the sun-streaked hair and tanned skin of someone who spends a lot of time outside.

She always wears a section of her hair in an inch-thick braid starting behind her left ear and stretching to her hips.  It is tied off with dangling bits of gears in a variety of metals and sizes. It looks like an engineer’s charm bracelet wrapped around a braid with no single gear larger than a copper piece (gear charms not as pictured on the right, unfortunately).

kelly_1Face Claim:  Whoever this red-head is.  If you know, please tell me!

Mannerisms:  In social situations she can be a bit self-conscious, but it’s usually trumped by her desire to make people smile, though she’s offbeat and fond of mixing idioms and sayings to a confusing end and just comes off as a little weird.  She habitually ends sentences with the phrase “y’know?” where it makes sense.

Her movements are energetic.

Work Style:  She tends to be focused and serious when working

MBTI:  ENFP-A  outside of work
INTJ-A while immersed in her mental workspace

Personality:  She is a kind, upbeat, happy-go-lucky individual with a lot of spirit.  She tends to put other people’s happiness before her own, sacrificing her own wants and needs when they contradict the goals of someone she cares about, and she cares easily.

The exception is when the contradiction is a matter of ideals and morals. She just wants the people around her smiling and has gone out of her way to make it happen.  Despite all of this, she also deals with social insecurity that’s more obvious during first impressions and more hidden when you get to know her.

Can be a bit erratic and impulsive.  Also an adrenaline junkie, but she doesn’t take unnecessary risks and does not have a deathwish.

Strengths:  Creative, spirited, optimistic, caring, honest, loyal, dedicated, can-do attitude, inventive, good humor, and sincere.  She is also careful, fastidious, and responsible in her work, particularly in jobs with hazards.

Restless, socially insecure, difficulty expressing herself, naive, doormat, impulsive, unpredictable, flighty, dissociative tendencies in confrontation/tragedy, distractible, and gullible.

imagesSkills:  Empathy, violin, engineering, research, archaeology, specializing in underwater excavation and artifact recovery, scuba diving techniques, equipment, and safety protocol with experience in the more advanced (and dangerous) cave diving as well, can defend herself in a fight, speaks fluent Darnassian, conversational Dwarvish, and fluent Gnomish (which she can also read), and turning frowns upside down, understanding nautical charts and schematics, mosaic photography, archaeology work also includes studies in paleoethnobotany and zooarchaeology.

Living Family:  Unknown/Orphanglitchy

Pets:  Glitchy, a mechanical squirrel and her first engineering project.

2015-10-05 (1)Relationship Status:  Heteroflexible; in a serious, polyamorous relationship with Ehrendil El’shalla and Tulosa Dru’Isyl.  Pictured left.

Affiliations:  Crimson Blades (guild), Delari Sylvae (Organization), Tal Shanre (ship; member of the crew)

Religion:  Nope.  Has an unexplainable aversion to the human worship of the light and their priests.  They make her very nervous.

History:  One of many war orphans.  Remembering almost nothing about life before the orphanage (too young), Ren can be rather obsessed about discovering lost pieces of any history because she knows nothing about her own and has no way of finding out either.

She was given direction early in the orphanage when she met a wandering gnome named Praicee and picked up her “odd” habits with gadgets.  However, the orphan’s home she lived in wasn’t very good and she ran away at the age of 10, dressed as a boy named Ren for her own safety.  She eventually stowed away on a ship bound for Kalimdor.

She ended up staying with a kaldorei family until their matriarch returned and forced her out.  After this, she stowed away on a kaldorei ship called the Tal Shanre where the captain, Tulosa Dru’Isyl took her on as an official cabin boy (still posing as a boy).

She has spent quite a bit of time on the Tal Shanre since, though Captain Tulosa eventually connected her with gnomes and dwarves to pursue her interests in archaeology and engineering further.  She still occasionally works on the Tal Shanre as either an engineer or diving expert, depending on which is needed for a particular mission.

She has spent the last 9 years studying and improving her engineering and archaeology with a focus on field work that allows for her other two loves:  Exploration and scuba diving.

Tattoos/Markings:  None

Attitude 2Character Inspirations:  Rikku from FFX.  Primarily.  She’s just such a fun character I couldn’t help myself.  Renawyn was created Diving Gearspecifically with Rikku’s personality in mind, originally.  There’s still obvious nods to the younger Al Bhed girl, but after almost a decade she’s grown into her own character.

Available Connections

1.  Unknown family of any types

2.  Any of her gnomish or dwarvish teachers and/or colleagues (engineering, language, or archaeology related).  Any of her diving instructors/colleagues.

3.  Ren is actually fairly easy to connect to, let’s talk about it!

Disclaimers and credits:  

*Sun gear Rena head shot image by Sir Meo
*Face claim image by Julie Figueras
*Violin image by unknown
*Rikku owned by Squaresoft/Enix
*Edited screenshots courtesy of Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft (I edited them)
*I do not own World of Warcraft, Blizzard does.
*I do not own Guild Wars 2, Anet does.


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