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Inverse Double CoverProud captain of the city guard, Boudicea O’Nighe wanted nothing more. Everything felt right, perfect even. Until the day a wanted thief got the best of her at the cost of innocent life.

Her world flipped upside down and the thief only spoke more trouble. A volatile mystery at the bottom of Boudicea’s failure and her return to honor. When further investigation sees her reassigned as a questing emissary (honorable exile), Boudicea strikes out on adventure for truth.

She encounters a new companion in the reclusive healer, Kohana, and the puzzle gains clarity. A powerful curse flipped the fairy tale world, wiping many memories, but not enough. Whispers of war spread through the lands, revolts led by those who remember something better. Villains who remember power.

Can Boudicea break the curse? And perhaps more importantly, when it means a life as a nameless washerwoman, does she want to?

Stock images courtesy of:
Model – Gwenyth Photos
Background – Frozen Stocks
Sword – Fairie Good Mother

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Mini SR BannerThe kaldorei, a race of nocturnal elves, worship the moon. They call her Elune and her priestesses rule as most of the males, druids all, sleep for centuries at a time to buy them all immortality.

The beauty of the full moon inspires their healing arts, the half-moon judges, while the new moon deals in secrets and lost knowledge.

The Order of Mysteries is one such sect of Elune’s shadowed state and it has been led by the Ethala’Aman family since its inception thousands of years ago. While the kaldorei are still immortal, accidents and tragedy may yet take their lives where age and sickness fail.

The order’s heir in training, Lesara, tries, but she frequently falls short of her mother’s high expectations and harsh tactics. While born for the art of shadow, Lesara’s heart belongs in the light of healing, rather than secrets, and her mousy ways are ill-suited for her birthright.

When her mother returns from war against the demonic Burning Legion, life only grows darker for Lesara. What does a soft-spoken healer do while struggling in the grip of her mother’s growing insanity?

Notes:  Silent Rain is a live experiment with a fictional blog series based in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft series.  Most of the characters belong to me, but the races, world, and major lore development such as various wars belong to Blizzard.  Editing is light along the way.

Banner and art for it made by me (combination hand-drawn and photoshopped together).

Order of Chaos
My next blog series featuring 100% original fiction.  Here’s the current, work-in-progress introductory blurb I plan to put in front of each episode:

Chaos. It comes in a flash of light, uncommon and unpredictable, but very real. Some die, some…change, usually for the worse, and others simply vanish. It stole my twin sister from her cradle, but I know she’s still alive. Journals in hand, I dove into Chaos, finding other worlds and realities. They say the vanished are never seen again, but my sister is out there and I will bring her home.

You can read the current “cover blurb” at Prophetic Paradoxy.  It’s an older one-shot scene I finally came up with a surrounding story for.  Working on the novel now.

Earthbound Mini Banner
Trauma haunts Tembre’s past, but when a tragic mistake sends her to an unfamiliar and wild land, her journey back may prove impossible. Determined to fix her mistake, Tembre sets out for adventure.  This new land holds a strange quality; a beautiful, but incomplete illusion. A siren land that pulls her deeper in with songs of mystery and magic. A world ruled by a muse who desires something far more sinister than inspiring earthbound mortals. A muse intent on keeping Tembre trapped.

Banner photoshopped together using free stock photos from:  Muse-of-Stock, fdjs, jraco, and joannastar-stock.

Pokémon Chaos Book 1:  Through the Veil
Pokemon Chaos mini-banner
This project is for my son.  When I was little, my mother would write stories featuring my siblings and I, as well as some featuring our cousins and other children we knew.  We all treasured these stories and many of us were sad when the binder containing them turned up missing.  The memories are still there, however.  I wanted to do the same for my son.

It just so happens that my son is an avid reader and wanted me to write him some stories.  He specifically requested his own series of Pokémon adventures.

I have already decided on much of the plot and think it will work well as a series.  Michael (my son) is the main character, who crosses a veil unwittingly while on a school field trip and finds himself in the Pokémon universe.  But rather than the largely peaceful, amiable competition from the games, he finds that tension is steadily rising, and trainers are splitting into nearly warlike factions.

What’s more, the people here seem to know him, a different him from their world that slowly starts to take over his memories of the “real” world.  With the help of his friend, Michayla, and a wild eevee, he sets out to discover the cause of the current turbulence so they can work together to make things right once more.

But when Arceus, the creator of all pokémon is the root of this turmoil, how do mere mortals go about fixing it?

Banner photoshopped together by me, background painted by me, pokémon trainers designed by me using Hapuriainen’s pokémon trainer doll game.

Feel artistically inspired?  Wow, really?  Thanks so much!  I would consider it the highest compliment if you shared your visual art pieces based on my works.  With your permission, I might even use them as featured images in related posts.  At the very least, I’d love to see them, no matter how amateur you think they might be.

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