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The songs of my muse, the musings of my thoughts…

Hello and welcome to Muse Sings! This is the blog of author, Saronai. Within this site you will find random exercises and thoughts, updates on my writing activities and more! Why should you care? I don’t know! You might like what you read, in which case, call me pleased! I love return visits, subscriptions, and comments.

Music is a recurring theme.  This is because I enjoy music and singing just as much as writing.  I frequently connect the two in practice and metaphor as well (though I’ve only ever written a few tiny songs). When my muse sings, I write…most of the time anyway.  I also liken the writing process to studying an instrument.  I find writing no different.  If you don’t expect to pick up the violin and play a masterpiece without years of screechy practice, why do you expect more of writing?

In essence, Muse Sings is a writing blog for staying in practice.  Hopefully it’s no longer screechy.  Within these pages you’ll find posts related to writing and books, including some fanfic, reviews, interviews, writing exercises, personal stories, random thoughts, and even research I wish to share.

Due to the nature of this website, it is not heavily edited, nor does it contain my best work.  Most of the sharing is impulsive.  If I worried too much about polishing it, I’d almost never update it.


Site art inspired by Seeking a Glimpse of My Muse,  an old writing exercise that prompted me to describe my muse.

The copyright belongs to Hollybell. The art is for my use only, drawn specifically for me and my internet presence.  Hollybell also has talent beyond the younger characters, but those are among the commissions out of my price range for now.  If you like the art, commission Hollybell to do something unique for you!

The background and banner were both something I created into the “2010” freetheme by wordpress, using a photo-shopped piece that makes heavy use of the free stock provided by At-Stock.  Check out the original, such a gorgeous shot.


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  1. Mrs. Bingles says:

    thank you for liking my post and for folllowing me, it’s very encouraging.

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