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Spoiler Warning:  The following profile contains spoilers for my Warcraft-based series, Silent Rain, as it is a profile set over a decade after the story’s events took place.  They are written in a light green text you must highlight to read easily.

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TransitionsPictured:  Lesara past (left) and present (right) by Mischiart.

Lesara ProfileServer:  Wyrmrest Accord
Ta’elesara Ethala’Aman (Tah’ehl-eh-sah-ruh and Ehth-ah-lah’ah-mahn)
Nickname:  Lesara (Leh-sah-ruh) or, by family, Ta (Tah)
Race:  Kaldorei
Birthday:  July 11th
Astrological Sign:  Cancer
Birthplace:  Ashenvale
Age:  300s
Current Home:  Dor’elnaar, Shadowmoon Valley on AU Draenor (guild-based garrison)
Height:  6’5
Build:  Lean and athletic
Alignment:  Lawful Good

Corresponding Story Title:  Silent Rain

Theme Song:  Scars of Time by Yasunori Mitsuda

Voice:  Clear and even tones in a soft alto-soprano pitch, usually soft spoken with Darnassian-accented common.  She is one of my characters who can sing.  Check out this amazing singer to hear how I think Lesara sounds (the first singer).  Lesara almost exclusively knows only Darnassian hymns, so even the song works!  Her disciplined composure and reserved nature usually show through in her voice as much as her behavior, showing more of her emotion when she sings.  You can check the awesome singer out in this youtube video and subscribe to her channel too!

Scent:  Any variety of herbs or plants, medicinal or decorative and rainy gardens.  Pick an herb, fragrant or otherwise and there’s likely a good reason she smells like it at that moment.  She spends most of her time in her greenhouse or gardens and enjoys sitting out in the rain.  As a healer, she also works with herbs on a regular basis.

Appearance:  Long, vibrant green hair to her waist in armor of greens and browns with natural leaf, vines, and feather accents throughout.  Rarely wears robes any more.  Her skin is a pale rose.  She has a traditional owl tattoo in green over the bridge of her nose, upper cheek bones, and eyes, and another, older, crescent moon tattoo in purple on the ‘owl’s’ left wing tip.

tumblr_nikho6mUCq1u2gw7go2_250Casting Call:  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  I haven’t seen any movies she’s been in yet, but she definitely has the face claim.  I chose this model for a specific reason, primarily because, when prompted to choose a face claim for her, a friend of mine had already created her long-lost twin (fraternal), and picked his face claim.  Their colourings are already different, so I wanted to go for a face claim who looked like she could be related to the twin’s face claim.

Mannerisms:  She has the the quiet, reserved, and dignified baring of one raised and trained with strict discipline in a noble house.  This can also make her seem withdrawn and stiff at times.  Unless confronted in a hostile situation or out in dangerous areas, she moves and interacts with a peaceful, patient, and warm formality, occasionally with a subtle undercurrent of withdrawn sadness.  During confrontations, battle-healing, angry, or navigating dangerous terrain she takes on a more dangerous and almost feral-like demeanor.

Work Style:  Peaceful, quiet, diplomatic, diligent, and thorough.  She can also get rather stubborn.  Aggressive, patiently cunning, diligent, and thorough in battle/dangerous situations.


Personality:  Quiet and thoughtful healer-type.  She is a sensitive person though she seldom shows what she thinks, or really any strong emotions at all, having the strict discipline and training that causes her to successfully repress such things from force of habit.  Withdrawn and reserved wallflower sort.

Lesara With KyriasStrengths:  Supportive, reliable, patient, loyal, diligent, caring, independent, giving, responsible

Overly humble and shy, repressed, tendency to overload herself by taking on too much, overly-responsible, extremely private, selfless to the point of ignoring her own needs (doormat), real interpersonal connections, extremely private and withdrawn with a tendency to shoulder the burdens of others as well as herself in a solitary silence, PTSD

Skills:  Light-based healing and support magic, empathy, diplomacy, gardening, medicinal alchemy and tea preparation, organization, bolstering, supporting, encouraging, mediating, and advising those in need, singing, combat healing, battlefield medic, first aid, emergency healing, emergency life support (and healing, of course), wilderness survival, and guerrilla warfare tactics and assault magics.

Family:  Ysareline (mother; deceased), Ethan’y’len (father), Kalshen (older brother), Evaressiel (aunt; deceased), Eh’rendil El’shalla (fraternal twin brother given up at birth)

Pets:  Anariel (frost saber mount), Kyrias (white messenger hawk)

Relationship Status:  Single, probably straight, but definitely very demi-sexual, to the point she’s a 300-year-old virgin who’s never been close enough to anyone to get any sort of urges of that nature.  Also on an enforced chastity vow of sorts.

Affiliations:  Delari Sylvae (loose sort of organization/guild), Dor’elnaar (village outpost she more-or-less leads).

Religion:  Solitary practitioner of Elune worship

History:  As Lesara has the most written of her story compared to all my characters, and it’s all stories from her background, her history is thus far, rather extensive.  You can read it in-depth anywhere I post Silent Rain (said story):  On my personal website, at fanfiction.net, or on Deviant Art.

Making it as short as possible, Lesara grew up in a very strict home with a powerful mother.  They were one of the matriarchal families in Kaldorei society and Lesara was expected heir and trained as such, but not only for the family, but for her a semi-secret sect of shadow priestesses swearing themselves to the pursuit of knowledge and mysteries, worshipping the new moon aspect of Elune and calling Lesara Scaledthemselves The Order of Mysteries.  Not particularly suited to the order, Lesara was nonetheless slated as heir because the high priestess had always been women in her family and the order was created by her grandmother.

When the kaldorei lost immortality with the fall of Nordrassil, Lesara’s mother went slowly insane in her quest to get it back by any means possible.  She dragged Lesara along for the ride, by force, through a series of traumatic events culminating in her execution and Lesara’s forced vow of chastity, sealing the end of the Ethala’Aman line, as well as the condition she never be allowed contact with any order activities and must join Elune’s full moon order as a healer, forbidden any activities or magics of the new moon (shadow).

She served briefly in Stormwind and Northrend as a healer, stationed in Stormwind both during the pre-wrath event plague and again after that expac as injured soldiers returned to Stormwind in droves from the North.

After, she returned to Ashenvale with her father and occasionally her brother, Kalshen, up until the Cataclysm.  Ethan was safely in Darnassus at the time, but they lost everything, not to Deathwing’s destruction, but opportunistic orcs.  As most of the kaldorei forces abandoned Ashenvale to defend the newly opened Mount Hyjal, Lesara resented their obsession with the world tree (and, presumably, immortality, finding the pursuit distasteful after her mother’s obsession) went AWOL and broke her neutral-minded approach to the horde by killing any orc she caught while defending the Ashenvale forests.  During this time she went nearly feral and used the light as a weapon for the first time.  Killed for the first time.

She stayed at this task until near the end of the Pandaria expansion where news finally reached her of Garrosh’s involvement and actions.  She came back to civilization in time to join the alliance vanguard, served for a time in Gorgrond very much the way she fought enemies in Ashenvale, before finally receiving leadership of an outpost settlement in Shadowmoon Valley.

Owl tattooTattoos/Markings:  Traditional owl tattoo in green over the bridge of Moon tattooher nose, eyes, and up on her cheek bones.  Older, scarred-in purple crescent moon tattoo on the left side of her face, curving toward her ear.

Character Inspirations:  Not particularly anyone, actually.  Personality from my own head.  Started off as an Azerothian version of an original minor character I created for an original fiction story and grew from there.  Same name.  She was supposed to be a tragic character who served as an unrequited love interest from legend.  So I suppose you could say she was born to be a tragic character.  She grew far beyond that though and is now a different character within that same original universe, but with a similar sort of past and personality to Warcraft Lesara.

Available Connections

Nothing specific, but we can talk about it! 

Disclaimers and credits:  

*Transitions (the primary art used) was a commission work Mischiart did for me up to my specifications and beyond.
*Edited screenshots courtesy of World of Warcraft (I edited them)
*I did draw the sketch, with traditional paper and pencil, using a photograph of one of my best friends for reference, darkened in photoshop (it was a light sketch).
*I do not own World of Warcraft, Blizzard does.
*I’m not sure who owns the rights to Rosie’s (the face claim) gif, but it does not belong to me either.


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